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Winning Position: What is a standing desk?
Winning Position: We're gagged.
Winning Position: Same ill-thought out disaster.
Winning Position: Pain O Soma 500mg | Treat Muscle pain
Winning Position: Hoax
Winning Position: Non-leftists, ''BEWARE''.
Tied Positions: Socialism sucks vs. Capitalism rules
Tied Positions: Fake noose vs. True
Winning Position: Nahh. Yer lying, excon.
Winning Position: We need endless chaos.
Winning Position: Conjecture & theories
Winning Position: He DID
Winning Position: Hillary is a Dem.
Tied Positions: Light-bulb moment, 2 years on. vs. The F.B.I;- Trump has docs.
Tied Positions: Trump gets raided. vs. Hillary gets a negotiation.
Winning Position: Yup
Tied Positions: Oh, the dick pics, of course vs. Trumps TREACHEROUS behavior
Winning Position: Rich won't owe a dime
Tied Positions: We have no principles vs. We can overlook it this time
Winning Position: BAD! Power to the government
Winning Position: Make China the boogeymen.
Tied Positions: They're NOT gonna stop at no vs. Good on ya, KS
Winning Position: No, serial killers are made
Winning Position: The left needs help

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