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Winning Position: Obama WILL go to jail
Winning Position: What Climate Change? Obama's finalize purchase of Oceanfront Mansion
Tied Positions: No. vs. Yes.
Winning Position: Why is it Democrats are so Gender Confused
Winning Position: Noodle
Winning Position: What would you do if you met lil Xan in public?
Winning Position: I don't hate Jesus, I love Him.
Winning Position: CBS and NBC mourn for Kamala’s failed campaign
Winning Position: Vidalista 60
Winning Position: Do the Democrats know about the wooden wheel being built for the Electric Car
Winning Position: Do you know what confirms my faith in God? The lack of a moral stance in non believers.
Winning Position: Democrats and their Plastic Phones
Winning Position: Have you noticed the hypocrisy of those who hate God?
Winning Position: Democrats where is Adam Schiff's whistle blower at
Winning Position: Wait..., what? No!!!
Winning Position: Colonic Irrigation London
Winning Position: Do viable babies prove the existence of God?
Winning Position: Safe sex ed.
Winning Position: Democrats what has happened to Kamala Harris

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