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BenShapiro's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Rage against Trump
Winning Position: More Pelosi geniusing
Winning Position: Propaganda AGAIN
Winning Position: She was spending our money
Winning Position: No ben
Tied Positions: Tollerance my ass vs. Antisemites
Tied Positions: Protect the propaganda machi vs. Nailed it
Winning Position: Democrat narrative is dead
Winning Position: Not a thing
Tied Positions: Chaos vs. Panic
Tied Positions: Fake news vs. True
Winning Position: Pretending is worse
Winning Position: He's a racist
Winning Position: It's never free!
Tied Positions: But but but the right vs. They are evil
Tied Positions: We can shop elsewhere vs. People have spoken
Tied Positions: Mexicans are racists vs. It's okay to protect yourself
Winning Position: Why I'm not a lib
Winning Position: Libs are sick
Winning Position: Libs destroy everything
Tied Positions: Libs don't want to remember vs. Libs can't ever remember
Winning Position: Propaganda much
Winning Position: True

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