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Chinaman's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: A Democrat lashes out at Bernie Sanders
Winning Position: Democrat Superdelegates warn Bernie Sanders
Winning Position: Just for Democrats : Bernie has some Rust Belt problems
Winning Position: Shooter at Milwaukee’s Miller-Coors Brewery was a Black Man
Winning Position: Bernie Supporters harass Democrat Officials
Winning Position: Do Democrats ever address this
Winning Position: Do Democrats know this :Road crash fatalities and disabilities are a public health concern
Winning Position: Cuba’s Communist Party supports Crazy Bernie
Winning Position: The 10th Democrat Debate is viewed as another disaster
Winning Position: More Democrat confusion :Ted Lieu is complaining about "LA County’s New Voting Machines"
Winning Position: Democrats did you know that:"Joe Biden was not arrested in South Africa"
Winning Position: MSNBC’s Matthews compares Sanders victory to "Nazi Invasion"
Winning Position: Michelle Obama liked her some Harvey Swinestein
Winning Position: Crazy Bernie praises Communist Cuba
Winning Position: CNN has them a story to tell
Winning Position: Brain Dead Democrat speaks out on Healthcare and the stupidity is shown
Winning Position: Democrat Nevada Caucus is in a Meltdown. Democrats cannot do "Simple Math".
Winning Position: Brits don't like Capitalism but what is up with this. Looking for Confused Leftist.
Winning Position: Violent crime on the rise in the UK
Winning Position: What are the Brits going to do when they have no "Natural Gas" for consumption
Winning Position: Here we go again : Democrats say the Russians are meddling in 2020 election
Winning Position: Dominant UK terror threat is Islamist
Winning Position: Do the Brits not need the oil and gas production from the North Sea

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