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Winning Position: Buttigieg accuses all Trump Supporters of Being Racist
Winning Position: Are Democrats running out of oxygen because of CO2
Winning Position: Democrats do Mosques have Gay Marriages
Winning Position: Democrats did CNN drop the shooting in Florida because it was a Muslim
Winning Position: This shows proof how Crazy Democrats are. Thanks Nancy Pelosi !
Winning Position: How does Democrat Gun Control work
Winning Position: Do Democrats have a Short Memory on Rigged Elections. What did the Obama say.
Winning Position: A Crazy Democrat tweets Charles Manson was pardoned
Winning Position: CNN Anchor tweets that the POTUS will demand a Third Term
Winning Position: What a Muslim responsible for Florida Naval Base shooting
Winning Position: London Bridge attacker swore he wasn't a Terrorist in BBC interview
Winning Position: What Climate Change? Obama's finalize purchase of Oceanfront Mansion
Winning Position: Why is it Democrats are so Gender Confused
Winning Position: CBS and NBC mourn for Kamala’s failed campaign
Winning Position: Do the Democrats know about the wooden wheel being built for the Electric Car
Winning Position: Democrats and their Plastic Phones
Winning Position: Democrats where is Adam Schiff's whistle blower at
Winning Position: Democrats what has happened to Kamala Harris
Winning Position: Iran: Death toll from bloody crackdown on protests rises to 208
Winning Position: Pelosi and 13 Democrats fly to U.N. Climate Meeting in Spain
Winning Position: MSNBC’s Joy Reid show makes a Huge Blunder
Winning Position: Did CNN lie to Democrats in 2016
Winning Position: Democrats where is the infrastructure for Electric Vehicles
Winning Position: Do Democrats drink bottled water

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