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Chinaman's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Jews vote for the Democrat Party
Winning Position: Acid attacks in London are a real problem
Winning Position: Rape on the rise in London
Winning Position: Denmark closes its border with Sweden as bombings spread
Winning Position: UK rapist are "Gender Confused". The Lefty Loony Land
Winning Position: CNN reporter April Ryan finds blame for the death of Elijah Cummings
Winning Position: The rise of knife crime in England and Wales
Winning Position: British newspaper editor wants to "Ban Clapping" to protect people with anxiety
Winning Position: Brits are in need of medication for the latest Leftist anxiety problems
Winning Position: Democrats have found the "Carbon Footprint" of cooking a turkey
Winning Position: Democrats have a problem with slip on boots
Winning Position: Wake up Democrats you only have 11 years left to live according to Jane Fonda
Winning Position: Joy Behar implores Dems to wait until you get elected and then "Take the Guns Away"
Winning Position: Kentucky AG election ends in historic win for a African American
Winning Position: Scientists are muttering about Population Control
Winning Position: MSNBC connects fires to "Climate Denial and Obama-Era Rollbacks"
Winning Position: Epic Fail: CNN labels the AR-15 as an "Automatic Rifle"
Winning Position: Remember Krugman of the NYT said markets would ‘Never’ recover under Trump
Winning Position: Jane Fonda: "I'm not buying anymore clothes" to fight Climate Change
Winning Position: The Kamala Harris campaign is circling the drain
Winning Position: Protesters threaten Police during New York City Subway protest in Brooklyn
Winning Position: Democrats do support Muslim terrorist
Winning Position: Democrat Dick Morris wants Hillary to run for POTUS in 2020
Winning Position: Democrat Bill Maher wants the Clinton's to go away.

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