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Winning Position: I've noticed the rare times when Conservatives misrepresent something, Lefty's scream!
Winning Position: After this farce of an impeachment, Trump will win & go down as the greatest President!
Winning Position: Trump's trying to save viable babies, & Dems are trying to impeach him because of it.
Winning Position: God said he gave us all a conscience, & therefore know in our hearts when we do wrong.
Winning Position: Democrats keep calling Trump a dictator. Show me a dictator that cares for unborn lives.
Winning Position: Trump is the first President to make an appearance at the "March for Life" Pro Life event.
Winning Position: The Democrat Party has turned rules of law enforcement on it's head. Intent is now guilt!
Winning Position: House Dems would not allow GOP witnesses, & now want their Senate witnesses only!
Winning Position: Looks like this impeachment scam will be short lived in the Senate. THANK GOD!
Winning Position: If a German elected Hitler knowing he supported killing Jews, would the voter be culpable?
Winning Position: Here is an example of Democrat fake news and the distortions they put forth about Trump.
Winning Position: People elect these radical Democrats & then deny supporting their extreme policies.
Winning Position: Turns out the electricity consumed by growing Marijuana is an environmental nightmare!
Winning Position: Trump takes on another lost freedom, the freedom to pray in public, censored by the Left.
Winning Position: It matters little why Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Biden's corruption! No proof!
Winning Position: Trump keeps accomplishing important trade deals while Dems spend their time Impeaching.
Winning Position: Have you noticed how the hateful bigots on this site are the ones calling other's stupid?
Winning Position: If Obama had not spent time forcing Gay marriage on every State, he may have stopped ISIS!
Winning Position: Do you know why Democrat voters hate Trump? He took away their excuse not having a job!
Winning Position: Remember when people used to say some men are more feminine?
Winning Position: I'm not tired of winning just yet but I'm sure Democrats are tired of losing.
Winning Position: Trump haters actually want to go back to professional politicians with silver tounges!
Winning Position: Ever wonder why these anti Christian bigots never rant over Islam's brutality & wars?

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