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Tied Positions: I like inflation vs. & it's gonna get worse
Winning Position: Less authoritarian group think
Winning Position: Poorer
Tied Positions: Pedos vs. Sick
Tied Positions: Watch the hypocrites say no vs. Fair is fair
Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: Oil is productive vs. Can't afford them
Tied Positions: You're beyond evil vs. You're evil
Tied Positions: True but vs. True
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Cons soeak like they're human
Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: Dems are phonies vs. Oops camera's on
Tied Positions: I'd missed all that vs. Now I see
Winning Position: Yes
Winning Position: How you lose an election
Winning Position: Party of the Klan
Winning Position: I'da called em Nazis
Winning Position: Lifted mandates less cases
Winning Position: But mein handicap
Tied Positions: Burrito of the long knives vs. But mein fake news
Winning Position: This fake
Tied Positions: ROFLMAO vs. LMAO
Winning Position: But mein Obama god

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