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Winning Position: “Gun safety fanatics “unite , Amarel needs you guys
Winning Position: 7 gun Amarel bans anyone who disagrees with him
Winning Position: Amarels butt buddy the Devil tries to save his ass
Winning Position: Does aid to Africa do more harm than good?
Winning Position: Why expect the Sun to rise tomorrow?
Winning Position: Should racial profiling be acceptable practice in the fight against crime?
Winning Position: Do numbers exist, or are they inventions of the human mind?
Winning Position: The war in Iraq was legal
Winning Position: Can you argue black is white, what is your best argument?
Winning Position: Poverty does not cause crime
Winning Position: The more open a country is to Muslim mass migration, the more dangerous it is to women.
Winning Position: Is banking the most ethical career choice for altruistic individuals?
Winning Position: Who are the most pleasant and well mannered people on C D? ( apart from me of course )
Winning Position: Wow! Issued with constant threats legal proceedings and violence for asking a question

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