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Nicephorus's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Guy's a monster
Tied Positions: No, they're a private company vs. Yes, we're Fascists
Winning Position: Government compelling speech
Winning Position: Sad price to pay
Winning Position: I accept truth either way
Winning Position: Hands off there Pops
Winning Position: They said that
Winning Position: Mother is secondary victim
Winning Position: Get the jab or else
Winning Position: Hypocrites
Winning Position: Agree
Winning Position: Red states vs blue states
Winning Position: The left needs help
Winning Position: Keep ideology out of the class
Tied Positions: Absolute hypocrites vs. Raging grifters
Tied Positions: Also no vs. No
Tied Positions: Faking hate crimes is virtue vs. True
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Democrats must be racists
Tied Positions: Live our lives vs. Hide forever in fear
Tied Positions: Not a chance vs. Should do it
Winning Position: No

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