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Norwich's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Make China the boogeymen.
Winning Position: They've blanked out the facts.
Winning Position: We'll bend to threats.
Tied Positions: Theft needs to be addressed. vs. Shoplifting is rife.
Winning Position: Biden can do no harm.
Tied Positions: Yes, his expression of panic. vs. No, there'd be total silence.
Winning Position: ''Not another foot of wall''.
Winning Position: His covid test was positive.
Tied Positions: He doesn't know what he says. vs. No one knows what he's saying.
Winning Position: Their word salads are farcical
Tied Positions: Freaked out Harris? vs. Crackman Hunter Biden?
Winning Position: The Imbecile cancels our oil.
Winning Position: We're proud to be normal.
Winning Position: Switzerland is joining N.A.T.O
Winning Position: Abortion is now illegal.
Winning Position: He's the top American.
Winning Position: Fear of black violence.
Winning Position: A larger than life buffoon
Tied Positions: Wilfully block traffic. vs. They're a menace on the roads.
Tied Positions: It's a cultural thing for them vs. That's what blacks do.
Winning Position: More nuts than anywhere else.
Winning Position: Buy a round in a gay bar.
Winning Position: Yes,can't fill out forms.
Winning Position: To justify a past BIG mistake.

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