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Norwich's Debates: [clear]

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Tied Positions: The Bongo tribes rule N.Y. vs. Bongo anarchy reigns in N.Y.
Tied Positions: Nuts to lend us all that money vs. Debts should be paid.
Winning Position: Seems that way.
Winning Position: Sounds racist to me.
Winning Position: What have they ever achieved?
Winning Position: Cleverness = inventness.
Tied Positions: Democrats have endorsed it. vs. It's been decriminalized.
Tied Positions: Hongo Bongo Willy Congo. vs. R E I store to close.
Winning Position: Let Walmart go bankrupt.
Tied Positions: An Irish peace initive. vs. Went to N.I. to promote peace.
Winning Position: The white oppressors.
Tied Positions: Cops are a law unto themselves vs. The cops have guns & tasers.
Winning Position: Biden's Babes are swamping us.
Tied Positions: She has a cunning plan. vs. She omitted to say how!
Tied Positions: It's Kamala-in-Wonderland. vs. Has to be THE IMBECILE.
Winning Position: Woked and Bongoized.
Tied Positions: Is the moon a Chinese balloon? vs. China having a laugh?
Winning Position: The F.B.I. can do as they wish
Winning Position: China in our airspace,yawn.
Tied Positions: $300 buys a lot of secrets. vs. Hunter must pay back the bribe
Winning Position: We over reacted.
Winning Position: His Holiness has the power.
Tied Positions: Why did the Chinks do this? vs. Wokes say we own Compensation.
Winning Position: Yes, it's the white work ethic

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