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Winning Position: He's more stimulated away.
Winning Position: We must stand up to the filth.
Winning Position: ''He will be back''.
Winning Position: Laughing at refugee's, yes.
Winning Position: Trump was great for the U S.
Tied Positions: Can't wait?, hold on a while. vs. Coming soon, not soon enough.
Winning Position: Blacks.
Winning Position: China is moving ahead.
Winning Position: The U.S.A? WHAT'S A U.S.A?
Winning Position: Asking China for help.
Tied Positions: We're on the green machine. vs. No, just Biden's mismanagement
Winning Position: Should have happen before now.
Winning Position: Int., WHITE MEN'S day.
Winning Position: We ''NEED'' Russian fuel.
Tied Positions: Diminished responsibility. vs. As Putin, he has no conscience
Tied Positions: Poopy Pants is hiding. vs. Poopy Pants is guilty.
Winning Position: Begging bowls point west.
Winning Position: No, Putin will go Nuclear.
Tied Positions: The Greens have weakened us. vs. Never should have stopped.
Winning Position: He knows we're suffering.
Tied Positions: Unable to formulate answers. vs. She can only criticise.
Tied Positions: Every has his fingerprints. vs. All problems were down to him.
Winning Position: Formation of freedom fighters.
Winning Position: Lefties don't like the truth.

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