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Winning Position: Left fell for another grift
Winning Position: 3 or 4 things
Winning Position: Get shot duh
Tied Positions: You drank the koolaid vs. You fell for it
Winning Position: Wasn't close to true
Winning Position: Opinion B
Winning Position: In MAFIKENG Contact the Official ILLUMINATI Agent +27787917167 in Mafikeng, South Africa,
Winning Position: My beloved country is toast
Winning Position: Regret
Tied Positions: Proof & more proof vs. With proof
Winning Position: Explosive
Tied Positions: So it was made in a lab vs. Not what he said in public
Tied Positions: Big pharma wouldn't lie vs. You said it should be mandated
Winning Position: Impeach
Winning Position: Can't blame them
Tied Positions: They aren't Bible indoctrinate vs. They aren't inclusive
Winning Position: Happy MLK Day
Tied Positions: Biden did it so move on vs. But it was Trump before
Winning Position: It IS
Tied Positions: But but but Trump vs. Covering own ass now
Tied Positions: Kevin'll cave vs. NEVER, NEVER
Winning Position: YES
Tied Positions: Nahh, it's his coiffed hair vs. YES

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