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Winning Position: Pencil Neck Schiff goes "Full Blown Communist"
Winning Position: Proposed rule would bar most 'Emotional Support' animals from planes
Winning Position: Democrat Adam Schiff caught colluding with the Russians
Winning Position: Do Democrats remember this : "Obama said an election cannot be rigged" (10-18-16)
Winning Position: This Dumb Democrat speaks : "AOC Demonizes Business Owners"
Winning Position: Did Rod Rosenstien lie to the Democrats (7-13-18)
Winning Position: School Lunch guidelines rolled back on Michelle Obama’s Birthday
Winning Position: Leftist John Cusack tells a Bernie crowd we are toast in 10 years
Winning Position: Black 2A Supporter at Virginia Rally smashes Democrat narrative
Winning Position: lib,lib, lib
Winning Position: Nadler lies on Face the Nation : "Trump worked with Russians to rig 2016 Election"
Winning Position: Puerto Rico fires Emergency Director after finding warehouse full of wasted aid
Tied Positions: He CAN'T serve vs. He SERVES
Tied Positions: Or am I vs. Yer dreaming, dude
Winning Position: Democrats meet your Muslim Extremist Terrorist named " Jabba The Hutt"
Winning Position: Queen financially cuts off Harry and Meghan and Strips them of their Titles
Winning Position: Democrats are painting "Gun Rights Advocates as Violent Terrorists"
Winning Position: Federal Court tosses "Junk Global Warming Lawsuit by Brainwashed Kids"
Winning Position: CNN’s Blitzer condemns McSally for "Awful Disgusting Behavior" toward Raju
Winning Position: British Cutlery Company offers blunt solution for "Rampant Knife Crime"
Winning Position: British Police refused to arrest 97 abusers
Winning Position: Philadelphia averaging more than "One Murder per day this Year"
Winning Position: Trump can do no wrong
Winning Position: Deranged Democrats are terrified that Trump will try to "Sneak a Third Term"

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