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Winning Position: Nah.. Fuck them Ukrainians
Tied Positions: no vs. Yes
Winning Position: Due
Winning Position: I don't
Winning Position: Uhhh, gun nuts
Tied Positions: Or, do we LIKE DICTATORS? vs. Do we LIKE FREEDOM?
Winning Position: Memorial Day, is the day we honor our fallen heros. RIP
Winning Position: What should we do about Climate Change?
Winning Position: We're REALLY chicken
Tied Positions: No Flavored Milk vs. Yes Should Be flavored milk
Tied Positions: The world LOVES the Jews vs. It IS
Winning Position: bombs, bombs and more bombs
Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Winning Position: D-Day, December 7, 1941.. A shoutout to those who gave their lives..
Tied Positions: China vs. America
Winning Position: No.. Don't be crazy
Winning Position: Yeah, they are
Winning Position: Good
Winning Position: Some don't want what WE want
Winning Position: Stinking Okies
Winning Position: Magical thinking is GOOD
Winning Position: Uhh.. We KNOW somebody
Winning Position: BLACK BLM members

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