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Winning Position: Leftist how many genders are there LMAO
Winning Position: Esporte
Winning Position: The secret pushing for blackish
Winning Position: Should violence be reduced in today's web series and films?
Winning Position: Should web series be censored or not?
Winning Position: The Coronavirus Pandemic
Winning Position: Can you Little Leftist identify who this is
Winning Position: Paragon Line Landscape
Winning Position: The heat is a danger just check with New York LMFFAO
Winning Position: Elder Dallin H. Oaks is correct. As we grow in Faith, Satan stirs up more opposition!
Winning Position: Latter-day Saints have the work of God to do
Winning Position: More PROOF that Loopdaloop lies, true Latter-day Saints know the church is true
Winning Position: 1899 S1E5 shows today's issue, "Following a common trend blindly,losing common sense."
Winning Position: Loopdaloop seeks the world to love him,this means he has no love of Christ nor God within
Winning Position: God hates the wicked; Hypocrisy, deceit, pride, sexual immorality etc
Winning Position: Revelations 21:8 - proves liars like Loopdaloop will be condemned by their own actions.
Winning Position: Romans 10:11 - Latter-day Saints are not ashamed to believe in Jesus Christ
Winning Position: Jesus said there is no shame in believing in Him because if there is, then He will be too.
Winning Position: I am NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which has been restored upon this earth
Winning Position: Paragon Line Landscape
Winning Position: Which Is the best live streaming apps for sports?
Winning Position: John 11:38-57 proves atheists wrong. Believing is seeing. Seeing is not believing.

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