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Tied Positions: He's made a big stick. vs. He's dug a large hole.
Tied Positions: Confuse China with gibberish. vs. Stammer out his surrender.
Tied Positions: I already knew vs. I can't handle the truth
Tied Positions: Guns are noisy. vs. No guns, no problem.
Tied Positions: We're bigots and racists vs. Pretend time
Winning Position: Absolutely!
Winning Position: Absolutely!
Tied Positions: Wait..., what? No!!! vs. Absolutely!
Winning Position: Wait..., what? No!!!
Tied Positions: Wait..., what? No!!! vs. True.
Tied Positions: They're down in Nos already. vs. They should be vaxxed, BUT....
Winning Position: The 'Black Preceptory'?
Tied Positions: How dare B.C., challenge us! vs. America is an easy touch.
Winning Position: Peaceful appropriation!
Winning Position: Výhody:
Winning Position: No, it's 'white privilege.
Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: Dems are phonies vs. Oops camera's on
Winning Position: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Winning Position: Yeah, they are
Winning Position: Last Oct inflation @ 1.31%.
Winning Position: Teach kids safety & responsibi
Winning Position: Soaring debt.

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