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Brontoraptor's Debates: [clear]

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Winning Position: Bwahahaha!
Winning Position: Something antisemitic
Winning Position: Ghost ban em
Tied Positions: They lie on purpose bront vs. Should fact check themselves
Winning Position: Just fantasies Bront
Tied Positions: But mein nutless libness vs. Yes, yes
Winning Position: It's normal
Tied Positions: Double yep vs. Yep
Winning Position: Me neither
Winning Position: The left poisons even itself
Winning Position: Does
Winning Position: Screw you bront
Tied Positions: These masks are different vs. Party of the klan
Tied Positions: But mein leftism vs. Because he is
Winning Position: Yes truth
Winning Position: But mein leftism
Tied Positions: But mein Democrats vs. Yep
Tied Positions: It passed vs. You're dead & don't know it
Winning Position: Stop watching the clowns
Winning Position: 🤣🤣🤣
Winning Position: Logical
Winning Position: We've cooled down
Tied Positions: Whatcha mean bront? vs. Libs at their best
Winning Position: Yep

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