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Tied Positions: Good way to lose next election vs. White libs are racists
Tied Positions: The man from 'down-under'. vs. Mob of minders cut off UK's PM
Winning Position: The Dems'l get back on track
Winning Position: Leftist hate mob attack RNC.
Winning Position: Yep, he's this dumb
Tied Positions: Sue the murderers for murder. vs. She sure dam de dumb darkie.
Winning Position: Because they're feminists.
Winning Position: Taliban First.
Winning Position: Mass exodus of the wealthy.
Tied Positions: I'd missed all that vs. Now I see
Winning Position: Plenty of material to work on.
Winning Position: Intimidation tactic.
Tied Positions: Minorities must walk the line vs. Clearly
Tied Positions: On Earth 1, Biden IS President vs. You CAN'T die from Covid
Tied Positions: The crisis is not our problem. vs. Biden can do no wrong.
Winning Position: He is the worst
Tied Positions: No,Don Quotix rides again! vs. How could he know?
Winning Position: Can only say what's scripted!
Winning Position: Truth & Justice
Winning Position: I'm not enjoying this.
Winning Position: He lies about everything
Winning Position: But not for me
Winning Position: Uterus cops YAY!

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