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Winning Position: Strong personality.
Winning Position: Bribary & corruption.
Tied Positions: Evidence isn't proof vs. Agree
Tied Positions: Come on man vs. Magic anti science
Tied Positions: Blind faith maskes the truth. vs. Religion can be lethal.
Winning Position: No, they should not.
Winning Position: Hilariously funny little man.
Winning Position: No way
Winning Position: Don't criticize Islam, or else
Tied Positions: No, they shouldn't. vs. Yes, they should.
Winning Position: Biden's inflation
Winning Position: Al’s here. Whoopdido
Winning Position: Uhhh, YES
Winning Position: Biden's gaffs available on C.D
Winning Position: Yes
Tied Positions: Turned out it was them vs. I remember
Winning Position: Propaganda is normal
Winning Position: Democrats must be racists
Winning Position: I KNEW
Winning Position: Luke 12:53
Tied Positions: Bad vs. Good
Tied Positions: The FBI are terrorists vs. False flag event
Winning Position: Everybody's redeemable
Winning Position: Science is awe inspiring

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