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Winning Position: Obama denied Guns to Ukraine for saving Ukrainian lives from Russian aggression...
Winning Position: How many Democrats are going to vacation in Ukraine
Winning Position: The Trump impeachment gig is up! FBI official under investigation for altering Documents!
Winning Position: Facts
Winning Position: Do Leftist / Communist know who Mao Tse-Tung is
Winning Position: Democrats hate Trump because he is not a RINO (Republican in name only).
Winning Position: Democrats and the Muslims
Winning Position: Is the Mayor of London a Muslim
Winning Position: I wrote and recorded this while drunk and high.
Winning Position: We still have Democrats talking about extreme case abortions to justify ALL ABORTION!
Winning Position: Democrats what happened to Quid Pro Quo
Winning Position: No place for conscience here.
Winning Position: Do the Muslims preform Gay Marriages
Winning Position: No choice.
Winning Position: This is one of my best and realest raps on youtube
Winning Position: The environment is more important than viable babies
Winning Position: Another power outage for 303,000 customers in Northern California
Winning Position: A Democrat defines yet another thing as being “Racist”
Winning Position: Foot traffic at Starbucks is down after revised "Bathroom Policy"
Winning Position: I just had another Climate Change activist judge me for caring about viable babies!
Winning Position: CNN is reporting that Gay Marriage is on the rise in Iran
Winning Position: What are the most incriminating facts about the Fox News agency?
Winning Position: The best measure to fight climate change.

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