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Ahoghill(47) Clarified
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Thanks for that, but slavery and forced labor exists in many Asian countries including China whose industrial goods and agricultural produce have flooded our markets for decades.

In a global market we cannot remain isolated and indifferent to the barbaric employment practices of other countries.

Ahoghill(47) Clarified
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Good post but I feel that the wage difference also exists as a consequence of many factors including individual ability, ambition, work-ethic and overall attitude to life.

Slave labor, and indeed forced labor exists in such nations as China whose goods and produce we buy with blind enthusiasm.

This wouldn't be a surprise if it turned out to be true. Though for the time being we don't actually know what race Excon is, nor can we really take anything they say for granted. However the same can be said of you in this exact case.

As for slavery today, that's somethin that one can easy site statistics for.

-As of 2018, the countries with the most slaves were: India (8 million), China (3.86 million), Pakistan (3.19 million), North Korea (2.64 million), Nigeria (1.39 million), Indonesia (1.22 million), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1 million), Russia (794,000) and the Philippines (784,000)- Garnered from Wikipedia.

To be honest, I don't really like getting statistics from Wikipedia. I was an editor for nearly seven years, and most of the people who run the site now are of questionable morals.

It wouldn't be the first time they've done as such. Hell, I remember when their members still openly called republicans like Condoleezza Rice, uncle tom, or even a coon. So them telling blacks how to think would be the least of what I've seen.

Well given the fact that in this hypothetical reality, slavery is legal. It would also mean that it's still widely accepted by the populace.

DrChamberlin(130) Clarified
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I don't really watch Tucker and I haven't seen anything from Hannity in possibly over a decade. So there's another direct lie of yours shot down once again.

-As for the ACLED's study. There are more than a few issues any critical thinking person could come up with here.

1. Being the spotty nature of their findings. Seeing as it's also ignoring other violent acts, or even just their repercussion.

2. Which was what turned me off from the study the first time around, is the fact that not only the media turned to using this study as propaganda. Before the study was even completely finalized and when other credited individuals were still putting holes in it's findings. If you can actually call them findings.

3. The file reads more in tone with being pro-demonstration and anti-law enforcement. In fact it reads like it was written by someone on CNN, attempting to clear BLM members of blame. And doing their best to lay blame for the violence on police and right-wing militias. Despite the fact that such militias were not present in these circumstances.

Hell, the ACLED accounts for the CHOP in Seattle. Made up of both BLM and Antifa members. There were two murders, three attempted murders, an attempted rape, near mass vandalism, and physical assaults daily. And despite riots still going on at the time. The ACLED calls the CHOP a success, and only has "peaceful protest" recorded at that period.

That seems like a rather large hole in their "findings" already, don't you agree?

That is pretty much as far from the truth as you can get on the subject. BLM is nothing in any way comparable to begging for acceptance. If anything, it's a demand for recognition, and probably one being done in one of, if not the worst ways that one could go about it.

They've spent several years now building the base of their movement up upon a select set of lies, and notions that don't actually hold up to the slightest amount of scrutiny. Yet if you openly try to question them, or their actions. You're quickly lobbed into the same pit as those who they claim to be some form of monster. For which we've already told the world that we will not abide by.

I've been alive long enough, and see far more than enough to know that most of what they've built this movement on. Is a verifiable lie, or at the very least a mischaracterization of a small factoid.

As it pertains to the ex-prime minister, or whoever he is. He's doing nothing more than trying to bade points, or at the very least take a stand on his own personal soap box.

-As to the issue with developing countries like these. It's more compounded by a multitude of factors. They need to take responsibility for their own people, their own issues, and their own relations. Instead of counting on larger countries to come in and fix things for them.

-They need to move their own people out of such horrible conditions, as well as being constantly victimized by lawless groups, or even state funded militia groups, and everything else in between. Because this is exactly how we have a thing such as the blood diamond trade, or otherwise known as "conflict diamonds".

-Many of these people simply need to be uplifted, and brought into the 21 century. Along with everything that could benefit them in that same run.

These are just small references to a larger list of things that could be done to better these countries.

I don’t think slavery is good. But I am somewhat of Darwinist and I can relate to what you’re saying. I do feel black people should be classified as a “sub-species”.

Don’t support slavery. We almost have wage slaves cause of such a class difference. The day we solve exploitation is the day we reach nirvana.

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There wouldn't be any Daytona 500 race after the blacks occupied Florida and turned it into a no whites, blacks only shit-hole.

Who would, or could organize and finance this world famous event?

The best we could hope for would be a SOAP BOX DERBY with the winner receiving a year's supply of dope for him/her and their children.

Ahoghill(47) Clarified
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The truth is that given the opportunity, blacks would turn Florida into another shit-hole just as they have done to Chicago, Detroit along with many other once industrious Asian and white vibrant societies.

Excon knows it, I know it, everyone knows it but few, very few have the balls to say it.

The loony lefties, the progressives, the B.L.M., activists have succeeded in ''putting the shits up the mealy mouthed whites'' so truth and reality shall remain stifled under the smouldering heap of P.C., propaganda bullshit and all the while most of America has turned into the exclusive domain of black criminals who don't permit law abiding citizens nor the forces of law and order to enter.

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Only Americans, white Americans that is, could have turned an enormous, hurricane swept swamp overrun with alligators and anaconda snakes into a vacationist's paradise.

Florida, with its sugar fine sandy beaches, shark and sting-ray infested seas and spectacular lightening illumination displays day and night is the dream of every child to visit and enter the fantasy world of Walt Disney's wonderland.

Turn such a Garden of Eden over to the blacks and Heaven on Earth would very quickly turn into HELL ON EARTH.

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It seems that most black African nations just don't have the executive ability or the drive to lift themselves out of the quagmire of poverty and graduate from their perpetual state relative ignorance.

Black Africa's main benefit to the rest of the world is to the lefties who like to grandstand their passionate concern for the people of those under-developed countries.


1 point

Gordon Brown ( known as '' Turd Brown'') pretty well bankrupted the U.K.

Among many of his left-wing Labor giveaway budgets was the ordering of two aircraft carriers.

At that time of left-wing extravagance Britain could just about afford a couple of well armed pedalos.

Now the fool is on spewing out his left wing drivel about the self imposed plight of the UNDER-DEVELOPED COUNTRIES!!

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Hi there, Are you sure it's mint you put in your tea?

I take it from that load of gobbledegook that you never properly recovered from the psychological damage caused by your long since past menopause period.

If Sleepy Joe was criticized for starting WW3 with a sneak nuclear attack on one or more of our many enemies I'm sure that you loony lefties would respond by stating. 'but Donald Trump dyes his hair.

Kamala Harris 2019;- ''what happens when these downtrodden migrants reach the borders of our country with its Statue of Liberty?


KAMALA HARRIS 2021;- '' If you're intending to make the dangerous trek to our borders, DON'T COME, JUST DON'T COME, YOU'LL BE TURNED AWAY''.

'' There are legal procedures which can be used to gain entry to our country''.


1 point

All politicians have the right to try to persuade the electorate, regardless of their color to adopt their political ideology.

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Howdy Junkie, how are things in the surreal world of drug induced senselessness?

This is not a guessing game.

Just stick to the verifiable facts and get off your computer, have your electricity disconnected, exchange your motorized vehicle for a donkey, dispense with your telephone and go live in a mud hut with the latest thing in Bongo open sewage systems.

Honko-bonko-wonko is your new form of communication.

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the ethnicity argument could be settled if it was degreed that each race could only have access to and be allowed to utilize the discoveries and inventions of their own racial bloodline.

Hello Antrim:

Really??? My guess is, the people who discovered fire were NOT pearly white.. So, you've excluded yourself from a whole lot of advancement. Truly, without fire, going against people with fire, white people would have been wiped out. It's survival if the fittest, right?



You may not agree with me but that's how I make it ;)

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I feel that the ethnicity argument could be settled once and for all if it was degreed that each race could only have access to and be allowed to utilize the discoveries and inventions of their own racial bloodline.

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Hi again Junkie.

The thrust of your post only deepens the hole you have dug for the burial of your argument.

Why were the black African states at such a primitive stage of development that their citizens were vulnerable to being subjugated by the prevailing unscrupulous ethos of most of the European powers of that era such as Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Britain and France and sold off as slaves?

Where were the African defences?

Why was their weaponry so ineffective against the more technologically advanced ordnance of the whites?


The weak are exploited or perish so the strong of the species, ( any species) can flourish and become dominate.

What we're seeing now is what happens when we try to resist the forces of mother nature.

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Hi Junkie,

Up to in or around the 1960s white dominated America was a thriving and civilized country which most of the other nations of the free world not only tried to emulate but depended upon for their freedom.

Once the blacks were given free-range the decline of the United States of America began in earnest.

Black's contribution to American society is murder, violent crime, rioting, looting, destruction, a drain on the Nation's resources and an endless barrage of whinging and wailing about the 'big bad white man''.

I MUST ONCE MORE remind you of the absence of any black person in this abridged list of inventions and discoveries which go to make up the modern world.

The computer you're using.

The internet.

The Web.

The language in which you're trying to communicate.


The light bulb.





The internal combustion engine.

The locomotive.

The diesel engine.

The turbo-prop engines

The jet engine.



The submarine.

The camera.

The fountain pen.

The ball pen.


The telescope.

The sexton.



Most life saving and pain relieving drugs INCLUDING THE COVID-19


High-yield farming techniques.

Modern construction methods and materials.

Hygiene practises.

Water purification procedures.

The basis of the world's legal systems.

Where are the black's contributions to the welfare of mankind?

Rhetorical question of course as we could count the black's useful invetions on ONE FINGER.

Why don't you darkies go and live in your self made paradise of Liberia where the living is easy, technology is light years ahead of all other countries and there are very few whites?

Why don't you darkies just go away and leave us alone?

Why can't you darkies understand that most whites don't wish you any harm but would prefer not to have to interface with you and would like to see the last of you?

1 point

So, you're welcome to condemn the acts by name to prove you're not another fake, leftist piece of fake shit.

Hello N:

Truth is, I'd rather you continue to think I'm a leftist piece of fake shit.. In fact, if a person like you started to believe the stuff I do, I'd kill myself..


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