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no pot calling a kettle black here. no siree.

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im just imaging them setting their eyeballs aside, to sleep or whatever, and misplacing them and sort of just shrugging it off since they're not needed. which is definitely what you meant, im sure.

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question: if someone asks a rhetorical question and gets a serious answer is the conversation moving backwards?

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I'm not an atheist. I'm agnostic. I don't make any assumptions or conclusions about the universe which I can't back up with material evidence, and I automatically disregard anybody who has.

But that isn't to say the probabilities are all equal. On the basis of currently understood knowledge, it is remotely unlikely that the Christian faith has any merit.

If you want to know what I believe you could simply ask, like a normal person would.

You're just mad because you didn't realize it was rhetorical

You don't appear to understand what a rhetorical question is Joe. Rhetorical questions are those which objectively do not require an answer.

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I LoLed ;)

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You're just mad because you didn't realize it was rhetorical ;)

It was a rhetorical question

No it wasn't. You are confusing stupid questions with rhetorical questions. Not the same thing.

Ironically, I actually beat her playing the queen's gambit as the white pieces. Lol.

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joecavalry(39211) Clarified
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It was a rhetorical question ;)

YIsRisenLord(854) Clarified
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Listen honey, I have leftist AND conservative veiws. That's why I am a centrist.

DO gun bans lead to a higher crime rate?

Dana, please. Whatever you are watching, please watch something else. Why would removing society's most dominant instrument of crime lead to a higher crime rate? What possible logic would there be in that? Do car bans lead to higher numbers of speeding tickets? Do food bans lead to higher numbers of fat people?

I just don't understand how you -- or indeed anybody -- can even believe this. It's ridiculous. The sale of guns in the US generates an enormous amount of profit, and the people who benefit from that profit are the precise same people putting forward these absurd arguments.

The best way to disempower criminals is to take away their guns. It is then harder for them to provoke fear and less safe for them to commit crime. Without the confidence and sense of power a gun bestows, many of these people would simply get jobs.

BurritoLunch(5857) Clarified
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Question: If a group of salamanders fall into a deep hole (and they can't get out) and over time their descendants loose their eyeballs because they are no longer needed..., did evolution move backwards ;)

There really isn't any such thing as backwards or forwards. Life just evolves to better suit its environment. If they lost their eyes you'd probably see them develop other senses more useful for surviving in the dark.

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