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Tucker Carleson .... floating ... what a nice thought! (face down, of course :-)!

My Grandson is teaching at the ( costly ), High School Tucker graduated from, Hopefully, his students come out with a different outlook for the country.

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AND .... AND ..... Martians are attacking in space ships! Run for your lives! (RUN .... To the LEFT! Save yourselves! ;-)

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Well, Universal Health Care will not happen so, if I get an alternate choice ..... DIE!

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Could be. We can't eat anything on the right .......... it's all rotten!

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............ and thousands of caskets are empty ..................... can you say .... CRAP???

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No doubt. With the help of Putin ... again ... he COULD win. Even here on CD some of the gullible ones listen to Putin's garbage, and, I believe a couple are Putin's garbagemen (- persons). About China, .... I don't know if they'll help OR hinder him after his constant accusations and insults, one can only hope.

The Cheater-in-Cheif (multiple meanings ;-), knows nothing BUTT! Biden, beware! America can't withstand another 4 yr+ term (Putin style) of Rump! If that happens I can guarantee America will NEVER be Great Again!

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Hello, Antrim.

You are absolutely insane.

except Tucker knows that Republicans supported Trump because he is not a conservative.

If they wanted a conservative, they could have rallied around Cruz
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If a rule has exceptions, quoting the rule when considering the case of the exception is either ignorance or duplicity.

I know that the difference is irrelevant in the context of this site and not worth the effort.

Don't you?

"Grammar conversations are the domain of Nazis"

You posted the quote as your argument.

That it is your false assertion and a cherry-picked quote are not mutually exclusive.

Can't quite muster up the attention span to make it to the end, eh?

Lol. Christ, you're one ridiculously stupid nincompoop. I don't need to "make it to the end" because the part I needed to expose you as the idiot you are was at the beginning. This part:-

Capital letters and abbreviations ending with capital letters are made plural by adding s alone. writing/2015/11/do-not-use-apostrophes-to-make-plurals.html

He used a capital letter and made it plural.

Keep flapping those idiot gums.

I know the difference

Clearly you do not know the difference or you would not have confused the two. Reason is simply lost on you, is it not?

um, what?

I understand that English isn't your strong point, but at least use capital letters to start your sentences.

I did

No, you quoted something somebody else said and mistook it for something I had said. Then you tried to change the subject when you got caught:- wonderingwhynoneofourresidentTrumpworshipersgotohisSUPERSPREADERevents#arg1029327

You started yet another conversation about grammar where you were in over your head

Is there really no part of you which sees the sheer irony in making this accusation right after you attacked my grammar without provocation and ended up looking like a retard because you don't understand the difference between a hyphen and a long dash?

I'm going to guess no.

No, it isn't.

Yes it is. Just for starters, there is no such thing as a grammar style. Style is something different from grammar. See:-

Style fills in the gray areas of grammar and usage. Grammar is the way in which language is structured, the rules that are the foundation of that structure and the study of those rules. Usage describes the way a language is used by native speakers, it is the application of grammar rules at a local level. Between grammar and usage there are many areas of English language use that are up for debate. Style steps into this fray to bring some order to these conflicts.

It's a cherry-picked quote

Exactly. It's a quote, not the non-existent false assertion you keep lying about. I asked you to produce this assertion and instead you linked someone else's quote. That's how stupid you are.

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Tucker Carlson has all the qualifications necessary to fulfill the challenges of this most demanding position.

He's clever, articulate, pro-American, charismatic and can give a good tongue lashing to the standard piece of anti-American left-wing filth.

President Trump warned the nation at his Mount Rushmore speech that America is under siege from the far left Fascists.

It is therefore vital that our President's courageous efforts in addressing this alarming left-wing threat receives continuity and Tucker Carlson would be the man to carry on the good fight against the left-wing insurgents.

Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Man.



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