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Oh yeah 100%! Just as long as you realize that just because someone got pregnant, doesn't mean they weren't careful.

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So what you're saying is that blacks have been asleep for a few hundred thousand years.

Whilst that sort of figures out it's still a lame excuse for their lack of inventiveness and innovation.

Have the blacks been committing countless murders and crimes of violence when they were sleep walking?

I don't think a court of law would accept your your outlandish plea of defence for the black's criminal conduct or their parasitic roll they have adopted in every nation they infest.

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To excon. Laws pertaining to race are not equal in Australia, thye are very much n favour of "indigenous" people.(Or, at least thise with blond hair and blue eyes who claim that they are indigenous to get the massive welfare benefit advantages bestowed on the "indigenous"

Australia is the only country on planet earth that has a specific government department set up exclusively for the benefit of two races, The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. These two races do not exist according to one of your supporters on this page. "There is only one race, the human race" claims the 'anti racists" who claim that race does not exist when it is convenient, but who can see race as plain as day when money is being handed out.

All people except "aboriginal" people must pay their own university fees.

All people except "aboriginal" people must keep a record of their attempts to find a job before they can claim welfare.

"Aboriginal" people get free legal advice, all others are expected to pay if they can.

"Aboriginal" people are the only race who may apply for government jobs which are exclusively set aside for aborigines.

"Aboriginal" parents are the only ones who get a special allowance if they make their kids go to school.

"Aboriginal" people are the only people the government pays "truancy officer" drivers to take aboriginal kids to school.

"Aboriginal" schools are the only government schools that give their students free food.

"Aboriginal" apprentices are taught in special "aboriginal only" classes where the suspicion exists that the courses are dumbed down and the exams very liberally marked.

"Aboriginal" people do not appear to pay Land Tax on their extensive land holding which every other citizen must do.

"Aboriginal" people get free dental services provided for them in rural areas by travelling government dentists, the whites who live in these rural areas and pay taxes have to travel to large country towns to get dental assistance, and they pay for the treatment themselves.

"Aboriginal" people are paid royalties for minerals on their land which other races do not get.

"Aboriginal" people have a lower retirement age. (55)

Since "aboriginal" men murdering their spouses is so common, an aboriginal offender who murders his spouse is much more likely to be charged with manslaughter, rather than murder.

All people except "aboriginal" people in NSW must pay for fishing licenses.

All people except 'aboriginal" people must pay to enter national parks.

"Aboriginal" doctors are only licensed to treat aboriginal people in aboriginal tribal areas. The only credible explanation for that, is that the "aboriginal" medical course is so dumbed down that aboriginal doctors are not sufficiently qualified to be general practitioners, treating everybody. But they can still have the coveted "Dr" prefix before their name, suggesting that aboriginal doctors are as smart as non aboriginal doctors.

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How did you tell the difference?


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To Eaetaiko.

What you wrote was an opinion, not an argument. If you think that all races are equal, by what reasoned logic did you come to that conclusion, and what evidence do you submit to support your view?

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Abortion is also RACIST. Four black women get an abortion for every 1 woman. Abortion statistically wipes out future black generations. And who are the biggest fighters for abortions?!? It's white liberal Democrat women.

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Does your in-depth, comprehensive training include instructions on the best operating procedures for a REAR GUNNER ON A BREAD CART.

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Excon, you are spouting off rambling nonsense (gumboil counting) in an effort to avoid debate.

Now, please present evidence that there is INTENT to suppress the minority vote.

I have been VERY CLEAR in asking. How does restrictions on serving food and water at polling stations suppress voting for minorities?

How is eliminating Election Day registration suppress minority voting?

How is a basic requirement of providing proof of citizenship to vote suppressing minority voters?

How is auditing election results suppressing minority voting?

And finally, how is giving citizens (of all races) the right to sue election officials suppressing minorities?

You're dodging the question because you know that you can't justify killing a baby. No matter how you try to rationalize it, it's still murder.

as i already said, i think that anyone who voluntarily procreates is a despicable person, including both the male and the female. i do not think that anyone should be allowed to procreate, be they male or female. that's not misogynistic.

Wow, what a great way to invalidate the experiences of mothers everywhere. You're just a bigoted misogynist who wants to control women's bodies.

nope. im not pro-choice. im anti-choice and pro-abortion. i favor compulsory sterilization (males and females) and compulsory abortion for anyone who slips through the cracks on sterilization. so, no, im not a pro-choice lib.

So you think that anyone who has a baby should be automatically forced to have an abortion, regardless of whether they want one or not? And you want to force everyone to be sterilized? That sounds an awful lot like eugenics, which is a very Liberal idea.

nothing ive said is inconsistent. i endorse abortion. i endorse infanticide. my endorsements have nothing to do with consent. that was little_cheeb's criteria (i confused you for them since i originally was responding to them).

Yes, you are being inconsistent. Do you think that abortion is always wrong or not? Because if you think that abortion is always wrong, then you can't endorse it. And if you think that abortion is sometimes okay, then you can't endorse infanticide. You have to pick one or the other.

i already explained why procreating to "save the world" is selfish and asinine. im not going to repeat myself. you can engage the reasoning i already provided or not. i don't really care. my objection was never just procreation is selfish. it is that it is violence perpetrated for selfish reasons.

Yes, procreation can be selfish and asinine. But that doesn't mean it's always wrong. And even if some people do have children for purely selfish reasons, that doesn't make it wrong. Every single one of us is selfish in some way or another. And just because someone is selfish doesn't mean they should be denied the right to have a child. I shouldn't have to repeat myself either but here we are.

reasserting that the fetus/humans have inherent value and worth is not an explanation for why i should believe that assertion. the same goes for you reasserting that the differential capacities between a fetus and an adult are irrelevant.

I'm not just reasserting that the fetus has inherent value and worth. I'm explaining why I believe that assertion. And I believe that the differential capacities between a fetus and an adult are irrelevant because every human being has inherent value and worth, regardless of their abilities or possessions.

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Praćenje, odnosno uhođenje putem društvenih mreža i interneta općenito spada pod najčešće oblike elektroničkog nasilja. Odnosi se na neželjeno i kontinuirano praćenje neke osobe čime se ugrožava njegova sigurnost i privatnost podataka. Također se može odnositi i na neprestano pokušavanje uspostavljanja kontakta i konstantno slanje neželjenih poruka koje mogu biti zastrašujuće, uvredljive pa čak mogu uključivati i prijetnje. Zbog toga se javljaju razne posljedice koje u velikoj mjeri mogu utjecati na pojedinca, a neke od posljedica su: anksioznost, depresija, socijalna izoliranost, uznemirenost nakon korištenja interneta, smanjeno samopoštovanje, narušeno zdravlje, loši uspjesi u obrazovanju i sl. Često se događa da se osobe koriste tuđim identitetom, identitetom neke nepoznate osobe od koje su ukrali informacije i fotografije i koriste se njima u nedozvoljene i neetične svrhe. Također je i vrlo čest slučaj krađe identiteta poznatih osoba zbog toga jer misle da će time privući pažnju na sebe i prikupiti puno sljedbenika, ali takve situacije se brzo i lako razotkriju. Smatram da je Internet jako opasno mjesto, pogotovo za mlade i djecu koji se možda još ne znaju kako obraniti, te da bi se te situacije umanjile trebao bi se povećati oprez i nadzor, a pogotovo među mladima.

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Excon, please show me IN YOUR WORDS how the voting laws that you posted are "racist".

Hello hater:

Ok, I'll try again.. Please read carefully.. Irrespective of the words, if the INTENT of the law is to suppress the vote, the law is racist..

I suppose requiring a black person to correctly guess how many gumballs are in a jar before he can vote, ISN'T voter suppression either..

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha



PS: For those of you who don't remember, the gumball guessing thing was REAL.. And, you DENIED it was voter suppression then too..


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Just because whites have made more innovative advances doesn't mean they're better.

Many black people marked history, even more than whites

The color of our skin doesn't define our ability, if we are better or worse than someone else, it's literally just a little more melanin in the skin, nothing much, it's science! WTF

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We are all human. Under our skin we are all equal. We are not better or worse than anyone else because of our race. Whether you are black, white, yellow, asian, indigenous, etc.

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Excon, please show me IN YOUR WORDS how the voting laws that you posted are "racist". I'm not debating with your NAACP links.

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Hello to you both.

Yes Norwich you are correct, well almost correct. You show me a white man with a strong character, IQ, worth ethic, morality, violent behavior, racist nature, etc and I can show you the same in a black man.

Even Albert Einstein said "Many a sincere person will answer me: 'Our attitude towards Negroes is the result of unfavorable experiences, which we have had living side by side with Negroes in this country. They are not our equals in intelligence, sense of responsibility, reliability.' I am firmly convinced that whoever believes this suffers from a fatal misconception"

Dr. Philip Emeagwali is a black man with an IQ of 190 and some say more intelligent then Einstein himself.

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Excon, how is mail in voting restrictions "racist"?

Hello again, hater:

If it can be shown that the law was intended to suppress the vote of black people, then it's racist..

And, of course, it's been shown.


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Spokesman for all white momma's boys who need to kill innocent people but only after their victims leave mommy's womb. Wish Kyle's mom made a different choice.

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Excon, how is mail in voting restrictions "racist"?

Excon, how are restrictions on food and water at polling stations "racist"?

Excon, how is eliminating Election Day registration "racist"?

Excon, how is requiring proof of citizenship to vote "racist"?

Excon, hope is auditing election results "racist"?

Excon, how is giving listens the right to sue election officials "racist"?

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Excon, what "specific" laws dealing with race are unequal? What laws deal with race?

Hello hater:

Flor­ida Senate Bill 90: Broad restric­tions on mail voting

Geor­gia S.B. 202: A ban on food and water, plus subtle attacks on mail voting and local elec­tion offi­cials

Geor­gia S.B. 202 gained national atten­tion by making it a crime to distrib­ute water or snacks to voters wait­ing in line,

Iowa Senate File 413: Crim­in­al­iz­ing elec­tion offi­cials for protect­ing voters. The law imposes a number of new penal­ties and restric­tions on elec­tion offi­cials, includ­ing a provi­sion that refers county elec­tion offi­cials for crim­inal prosec­u­tion if they do not imple­ment the law’s aggress­ive new voter-roll purge provi­sions.

Montana H.B. 176 elim­in­ated Elec­tion Day regis­tra­tion, a popu­lar and effect­ive policy that Montana voters have relied on for years. During debate over the law, a Repub­lican state repres­ent­at­ive openly stated that he wanted to end elec­tion day regis­tra­tion because he believed it was used by young people who were “not on our side of the aisle.”

Texas S.B. 1: Target­ing Elec­tion Work­ers and Restrict­ing Mail Voting

Arizona S.B. 1013 would require the secret­ary of state to ask for an exemp­tion from the federal rules that bar proof of citizen­ship require­ments to vote, and

Arizona S.C.R. 1005 would initi­ate a ballot refer­en­dum to impose a new proof of citizen­ship require­ment.

New Hamp­shire: House Bill 1522 would allow any voter to conduct their own “citizen’s audit” of elec­tion results by person­ally view­ing every ballot cast in an elec­tion, creat­ing seri­ous privacy prob­lems and further under­min­ing public confid­ence in elec­tions.

H.B. 1567 would allow any registered voter to sue to have an elec­tion offi­cial removed from office. And H.B. 1324 would allow the New Hamp­shire State Senate to initi­ate a dispute before the New Hamp­shire Supreme Court seek­ing to over­turn the state’s results for a pres­id­en­tial elec­tion.


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