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As has been said before, emergency services are a crucial part of our society. Without emergency services, deathes from disease, fire, and accidents would skyrocket. Additionaly, without taxes, we wouldnt be able to comfortably drive or trust the food we eat an drink. Additionally, people can still grow close with a government. Look at Denmark for instance. Denmark has one of, if not the most, highest hapiness average in the world. Denmarks families live together in harmony and support eachother heavily.

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Although I do believe a government isnt completley neccisary for human survival, I do think that life would be much harder without one. If you look at any Anarchist society today, you will be able to see this clearly. Although some might be able to live decent lives, they live without running water, economic stability, or clean energy a majority of the time. Another example would be public works. Although taxes are rather annoying, its still nice to have their benefits. Without taxes, our roads would be in disrepair, our water contaminated, and food poisoned. There are certainly ways that you could run an effective society without a government, but it wouldnt be able to reach the strength, intelect, or size of modern day powers like Russia, the US, and China.

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