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I am so anti I can't even describe how anti I am and how angry I am with these idiots. Every day they buy a cigarette box, they could save a live from malaria!! Some people are disgusting and selfish.

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The extent and depth to the damage done to little children by school uniforms is non-researched and unknown. When a child is forced to wear school uniform why should they do anything anyone says... their free will has been taken away and a child releases what they worn for at least 12 years of their young lives is a mistake. You need to learn to not bully or discriminate without school uniform... we don't all at home in the same uniform wear the same clothes, you don't bully without it out, free will. If Jesus was a in charge... would he enforce school uniform rules... NO!!! Then follow that example.

Imagine if you woke up to a world you were forced what to wear and already do. FREE WILL. Look at like this if a child spent £50 on school uniform which adds up to £600 in their life time, this could save 300 lives from malaria every single child! It annoys me when you say it is about bullying, if it was there would be no ties. Also It does not save money unless you waste money buying other clothes separate instead it saves £600 - Which is your own fault.

There is one major reason why Governors force school uniform rules and this is the love of money!! £££ Governors of all twisted denotations not enforcing school uniform will probably end their beloved donations and judgmental students - which would rather have in their school and put off people coming to school - even though this could also cause rebellion. People then would leave the school, taking their beloved Government donations with them. Here is message to all uniforms: "It is better to tie your neck around a stone and jump into the sea than take away millions of children's lives in developing countries".

If you make them wear school uniform, don't tell them to do anything and it is punishing the innocent. School uniform stops a child from expressing themselves, makes us all like robots and is a sin. How can anyone say school uniform is ok and acceptable? It makes you rebel not do as they say.

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