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shut up he is going to prosecute me

Yes and you have every chance to do so in a free society. This is why a free society is a fucking dumb idea.

Correct. People also have nothing stopping them from refusing to follow the religion you force onto them.

Some Buddhist you are.

Yes and they are free to ignore it.

Who exactly do you think I am?

So was prodigee, but he got banned.

What ignorance?

I'm against trolls like micmacmoc (AKA Chaffy), JC (not joecavalry the user named JC), Prodigee and Quocalimar getting tons of shit from the community whilst trolls like Hellno get glorified.

What's so awesome about a lazy troll?

I'm skinny as fuck and eat it often.

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Make good-tasting food and make it fast.

It will encourage people to bully the bad kids rather than the nerds.

Currently the well-behaved kids get bullied but if the cause of distress becomes the guy making everyone get punished then bullying can be used for positive peer pressure.

Buddha was one that shouldn't be, right?


I am a hyperevolved mutant. Lizard head, bird body, fox-tail.

Maybe I'm American, disguising myself.

Indians are brown. We both know what black refers to.

Firstly Idk why the fuck you think I'm British.

Secondly, I never said I was patriotic myself.

Same to you.

Invalid argument; anecdotes are not valid.

Your entire argument fails because all the accounts I mentioned before continuously troll and get away with it.

Intangible is the one of the only member of this site that uses logic correctly aside from myself. The rest of you are simply bearable pseudo-intellectuals.

Your patriotism is so fucking faked. Either that or you are one ignorant Redneck.

America is such a substandard country in so many ways, including its lack of a sufficiently publicised healthcare service.

Your nation is full of pigheaded Capitalists that don't know what's good for a nation; only how to blindly stick to an outdated constitution written by mentally retarded political philosophers who thought they knew everything and have their ugly face carved into some dumbass mountain.

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