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How dare you jump into a debate with your false premises disguised as a cogent argument... in order to put down other people's belief systems and the President of the United States! What have you done lately... I guess just spread poison.

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Where do i start?...I don't believe that there is a 'god', however, I do believe there is an energy of some kind out in the world. And my question is why does god have to be a man? Why can't people understand the meaning 'it'? No one has met god so how would anyone know? People get way to caught up in the whole god thing. Its over-rated. I'm not saying all Christians, but a lot of them don't see the other side of god and religion. They just practice their religion not understanding the meaning of Judaism or the Islamic religion.

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I think this widens the 7th grade knowledge of things such as politics, technology, religion and other important subjects. I am a 7th grader myself and this site has great info and my mind widens each time i choose a different topic to debate about.

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OF COURSE GAYS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO MARRY!!!!When its love, it has no limits, right? They shouldn't be discriminated against over something so personal. Its their life and people shouldn't interfere with a persons right to privacy and decision no matter whether or not they're the same sex. And to tell you the truth its not their fault being gay, their born with it. It a mental thing. Their normal people! I don't get how people can say otherwise.

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Life starts when you want it to. Its ready when your ready. Its based on whether you believe life has a purpose

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The second amendment wasnt for people to start killing each other, it was for the creation of the militia. Guns in America, are supposed to keep this world a better place, however, it doesnt do that at all, it only allows criminals to commit crimes. It definetly doesnt protect anyone from anything, it only harms the people of this country. And yea, I get that many people save themselves from the criminals that break into their house or try to rape them, but half the time thats not the case.

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