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I agree with your statement entirely. I agree that without a government, there wouldn't be any order to society. This will cause what would be considered crime rates, if crimes existed, to spike up very high. I agree that government also supplies many safety regulations and services. Overall i agree that the main reasoning behind needing a government leads back to safety for the common good.

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In my opinion, the presence of a government is necessary for a country to be successful. For starters, a government gives order and organization to a society. Without a government there wouldn't be any definite laws to control the people. There would also be no military. Without a military, there wouldn't be protection from other countries attacking/invading. Not only is a government necessary for the large reasons, but there are also many smaller reasons that tend to be forgotten. Although taxes are a burden on many people, they are paid for a reason and supply many services for the greater good of society. There would be no safety regulations or guaranteed safe foods. Without these little things, there would be nothing that individuals can actually trust. The bottom line is, without a government, everything would go to essentially chaos.

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