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Your answer has some valid points. When you mention that there would be no currency I believe that would cause chaos. People would not do their part in society, they would just steal from others or find other ways to make a living without working like other in society. Second you talk about local businesses. If people no longer had to pay for service people would just work for themselves and not serve people. I believe without a government nobody would work together and people would just work to appease themselves.

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I believe that having a government is a necessity in order for a society to function properly. First off the government keeps the country in order. Without it people could go off committing crimes with little to no repercussions. Government ensures safety against crimes such as murder, harassment, and theft. Second, the government ensures that our food and water is clean. Through government funded facilities our food and water is tested to make sure it doesn't have an harmful bacteria. Third, lastly i think that the government is necessary in order to provide us with local protection such as police and fire departments. Without them our town would be a completely different place. Lastly if we didn't have a government huge political debates could get out of hand. People would chose which side they wanted and never see a compromise. This could also be an issue because these debates get people very worked up which could lead to violence. Overall, I think that a society should have a government for safety purposes.

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