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Nice argument, but I disagree with your statement. Firstly, riots and fights would be more prominent without a government in place, since there would be no law forbidding them and no consequences to discourage them. Taxes, although very irksome, and, to say the least, expensive, support things like infrastructure and social security. Also, corruption results from greedy people rather than money itself. It (corruption) can even occur in your example. Who's to say the builder will do a good job since there are no regulations guiding his work? He most likely will charge you more than usual since there will be a higher demand for builders and only a few people capable of building. Finally, although localized consumption may sound good, what will happen if one day a blight hits your community? No government will send you emergency resources, and other communities won't willingly give up a ton of resources when they have to provide for themselves too.

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Governments are critical to a safe and well-functioning society. Without governments, there would be no defined laws or regulations to keep people safe. For example, laws in the United States secure things like consumer protection, homeland security, child welfare, and private information. These are only a few examples of the things laws protect. Without them, people would constantly be at risk. Also, regulations set by the government contribute to a safe society. Everything from food, infrastructure, medicine, and consumer goods all have regulations set on them to promote the welfare of the people. In addition, no government also means no form of currency; this means that people would need to either obtain resources through trade or stealing since money would have no value. Finally, societies with governments allow for things like public education and investing in science. If there really was no government, people wouldn't care for learning, since their safety would be their topmost priority. This means that over time literacy rates could drop and society as a whole could revert to some sort of contemporary "Dark Ages" era.

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