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I agree with your statement stating how without the government there would be no security, lack of money, and lack of education. Your statement about corruption didn't cross my mind but after reading your statement, I completely agree how badly it can affect the people. I also support the thought of how there would be an increase in vehicle crashes because of the rough roads not being treated. After analyzing your statement, I completely agree with the reasons you've given to support how we need a government.

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I believe we need a government because without it there isn't control over the people. Without a government, there wouldn't be any public services or regulations. We would have to find new ways to do our daily occurrences such as disposing of garbage, education, dealing with sewage and transportation. No government also means people can do what they please. This could be a good thing but its mainly a bad thing. People who are "leaders" would want to create a dictatorship or overtake others. This would cause chaos, warfare, and an increase in deaths. The increase in deaths can also come from violence, lack of protection, and untrusted medicine. Having no government also means no treaties or deals with other countries. Communicating with others would be very difficult especially about the indication of the weather. All of these examples demonstrate how much we rely on the government. Overall, a government is necessary to keep order and security.

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