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Without the government we would definitely have problems. There would be no order instead there would be chaos. There would be no laws so nobody is really safe. People wouldn’t have to listen to traffic laws that keep us from having accidents. Also there would be no laws about violence so there would be more of that then there already is. Trash would be everywhere because the garbage people wouldn’t be working. Water wouldn’t get cleaned/purified so water wouldn’t be safe to drink. Our crop foods might not even be safe to eat because there’s no laws anymore about how much chemicals can be used. We would have no military to keep us safe so it would really be like everyone for themselves. Then there would probably be someone trying to get all the “power” and try and make a dictatorship and if there are others that want to be in control that would cause fighting and violence. To prevent all of that we need a government.

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You make a great point here. We wouldn’t know what to do and nothing would make sense. It would all be absolute chaos. There would be no help or order to the country. Like you said it would be “every man for himself” and all order would be lost.

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