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I'd say, because in many of those parts they have achieved their goals and accomplished the policies they desire to be established. And the truth is that indoctrination, the sole tool of all religion, eases the task.

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You have lied and are guilty, deserve to die, and need to be justified to live. You cannot justify yourself.

What have I lied?

You lost your innocence of infancy and you know you are guilty.

I'm guilty of having gathered experience of life? I don't understand. If I was meant to lose the innocence of infancy, how am I guilty?

none of us deserves one more heartbeat or breath of air from God, all of us deserve to burn in Hell

Why are we born then?

it's only God's mercy which has kept us out of the fire.

God's mercy keeps us safe from terrorism, from natural disasters, from terminal diseases? If all of us are sinners, how come a part of the population is subject to the wrath of God here on Earth? How come infants die early deaths? How come people for no fault of theirs are born into poverty and hunger?

I don't have to prove anything. If I did have to prove anything to you,

What are you trying to do then?

You think you are making God go away by saying He is not there,

Why? Tell me why I'd wanna make God away by saying he isn't there unless I believed he isn't there.

you think you have the right to exist outside of Hell based on the fact that you now exist outside of Hell.

No... I do not think that.

the prison of Hell awaits you are not pardoned by God, and Jesus Christ will be your Judge...

Is it a different punishment in case I'm Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim? Or you're implying Christ alone is the redeemer?

Rationalization is subjective

And your belief that Christ is the saviour is the only Truth?

You are a sinner who needs to be saved from Hell

I can't wait for hell until death, I think I'm and most of us are really battling it here right now.

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You don't mean Atheism vs God but Atheism vs the Christian Worldview?

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It is almost fundamental for Islam to be militant in its execution of practice and its law in order to exist. Having said that, It is also necessary (defenses) for every religion to practice violence in order to protect and secure. The religious battles in history have been more about protection by/ of identity rather than mere communal tensions. The greatest disaster religion has caused is to create the pledge or even bond of identity that constitutes a religious person's course. Islam by all means is inherently a religion that advocates violent measures to attain religious goals.

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The lie you have been fed is to believe you have the right to exist outside of Hell as a sinner

A lie is something that is told. Not a realization. That God doesn't exist is not a lie that is fed but common sense or rationalization.

Only God is self-justified.

How is God self-justified? I exist, you exist. That is self-justified. Are you telling me, something you do not see, or have read about in million different books, of different languages, cultures all claiming authority over the power of God is self justified?

You really think that eliminating God from the thoughts of mankind will bring peace and harmony to the world?

What has the presence of God in the thoughts of mankind brought?

Do you know what Communism is?

Not Atheism. A political system based on power dynamics.

It's the fruit of your silly belief in the goodness of human hearts.

It is the result of faulty tyrannical structures. And it exists in every ideological or religious platform. Your advocacy for religion or God hasn't proven otherwise either.

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God is the greatest lie we are fed with, indoctrinated with, in the name of religion. Once you realize it, there is really no God but just us. We'd value our kind, our space much more.

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I am a muslim by birth and an atheist by choice. I have shared the sensibility of the religion for most of my life until recently. And I would say I do believe they existed; Christ or Prophet Muhammed as reformists.

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My left eye is flickering.... My left palm is shaking! It will form into a fist and hit...Hard!

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Satan was a rebel... God is a dictator!


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You said it, not me.

You must be a genius...

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It is. We kill ants, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, snakes, lizards, tigers, other wild and domesticated animals. And then we also 'kill' plants and forests to make way, build housing areas, new cities and "zoos". We kill everything except each other. Oh no, wait... We also kill babies when they are still in the womb; kill babies based on their gender and sacrifice them to Gods. We kill each other in wars or genocides or gender crimes. Not only is killing part of us but so is hypocrisy!

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It is very off putting when you hear a woman swear.

But perfectly alright if a man does so.

They are docile and intelligent animals

Men are aggressive, stubborn and unintelligent animals?

their lips should not be sullied with such dirty language.

Yes? Cuz their lips are forever vulnerable, meant only to be kissed and answered when addressed to...

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The problem as I see it is that people in most things can't separate the ideology from the individual...

I'm almost glad someone said that. Only if there were many who would think that way!

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I don't see how women's oppression is not sexist. It may be fairly sided but most definitely is a voice against sexism. Feminism on the other hand is a subject of gender studies where the construct of the ideal male or masculinities is well dealt with as well. For it you have similar voices...

A voice for the weak is much more in need, I'm sorry if I sound biased, but believe me I am not. The weak include women, children, eunuchs or gay or lesbian relationships. Of you notice "the rights" you're being highly critical about are sociological issues that demand attention.

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but there are a number of individual feminists that I want nothing to do with.

That becomes your personal choice. As long you get along with the ideology, it serves it's social purpose.

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What is sexism? And what by feminism do you understand? It's an ideology. To call feminism extremism is like to say all muslims are terrorists. (Which I hope you are not a believer of.) Feminism is a fight against sexism, against unfair treatment of women. If you believe that this is not a social issue. I must confess you are not only ignorant but also insensitive. Because there are several aspects that you are ignoring.

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Happy Diwali...

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Why is she a slut?

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Yes... So was Stalin.

They were responsible for the deaths of thousands of men and women, were openly racist and brought to the World another World war.

Who can doubt how good they were?

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Lol... Somethings just push your emotions to a limit!

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How many fucking parties do you want to be ruling India? It would just be a playground with a bunch of kids fighting to lead a country!

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