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Hi Excon/nomshit/retard, Now you're only being a very silly little Billy.

But I can understand your resentment and frustration at having to wait in line to fuck your whore ma behind the well endowed Bongos who put your tiny little dick to shame.

Do they make fun of your minuscule little winkle and tell you it would be more appropriate if you went and tried to satisfy a budgie?

Do the randy Bongos offer you a pin with which to prize your micro-dick from the fold of skin where other men have testicles?

Anyway I tire of engaging with a sicko.

Feel free to continue on if it keeps you out of mischief and gives your syphilis infested ma a break.

Yes, we should use the term sometimes. That way transgender men and non-binary people are not excluded. We can still use the term woman.

Supporting Evidence: Slate gender inclusive language. (
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You go shopping, the bank, the PO, have lunch and go home. How many cameras were you on?

In leftist areas? About 576. In conservative areas, somewhere between zero and one. The bank might have one. Everywhere else, probably none.

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The right has tried to shrink the power of government the left has expanded it. What did you expect from a political party that supports censorship, freezing bank accounts of people who are convicted of no crime but say things they don't like, likes investigations of political rivals and FBI raids on their opponents' homes? I would expect cameras everywhere if I were you. Social scores and wrong think punishments are already here. Can't wait to see what the authoritarian left gives us next. Organ harvesting? Welding people in their homes during Covid? The Chi Coms do it, and leftist politicians keep telling us how great the CCP is.

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I speak absolute universal truths

You speak bigoted, religiously inspired, nonsensical babble and mislabel it as truth because you're a dangerously delusional zealot.

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Fake news, but fake news is all the left has.

Hi Bronto. I have some more "fake news" from the left.

Of the four other replies in this chat, seventy five percent of them were written by you using different accounts. Now that's just sad.

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Lol. Relax, my brother. I was just trying to sympathize with your situation. It must have been very difficult to have gone through that at such an early age, and it certainly goes some way towards explaining why you developed a crushing dependency on alcohol later in life.

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nomshit,Excon, get away home and fuck your disease ridden whore mother who is entertaining the first battalion of the Botswana Army.

The anomaly is that she's paying them to fuck her stupid and she's having to raid your piggy bank to meet the cost.

Once more it's most flattering to note that you're continuing to hang onto my every word.

Yes sirree Bob.

I also note that my catch phrase has become popular.


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In a perfect world your comments would be acceptable.

But we don't live in a perfect world and, like every human being on planet earth cops the world over are not perfect.

Your expectations to be policed by a force of emotionless, impassive law enforcers won't happen until we have developed A I to such an advanced stage that robotic cops can be entrusted to replace their mere mortal human predecessors.

But then we enter into another world where A I endowed robotic criminals will become the number one public enemies.

In the meantime we will have to accept that some of those who have dedicated their lives to protecting the citizens of the communities in which they live may be overcome by their HUMAN EMOTIONS.

Some of our more self-righteous citizens will deem that such officers fall short of the unrealistic standards of perfection which they themselves never have, nor ever will achieve.

What you claim to be demanding is a perfect police force.

Well, be advised that you're going to be disappointed as whilst excellence is achievable in most regards, perfection in anyone or anything is not.

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When patrolling the crime ridden streets of our towns and cities where the value of life is considered by THE FILTH to be less than the price of their next fix police officers will be in a heightened state of edginess.

Indeed, I completely appreciate the point and can well understand your anger. It must be a particularly sore point for you given that much of your mother's client list was black. Those long nights spent alone fixing your own supper while your poor, hard-working mother plied her trade on the cold, mean streets of bongo town.

If I remember correctly, she wrote a fantastic book about her interestingly promiscuous lifestyle, called: BANGED BY BONGOS.

Man Man, Oh Man.

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Se você está procurando apenas os melhores sites onde você pode ganhar dinheiro, então aconselho você a visitar este site É muito conveniente para iniciantes e também é muito fácil fazer sua primeira aposta. Eu uso há muito tempo e estou muito satisfeito, aconselho você a experimentar. Esta é uma maneira muito fácil de ganhar dinheiro extra. Espero que esta informação tenha sido útil para você. Boa sorte para você!

I'm just going to respond to the first sentence for brevity and clarity.

No, 90% is not simply being poor. Poverty does compound the issue, and racialized people are over-represented in poverty. Yet, middle and upper class Black people are still having to put up with microaggressions.

Being stereotyped, driving while Black, etc. The police basically murdered a Black doctor and his family for moving into a middle class white neighborhood in the book White Rage by Carol Anderson. I recommend So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo.

If you prefer online resources to offline link below to equity website.

Sometimes have to reload page.

Rev. Dr. William Barber White Backlash
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police officers will be in a heightened state of edginess.

Hello N:

Yes they will, and THAT cop is gonna shoot somebody.. I want my cops to be unflappable. If a cop can be manipulated by the events around him, instead of manipulating the event himself, he shouldn't BE a cop..

Look.. It's HARD to be a cop, but it's the job they signed up for..


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It's all too easy to be an armchair super hero, prosecutor, judge and jury.

When patrolling the crime ridden streets of our towns and cities where the value of life is considered by THE FILTH to be less than the price of their next fix police officers will be in a heightened state of edginess.

Although their anxiety levels will vary in intensity from officer to officer the common denominator is that their self-preservation instincts will dominate all other emotions.

Anyone who pulls a real or mock-up of a firearm and points it towards a police officer deserves whatever they get.

I challenge the sanctimonious virtue signallers to don a police uniform and and take a stroll through, let's say East Harlem.

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Until then, treat Biden like the left has treated Trump.


When Biden steals state secrets and hides them in his desk at home, he'll get treated just like Trump.

Look.. I know your cult tells you that Trump is as pure as the driven snow, so I'm not gonna try to talk you out of it.. But, I WILL point it out.

Bwa, ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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I already spoke those facts you spoke about gender and sex being the same as well as snowflakes and govt being ignorant. But I read now that you believed differently, you are confusing yourself aren't you? Men are men. Women are women. Read my words again and you'll find that you contradicted yourself at some point. The case is not closed until I say it is. Did I not say that XY is male and XX is female? Did I not also say that XXY is a male with a birth defect? Did I not also say that XXX is a female with a birth defect? Birth defects DO NOT and WILL NOT EVER create new genders/sexes. Gender and sex are indeed co-related. Masculinity is purely for males only. Femininity is for females only. Just because females can fight, it doesn't make them men. Just because men are house husbands doesn't make them women. In fact, men who are house husbands and women who can fight are still what they are born as. Effeminate men may feel useless because they might either be eunuchs or are suffering from a manhood/penile problem which requires further inspection and proper treatment from professional doctors!! Men are emotionless but it doesn't mean they don't have emotion at all. Women are more emotional but it doesn't mean they don't know how to be wise about it. I did indeed say the truth. No one was supporting the transgender nonsense, especially in my statements. Check all the posts I made above and you'll see, I know there are only 2 genders; male and female. Males are masculine and females are feminine. "Transgender" people do not and will never be the opposite sex/gender he or she identifies as. Men go to men's bathrooms and women go to women's bathrooms. Never did I never say the two switch over nor did I ever say I support the insane ideology. A masculine woman is illogical as is an effeminate man. I understand people are confused with such things but it's improper to allow effeminate men and masculine women to behave as they do because that's what causes confusion in the first place. It doesn't make them the opposite gender/sex. A man is still a man and a woman is still a woman. A boy is still a boy. A girl is still a girl. Marriage and true love is still only between a real man and a real woman. Of course, it is agreed by the majority, including you and I that males go to male bathrooms and that females go to female bathrooms. But here's the thing, "Transgender" Identifying people are not the gender they falsely identify as contradicting the very one he or she is born as. Therefore, let me make it clear, "trans men" are women refusing to be women and falsely say they are men when they are still women. "Trans woman" are men refusing to be men, wanting to be women, yet are still men. Gender/Sex CANNOT be changed nor altered. Same with age. DO NOT EVER GIVE THE LEFTISTS THE SATISFACTION BY FALSELY BELIEVING MEN CAN IDENTIFY AS WOMEN IN WOMEN'S SPORTS AND WOMEN'S BATHROOMS NOR CHANGEROOMS FOR WOMEN NOR SAYING THAT WOMEN CAN IDENTIFY AS MEN IN MEN'S SPORTS NOR IN MEN'S BATHROOMS AND CHANGEROOMS FOR MEN. Therefore, I mean no insult by saying this, I want clarification here. Women "acting like men" are not men. They are still women. Men who "act like women" are not women, they are still men! Near the end, it goes back to what I've said, "Men are masculine. Women are feminine. Men should NOT be effeminate and women should NOT be masculine!" I am essentially going to tell you a legend. The Legend of King Arthur okay? When he believed everybody can be equal, he NEVER said that women can become men nor can men become women. He said that everybody has the chance to fight and become nobles. Everybody is capable of learning, in the Arthurian Legend, it's technically all about being human and about Knighthood too. But NEVER EVER DID HE SAY MEN CAN BECOME WOMEN NOR CAN WOMEN BECOME MEN JUST BECAUSE WOMEN LEARN HOW TO FIGHT. Traditional gender roles still exist and even when Lagertha from Vikings was shown as a Shield Maiden, SHE WAS STILL A WOMAN AND WAS STILL FEMININE WITH RAGNAR LOTHBROK! Saying that men act like women and women act like men WILL GIVE PEOPLE THE WRONG IDEA! SO DON'T BE VAGUE, BE CLEAR! Now, the case is closed by me because I have spoken the absolute universal truths to lecture you on your flaws in your statement regarding how men and women act and also because I'm Batman.

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Ah another alt no doubt. Your arguments are indeed rants of nonsense. I speak absolute universal truths and you? You have not said anything useful. Do yourself a favor, check yourself in a mirror and show some humility or you will be debunked again by the truth and only the truth. Your arguments are therefore invalidated, hypocritical snowflake.

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Trump Says Nazis Are "Good People".

Fake news, but fake news is all the left has.

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His son, however, is a private citizen endowed with the same Constitutional protections you and I have.

Oh we need to see them just in case there was a crime. (The left's argument) And seeing we've seen his emails, we know there was money laundering and pay for play with China with "the Big guy". Biden is referred to as "the Big guy" in texts and emails written by Tony Bobalinsky and other Democrats.

You DO support the Constitution, no?

I support the left being held to its own standards until it decides the standards it imposes on Conservatives are based on the Constitution. I support the Constitution if everyone agrees it is the legal standard. The left does not, so I support kangaroo law until they decide they want a civil standard. Until then, treat Biden like the left has treated Trump. I want an FBI raid, a 6 year media onslaught against him and a banana republic kangaroo court hearing. (All of which you supported) His son wouldn't be involved if he wasn't funneling money through him, so that's on Joe, and if Hunter gets drug through the mud, that's the price the left pays for creating this new Mafia style standard.

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Truth is, I want MY modern day gunslingers to OUTDRAW the bad guys, and NEVER shoot a guy with a candy bar. If you CAN'T do that, it's time to hang up your spurs.

You want for only cops to have guns and not the common man. Hope they don't assume we're all pulling guns seeing that you disarmed us all under your position's policy.

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ANYTIME an unarmed civilian gets shot by a cop, it's the cops fault. Period, end of story.

So if the assailant pulls out a toy gun, the cops should quickly realize it's fake and not shoot. I'd love to see you be a cop. You'd be a dead cop.

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your arguments are invalidated and you speak nonsense.

Your sanity is invalidated by your unhinged rants about Jesus.

There are only 2 genders; male and female. Men are men. Woman are woman.

Naturally yes, but humans have reached the stage where surgeons can create an individual who is a woman in all respects other than the fact she has a penis. It gets complicated when trying to define that individual's gender.

You are a hypocritical snowflake who is offended by the truth. You are hereby silenced, lectured and banned from humanity.

I've noticed that you tend to write a lot of complete and utter codswallop. Presumably because you are enamoured by your own perceived self-importance.

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Male becomes the sex status and masculine the gender.

In our species sex is man and woman. In other species the words male and female becomes the identification of their sex, and is also used with humans, however, the words man and woman are the most common words used.

A masculine woman is a woman behaving as a man, while feminine man of effeminate man refers to his gender.

The transgender ideology won't reach a transsexual status, and such is the great ignorance from authorities, who misunderstood such simple concepts and gave green light for effeminate men to enter in women's bathrooms.

Same as it was clarified with the status of a zygote right after conception, as genetically been a human being, same genetic status must be established to know who is whom in society with respect to sex. Applying science is the best to avoid disparate concepts between sex and gender. XY people must use men's bathrooms, XX people must use women's bathrooms, case closed.

I, Luchito.

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Do you have a permit to carry a concealed chocolate gun?

I think police have the benefit of doubt when shoot defending themselves in front of a possible danger against their integrity. This is not a situation favoring to police only but also to anyone in the same situation.

The one carrying the chocolate gun won't aim against a police officer without expecting to have no reaction from the authority.

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