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have you ever heard a white boy talk? they're all "Duuuuuuude, what is up broski? How about we get together later and do some meth? maybe after we can go on the internet and TROLL!"

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Yeah because The christian religion is based on him and wasnr around when he was alive

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first on behalf of the Ladies, i would like to thank you. you should delete all of your other arguments because this one is the one that makes me think hmmm maybe he's not an ass hole. but anyways.

Ladies Motherhood starts at conception, it is your job to protect that precious baby growing inside you.

What if i don't want my job? it sounds harsh but just think if im willing to have an abortion for WHATEVR reason i obvoiusly dont think it to be that precious now do it?

Be strong when society treats you different

i do belive that society will treat me like im a frigin hero since ya know i didn't get an abortion (i know that that is not the case because nobody cares if i have an abortion. they say they do but nobody would ever know it was me that got one)

be strong when the man decides to leave

Fuck him im a strong independent black woman that dont need no man! haha jk (i mean i am but yeah)

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Great argument! i know i would chose death, because i can't even stand it when my mom gets mad at me for something i didn't do...her hating me everyday for something i couldn't control...that would give me suicidal thoughts...and Cymbalta wont be able to help that

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In a collective political society such as what we live in as human beings your damn right it's our choice to say weather a woman can have or not have an abortion. People make decisions everyday that to them it's a personal decision but fail to realize as a society it affects everyone.

You sound like an ass do you mean it's our choice to say whether a woman can have an abortion...fuck you it's actually not you or anybody else's decision its her and her boyfriend/husband's decision if she has one. not yours. i don't even understand where you think at ALL that is your place. and how does whether or not a woman aborts her child effect you...if it weren't for the protests and what not...would you even know that that's where your less the 1% if your tax money goes? and if it weren't for the fact that your money goes toward it would you even care? NO! don't lie and answer yes just think to your self..if i didn't know that less than 1% of my taxes goes to planed parenthood...would i care

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I agree with you on that point because yours makes sense. you should talk to the rest of the people on your side because their thinking of automaticly acusing the women of wrong doing is bull shit

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masturbation in not illegal for any couple as it has a potential of creating a human. so, as pregnancy is also a potentiality of creating a human why we treat it in different way


Why was masturbation even brought up is has nothing to do with abortion at all?

and and pregnancy...well IDK about you but i was told that was the ONLY way of creating a human...maybe everybody else is wrong? ( doubt it though )

if somebody is raped and is not enough mature to take care of the child then what?

If you are raped it's not your maturity that makes you not want the child ass hole it's the fact that being raped is a horrible experience and having to take care you basically your rapists' child every day is, to me, as disgusting and unbearable as the rape itself because everyday your forced to remember it. (some women can do it though and BIG ups to them)

some body is not financially sufficient to take care of another baby and by any chance she is pregnant so what

THAT is the case where is think abortion is not okay. You knew damn well before getting pregnant that you weren't financially stable (Seriously unless you lost all you money while pregnant you KNEW before)

I used to live in the projects and bitches be trippin having children just to get Dem Checks. Yeah, your gonna have a hard life but aborting your kid? No...Hell No. you need to struggle maybe then you'll learn to keep your legs closed unless you can pay for what comes you when you don't...Nuff Said

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OMG I WAS WATCHING THAT WITH MY MOM LAST NIGHT!!!! i was ROLLING!!! too funny. and yeah people are pretty stupid...but hey luckily we have Asians (haha jk jk)

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this is close but Harry Potter was amazing all the way.

if we are talking about the books then i cant really say cuz i didn't read em don't judge i grew up on the movies so in 4th grade when i had the abilty to read the books i didn't want to cuz i knew what was gonna hapen...but i couldn't put the hunger games books down soo...

Mockingjay's ending seemed totally rushed. It seems like it took 10 minutes to write

SO IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! i was soooo mad about it! liiiiike ugh WTF BITCH WRITE THE FUCKIN BOOK RIGHT!! (as u can tell im still a little bitter ;))

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voting was created so that people didnt have to be forced to do anything they didnt want too...making it mandatory would defeat the porous

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if your kid is so lame and not cool that he doesn't fit in society then he should be told that, repeatedly. FFK

If your kid is so lame and not cool that he needs to TROLL on the internet and be a dumbass the he should be told that, repeatedly. STFU

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No, love your kid how they are, kids with special needs are just as human as the rest of us

idk about everyone else that is on that same side as me but i agree with you 100%

but you have to think not everyone agrees with us. and kids are mean...evil sometimes. they don't care how compassionate your kid is they just want to get a few laughs and make themselves feel better than somebody else...its disgusting.

and sometimes they are the most compassionate people out there.

They are the most compassionate people out there. they give the best hugs in the world too ;) i swear i pass by a kid with D.S. and i have even a hint of a frown on my face...haha i get a hug that will brighten the darkest of days :D

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My friend Matt has Down Syndrome and i love that kid to death!

but honestly if my kid was going to be Special i would abort it because

i actually got into a fight (well it was a two hit altercation that COULD have been an all out brawl...yeah i was that pissed) because some little baby back bitch thought he could push Matt around. he pushed him into a locker and called him mean shit like Re-Re and Radio, he said things like Why do you talk like that! WTF you can't speak right dumb ass? I could have killed that kid! no one should have to go through that being a kid is hard enough, and being made fun of for something u cant control...its sickening to see. idk what i'd do if my kid had to go through that. so yes i would abort my kid if i KNEW s/he was going to be special sorry but it's true.

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I agree with all except one of your three points....the last one

acronyms started being used when people had those phones with the "Old Skool" keyboard you know the ones with the numbers and then each number had like 3 or 4 letters and you had to hit the key pad like four times to get a "s" but if you hit it 5 times then you had to start over phone with the full key board broke and i had to go back to my old phone with the old skool key board...I thank GOD for acronyms! :)

but point "A" that you mad is sooooo true. thats why i hate LOL

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You are so...i can't even...your just an ignorant idiot.

No woman has a right to end another life to avoid responsibility... They should be shot if they do!

never in my life have i read something so...

I almost want to cry...because it is disappointing that you think thats all an abortion is about... If a woman was raped...she doesn't want to be reminded of it every day... and some men actuly decide that they don't want their wife to give birth to a child that was concieved out of rape. it's not always that she doesm't want the responsiblity but you wouldnt know because your a man...leave it to the women to decide because men get plesure out of creating a child...thats it. woman get pleusre for that short peiriod of time and then the next 9 months of her life are hell. so shut up about shit you dont know

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from wikipedia not the best source but whatever: a woman's decision to have an abortion, but that right must be balanced against the state's two legitimate interests in regulating abortions: protecting prenatal life and protecting women's health. Arguing that these state interests became stronger over the course of a pregnancy

Thats the right decision! Obviously when the fetus becomes an actual baby and it's like 3 weeks b4 the due date the mother shouldnt be able to kill it off then...but in the beging before it is a baby when it is just a fetus HELL YEAH if i don't want it i give it back to its prevous owner Da LAWD hahaha naw but really

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OKAY GUYS BREAK IT UP this argument is about abortion take the Religon talk to the debate down the hall ;)

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Doctors can not FORCE someone to give up their organs're right Doctors can not FORCE someone to give up their organs, police can not FORCE someone to give up their organs, the law can not FORCE someone to give up their organs.

SO given ALL THAT! lets say im prego...but i don't want to be prego...because i was raped(some thing that is illegal and should be reported.) but i don't want to have this kid but in this world abortion is illegal (thats what u want right for it to be seen as murder) so i will be forced to share my organs with somebody i don't even WANT around!

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WOA! okay for a while the fetus has gills. No mammal can exist without lungs sooooo... i guess now they arnt even considered HUMAN! but no im not going to go that far because im not that ignorant

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A fetus could not live out side of the womb not in its current state of fetus...ness (haha dont judge) im just saying, for a while that fetus has gills...making it a fish

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So what about when doctors take patients off life support...they were at the end of their life...and the doctors ended it...murder is murder right...WRONG

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Thats a good point. very good im actluy surprised at the argument thumbs up for that...but my counter is that that family was expecting a baby( even if they were thinking about abortion the law doesnt go that deep into you life so it doesnt matter) so in that situation Yes, it is double murder One life and one potential life.

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I get tired of hearing women say it's my body, my choice.

okay so you're a man

Well after you become pregnant it's NO longer just your body, your choice. What about your baby's body and choice

I'm sorry but uhh..."my baby"'s body is INSIDE my body. Remember, my house my rules. in this case MEN don't have a house so they should shut up sit down and let the WOMEN figure this out.

To those women that say it's my body, my choice, why is it fair you had a chance at life, but you refuse to afford your baby the same chance at life.

To the men that want to give their input on my life...STFU. this baby was conceived out of RAPE, INCEST, or will KILL ME if i have it... just think if that baby is born. i will hate it. because it will be a constant reminder of the wrongs that were done to me. then abuse will start. and that baby would wish s/he were dead! is that anyway for a child to live?

but honestly all that shit you said is IMMEDIATELY shut down by the simple fact that you are a man and should not get to chose what happens with a woman's body Bottom line!

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YEAH! plus it's time for a little stabilty in this country! we cant keep changing every thing! Thats why we didnt change our president. haha

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