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Kuwait refused to stop producing oil, causing oil prices to drop due to demand and supply.

Iraq's economic foundations weakens as one of Iraq main source of income is oil. They were cornered because of the low oil price and decided to invade Iraq.

A tiny of lump of cells is not a person. It is the seed of what may become a person.

It depends on who is a better leader. It will not always be the husband, so no.

i like how you pointed out his negatives but said how he still had a better impact on America

Your use of negative words is very confusing.

Which regulations do you like?

It sounds like a secular philosophy would not allow politicians to represent the religious ideals of their constituents. Maybe if I had more detail on what a secular philosophy would entail I would have a different opinion.

I, for one, am tired of people trying to emotionally manipulate me by appealing to the historical civil rights movement, which has no place in equivalence to today's gay politics. Quite frankly, I might have been offended by this movement, had I actually been a victim of the discrimination before or during the historic civil rights movement.

I completely agree with Mr. Dawkins. Not allowing a child to explore, is trapping him or her in a mindset. I think this is just as damaging as other forms of child abuse.

He manipulated everyone around him, and made it illegal to disagree with him - or at least it was illegal to Express Your disagreement without losing your head.

With that law he proved that he couldn't support his actions with rational argumente, and that made him a terrible politican.

America always believed oil could bail them out of their debt issues.

The problem is, the world is starting to forget oil. (e.g. Indias PM just announced solar energy will be in all Indian's homes by 2019)

so it seems as though their money is now worthless, they have no resources, and the only thing they can do successfully is bomb other people.

Seems like a 7'10'' aggressive bully. You can't beat him cuz he's 7'10'' so the only thing you can do is just walk away.

The right of mentally fit persons to bear arms is very important.

18 is way too old..look at it this way...your precious 16 year old can get in her little red car and drive into mine head on while texting her Gf and possible kill me. but if i try to get the bitch drunk and stick my stick down her fuckers want to lock my cock up for "rape"

Personally, I believe that there is no justifiable way to kill another. The definition of murder is : to unlawfully kill another. The definition of kill is : To deprive one of life. To deprive a person of life is considered immoral. If one were to kill another in war, the person's family is sad. Many may be depressed to the point of ending their life. There is a chain reaction of death. Essentially, the man who killed the other in war has killed all of them. This is murder, since the family was not associated with war and therefore was killed unlawfully. This is mass murder, and in society, mass murder is not justifiable by any means. Another example is when you are being mugged. The mugger may attempt to kill you, however by self defense you kill them. Their reason for attempting to kill you was unjust, however many may see you killing the person to be justifiable. However, you are at fault still, because death is not necessary. It is possible to avoid death without creating death. This is proven, since many people have been mugged yet are still alive, and the mugger is in jail or simply escaped. Even if the mugger was killed by you, this may be considered unlawfully killing since the attacker may have people saddened or affected by his death. It may only be a possibility that people are saddened by his death, but it is still highly probable.

Often when elderly people fall into comas and reach a "vegetable state" where their heart continues to beat but they're brain does not function they are taken off life support. This is legal and not considered murder. How is this any different from aborting a fetus before its brain begins to function? Its heart may beat but it is not yet living, you would say it was dead if not for the fact that it has never lived.

A gun having a stock and a black paint job doesn't make it military grade weaponry.

The abortion issue does not centre around who has a right to life and how doesn't. Rather it concerns who is alive / human and who isn't.

Only in severe cases where there isn't a doubt that the person is guilty. I agree with the death penalty mostly because I find it to be a waste of resource to house and feed a convicted felon, especially one who will have an extremely hard time reintegrating into society because of a brutal crime they have committed.

i think murder because your life is more precious than anything like rape because to get justice you need to be alive . if you are not alive then how will you get the justice

They test all the blood that gets donated to prevent it from being used, if you test positive you are banned from ever donating anywhere in the US, so I don't see a problem with letting everyone donate.

Drugs' don't have morale qualities, the way people use drugs does. So weed isn't bad in and of it self. Is legalization good though? There's specific arguments for legalizing cannabis, and there's general arguments for legalization for all drugs.

Drugs' don't have morale qualities, the way people use drugs does. So weed isn't bad in and of it self. Is legalization good though? There's specific arguments for legalizing cannabis, and there's general arguments for legalization for all drugs.

Every murder conviction should be 100% sure. If there were any room for doubt the person should have been found not guilty in the first place.

Yep, a theist is illogical and irrational, as demonstrated by this debate.

I dunno, I just keep wishing I'd had the choice myself to do it or not. I feel like I was robbed somehow, lol.

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