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Howdy Junkie, how are things in the surreal world of drug induced senselessness?

This is not a guessing game.

Just stick to the verifiable facts and get off your computer, have your electricity disconnected, exchange your motorized vehicle for a donkey, dispense with your telephone and go live in a mud hut with the latest thing in Bongo open sewage systems.

Honko-bonko-wonko is your new form of communication.

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I feel that the ethnicity argument could be settled once and for all if it was degreed that each race could only have access to and be allowed to utilize the discoveries and inventions of their own racial bloodline.

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Hi again Junkie.

The thrust of your post only deepens the hole you have dug for the burial of your argument.

Why were the black African states at such a primitive stage of development that their citizens were vulnerable to being subjugated by the prevailing unscrupulous ethos of most of the European powers of that era such as Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Britain and France and sold off as slaves?

Where were the African defences?

Why was their weaponry so ineffective against the more technological advanced ordnance of the whites?


The weak are exploited or perish so the strong of the species, ( any species) can flourish and become dominate.

What we're seeing now is what happens when we try to resist the forces of mother nature.

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Hi Junkie,

Up to in or around the 1960s white dominated America was a thriving and civilized country which most of the other nations of the free world not only tried to emulate but depended upon for their freedom.

Once the blacks were given free-range the decline of the United States of America began in earnest.

Black's contribution to American society is murder, violent crime, rioting, looting, destruction, a drain on the Nation's resources and an endless barrage of whinging and wailing about the 'big bad white man''.

I MUST ONCE MORE remind you of the absence of any black person in this abridged list of inventions and discoveries which go to make up the modern world.

The computer you're using.

The internet.

The Web.

The language in which you're trying to communicate.


The light bulb.





The internal combustion engine.

The locomotive.

The diesel engine.

The turbo-prop engines

The jet engine.



The submarine.

The camera.

The fountain pen.

The ball pen.


The telescope.

The sexton.



Most life saving and pain relieving drugs INCLUDING THE COVID-19


High-yield farming techniques.

Modern construction methods and materials.

Hygiene practises.

Water purification procedures.

The basis of the world's legal systems.

Where are the black's contributions to the welfare of mankind?

Rhetorical question of course as we could count the black's useful invetions on ONE FINGER.

Why don't you darkies go and live in your self made paradise of Liberia where the living is easy, technology is light years ahead of all other countries and there are very few whites?

Why don't you darkies just go away and leave us alone?

Why can't you darkies understand that most whites don't wish you any harm but would prefer not to have to interface with you and would like to see the last of you?

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If we naively accept that the B.L.M., organization exists to help the process of blacks being accepted into the white man's world then they should be informed that how they're going about it is having exactly the opposite affect.


Why are the African nations begging for covid-19 vaccines?

Why are blacks incapable of developing their own medications?

Why do black Africans walk many miles every day to drink polluted water?

Why are our television screens inundated with begging advertisements, designed to pluck our heart strings, of sick black African children?

Message to blacks;- we wish you well but for God's sake leave us alone.

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Most blacks are in a confused state of mental disarray as they try desperately to succeed in a white man's world but are woefully unable to recognize that, generally speaking they simply haven't got what it takes to do so.

They are incapable of forming their own societies with proper administrations and economic stability so they scream hysterically and bellow RACISISM and WHITE PRIVILEGE in a pitiful and obvious attempt to justify their own shortcomings.

It's akin to Educationally Sub-Normal students smashing the windows and trying to break down the doors of the nation's top universities to gain access to the world of academia in which they would neither understand nor be able to effectively participate.

Well, many blacks do justifiably pass through university successfully, but the vast majority do not, could not and cannot.

The B.L.M., paramilitary/political organization is yet another futile attempt to mix oil with water.

The B.L.M'S chief aim is to bring the white man's world down to the black's level which is somewhere between the gutter and the sewers.

The weird feature on this destroy the white-man's world is that there are countless left-wing whites helping them to achieve their goal.

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All goods manufactured by nations which endorse the use of slave labor and fail to protect employees with western style worker protective legislation should be barred from trading with the nations of the free world.

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Many ultra left-wing counties permit certain sectors of their economy to remain buoyant by not only turning a blind-eye to the use of slave labor but by also failing to protect their work forces with Health & Safety legislation and Fair Employment regulations.

Still with all the virtue-signalling lefties in this country continue to buy the goods made under these barbaric conditions.

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Even though Kamala is too cowardly to visit the inhumane conditions caused by her Southern Border policies she has, through reality been forced to try to stem the tsunami of illegal immigrants by asking them not to come. In other words;- we don't want you and can't afford you.


Kamala's solution to the immigrant crisis;- give the illegal's countries of origin TAXPAYER'S DOLLARS.

This juvenile solution has been tried in the past and has long since proven to be ineffective.

Kamala, read the Republican's manifesto and follow its ideology to the letter and your problems will be solved. Then and only then will the American nation will be able to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

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Biden SEEMS to have finally come to understand the enormous threat China poses to the economic stability of the west and the security of the democratic nations of the world.

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While touring a number of South American countries and answering questions about why she had never visited the Border with Mexico kamala stated that;- ''while I am here in Venezuela I should concentrate on all things Venezuelan, EXCEPT SHE WAS IN MEXICO.

Joe and kamala would make a great double act.

They could have the nation rolling around in hysterical laughter as they spewed out their constant stream of hilarious gaffes.

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This awful person giggles and makes light of the happenings on our border with Mexico while proudly stating that not only has she avoided visiting the Southern border to see first hand the children having to lie on their sides in Obama's cages in the middle of a pandemic but informs her journalistic inquisitors, NEITHER HAS SHE VISITED EUROPE, YO-HO-HO, HA-HA-HA.

This callous, female narcissist thinks she is a real comedienne, except vey few find her funny.

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HoldingThe Holy Bible has nothing to do with egotism.

The boarded up windows and battered walls of St. John's Parish Church bear witness to the peaceful nature of the protesters whose watches must have all been miraculously running slow simultaneously as the shrieking, menacing mob managed to miss the 19.00 hours curfew deadline.

Had the baying mob of thugs not been dispersed they would have set upon Trump with catastrophic results.

Should Trump have used the Bible to advance his political cause?;- NO.

Should Americans face up to the fact that this Biden-Harris administration is the biggest disaster in American history?;- YES.

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When we look at the antics of Joe and kamala we must ask ourselves,


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Is anyone's imagination sufficiently capable of envisaging the outcry from the left wing media had Donald Trump made a similar act of vain egotism.

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All white is acceptable.

Black and white, such as ''The Black and White Minstrel Show'' is however definitely racist.

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The outcome of leftist administrations usually end up in social tragedy when they inevitably run out of other people's money to spend.

As the job and wealth creators relocate to more politically stable zones so the unemployment and crime rates soar.

Although the leftists have been causing misery and mayhem for generations with their nutty schemes they never seem to learn.

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She should talk more often to her boss who extended an open invitation to all those wishing to come to America.

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