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I don't equate what ONE person does or says, to his beliefs

Yes you do you absolute goddamned liar. Every single time anybody explains that you're not Jewish you call them an anti-Semite and/or a Jew hater.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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The victim didn't appear to offer any resistance so trying to figure out why five cops beat this motorist to death has led me to nothing more than various avenues of speculation, ( none of which could remotely justify this blatant murder) including were the cops high on drugs or was there an underlying vendetta?

I hear you on that. I couldn't figure it out either. The savagery of that beating was just absolutely inexplicable.

My remarks regarding cops was an expression of my general opinion of our police vs the baddies and not directed specifically at this outrage

Fair enough mate.

Oh shut up and fuck off you truly pathetic creep. You're a delusional, sad and toxic little runt.

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That's all he ever uses this site for. He's an absolutely deranged lunatic. Sometimes I check the debate list and find he's opened in excess of 30 new threads, all of which are set to private.

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Have you seen the video? They literally beat the shit out of that guy. It's utterly inexcusable.

they probably did society a favor by extinguishing another ne'er do well like they did with George Floyd.

When you die, birds will sing in the trees. I don't know precisely what is wrong with you (I'm not a psychiatrist), but using the back end of the internet to lend support to things like child rape and murder implies quite strongly that it isn't fixable.

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I've mentioned to you before that if you COULD beat me in a debate, you WOULD

Mention it? You've clearly got that exact phrase saved in Wordpad, because you copy/paste it repeatedly. Jesus Christ, you are SUCH a delusional cunt.

I see more of your obsession with me is on FULL display

Dumb shit like this.

Excon says a lot of really dumb shit, so you'll have to be more specific.

Mine too Kale. Things can be tough when your parents aren't there for you when you need them to be, especially early on in life. Eventually though you reach a point where you don't feel like you need their approval.

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Hello Antisemite

I'm not an anti-Semite, I have never been an anti-Semite, and you can take your contrived ad hominem attacks and get the fuck out of my debate you truly pathetic piece of shit. You're a coward and a liar who continually makes false claims about being Jewish and EVERYBODY ON THIS ENTIRE WEBSITE has called you out on it. The only reason you focus on me is because I was the first to expose you as a liar. You're not Jewish, you have never been Jewish, and this childish idea of yours to simply slander everybody who points it out, only further demonstrates the absolutely disgusting nature of your character.

Ridiculing non-Jews for lying about being Jewish is not a form of anti-Semitism. Now get the fuck out of my debate you stupid, pathetic child. Nobody wants to read your trash posts, least of all me.

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Absolutely. Dr Batman is a seriously unwell individual, and on top of that he's filled with rage and hate. Somehow he's convinced himself that his religion supports his terrible, hostile attitude.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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The moral to that quote should be interpreted as, MAKE SURE YOU'RE PAUL AND NOT PETER

I'm of the belief that two heads are better than one. Instead of Peter and Paul working on ways they can rip each other off, it makes more sense to me that they should collaborate their efforts into something more worthwhile and meaningful than competing to see who can obtain the best car or highest bank balance.

Then we must inquire, what would the malnourished children be doing if they were not mining the materials for the manufacture of cell phones.

Probably working for Nike.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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Professor know-it-all is sitting in his private library with a headful of dormant knowledge or a multi-billionaire business magnate whose global enterprises employ 1000s around the world creating prosperity and happiness within the societies where his industries are located?

Materialism is a double-edged sword. It takes from Peter to pay Paul. Consider perhaps a multi-million dollar cellphone manufacturer. In some areas of the world it creates stable jobs and prosperity just like you say. However, in other areas of the world there are malnourished children working dangerous jobs in mines to acquire the necessary base metals.

While knowledge is its own reward, lust for material wealth can never be satiated.

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The truth is that Dr. Ratman is in reality THE ANTICHRIST sent to Earth by Lucifer himself to spread the teachings of HIS SATANIC VERSES.

This disciple of Satan corrupts and distorts the scriptures of the Christian Faith so its true message is lost in his fractured up jumble of unintelligible words and phrases.

Well said, my friend, and I concur entirely. This spawn of Satan must be stripped and publicly flogged for making a mockery of the word of God. His buttocks must be cleansed of the hellfire through a righteous passage of castigation. Only then may the corruption of Satan be cast out of this unworthy mortal vessel.

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You're NOT a Christian

Hello HATER.

Who the FUCK are you to tell me I'm not a Christian?

I had a SCIENTIFIC DNA test done, and I'm 98.4 percent ROMAN CATHOLIC.

Get your silly, Christian hating ass out of here and go suck on a shotgun.

The Bible tells us that the anti-Christ will be colour blind. Need I say more, good people of the parish.

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I hope not, because it equates to an infinite cycle of violence. The problem with justifying violence is that there's always a way to justify it, if you're determined enough and unafraid to bend logic. Believe me, the Germans in WW2 thought they were the good guys.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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You are the definition of a fake, and you are about as big a piece of shit as has ever walked the planet Earth.

In absolute fairness he's completely accurate about that.

This reeks of typical Republican tit for tat politics to me. Biden's own lawyers turned over the documents as soon as they were found, clearly implying there was no intent to deceive. Fewer than a dozen were discovered, compared to many hundreds in Trump's case. It's standard Republican Whataboutism. Deflect, deny, deceive.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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Nice to have you back, Alfie. Where have you been hiding lately? You're one of the few sensible posters on this site.

Another-Alt(207) Clarified
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Even in states where pot is legal, they don't sell seeds or cuttings. So, the only choice you have is what the first who comes along, has..

Oh God, you're so stupid. You can easily buy seeds through mail order. As far as I'm aware possession of seeds isn't illegal anywhere.

Who the FUCK are you?

No, who the FUCK are you? Why do you think you're so special that other people shouldn't ever be permitted to scrutinise your claims? You think we should just BAN people from questioning your assertions, you stupid dishonest twit?

Jesus Christ. The sheer arrogance on you. Fuck off.

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That I'm a Jew is undeniable

Everybody on this entire website denies that you're Jewish, you absolutely hilarious clown. The Dalai Lama is more Jewish than you are.

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