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Sorry this posted twice(with some small changes). I was having computer issues. Feel free to delete this one.

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Yes, it is such a tired old story. Genocide: Waa waa waa. (Sarcasm, just in case that's not ridiculously obvious)

Tell me how, when, and where the holocaust has been exaggerated.

Hey, by the way, when you make a statement like, "The Jews are..." it's a generalization. I'm sure that some Jews see themselves as better than others because of being "the chosen people" but I have never met one with that type of attitude. Keep in mind, too, that not all Jews are fundamentalists, and that even those who are do not necessarily see the "chosen people" concept the same way you're implying.

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Yes, it is such a tired old story. Genocide: Waa waa waa.

Tell me how, when, and where the holocaust has been exaggerated.

Hey, by the way, when you make a statement like, "The Jews are..." it's a generalization. I'm sure that some Jews see themselves as better than others because of being "the chosen people" but I have never met one with that type of attitude. Keep in mind, too, that not all Jews are fundamentalists, and that even those who are do not necessarily see the "chosen people" concept the same way you're inferring.

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I may be making a mistake here, but I'm confused. If you aren't concerned that the muslims in America are radical extremists, why are you worried that they're going to "take over"? What is the harm in peaceful, constitution-accepting muslims becoming a bigger group in the US?

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I have friends who I consider pretty great who are atheists, so I'm with you here. And I'd be kind of ticked if they all had to move. I only know like ONE guy who is an atheist who I'd be okay with moving to Australia or somewhere, but that's because he's a jerk, not because he's an atheist. x]

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...Well, I doubt that you actually support this, Joe, because it's obviously a horrible idea, so I'll argue the other points in the description. First of all, there have been plenty of wars waged by religious people. I seem to recall a hundred year long war taking place among pretty religious people. And what about the crusades? PEOPLE, not ATHEISTS, are capable of atrocities. Atheism is not the problem. Tell me how many atheists have made wars, and I'm pretty sure I can show you at least an equal number of religious people who have done the same thing. Also, how are "atheists" using up resources making war weaponry? The US makes weapons, and it is a country probably made up of more Christians than anyone else(I haven't looked at any statistics lately, but it's clear that we are not anything close to a nation solely of atheists).

Of course, this is Joe I'm talking to, so it's definitely a possibility that you're being sarcastic/mocking someone elses arguments about religious people/trying to piss people off. x]

Is there some similar debate that I haven't seen regarding religious people? 'Cause this kind of sounds like a response to attacks on religious people, but I could be wrong.

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Perhaps, but I think you're missing the bigger picture: Italian plumber with magic mushrooms, a yoshi, a toadstool princess, pipe travel, and flying abilities!!!!!!!


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I know that there are terrorists in the Middle East, but I also know that not everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist. I'm saying that every human being deserves the right to a fair trial. Why is it okay to torture and detain a man from the Middle East without a trial? He's a human being with the same rights as an American. Not the same legal rights, but the same natural rights.

It sounds like you're saying that because some people in the Middle East torture Americans, Americans should be allowed to torture ANYONE in the Middle East, even someone not proven to have had any part of torturing us. I'm talking about terrorism SUSPECTS, not CONVICTS. As I said before, I'm not sure I'm okay with torturing anyone at all, but I know that it's not okay to torture those who may be innocent.

This is the sort of thing I'm talking about:

This man was tortured and isolated without a trial or even a charge. That's not okay.

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Haha! I almost said something about Samson. x)


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Yeah, that doesn't make sense, does it? haha. At first I was going to say that the Bible never actually says Jesus had long hair, but I heard just now that some historical documents may say that. If that's the case, then that does seem to be a contradiction. But you should probably verify that Jesus actually did have long hair, because I don't have a historical source, and the Bible never actually says his hair was long.

As far as I understand, this verse has to do with the culture of the New Testament times. And I think I've read "nature" translated as "your natures", which I suppose would mean that the culture of that time would support this whole hair rule.

See, from what I can gather(Although I have read this passage a while back, I looked it up on Biblegateway so I could know what I was talking about), this passage is establishing a role of woman as being somewhat under man, which of course I cannot agree with. It doesn't make woman a totally useless entity, since it goes on to say that neither sex is independent of the other, and that man comes from woman now, just as woman came from man(in the creation story). But it does still seem like this and other passages in the Bible say that woman is to be submitted to man, although not to the extent that many people have taken it. I'm not saying I agree with the amount of misogyny in there of course, just that the NT does seem to acknowledge that women are people, even if they are considered people who are to be under the authority of men. Bottom line: This passage, as far as I can tell, is one of several that shows misogyny in the Bible, but it should be acknowledged that the NT is not AS misogynistic as it has been taken to be. Sorry, that was kind of a little feminist tangent. ;]

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Let me ask a question: Should torturing American suspects of crimes be legal? Although I'm not sure I would support torturing anyone, it is atrocious to torture someone who may not have even done anything wrong. If someone did this to Americans, we'd all be going through the roof. Why is it different because it's people in the Middle East?

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Okay, I don't know if I should be amused or insulted...


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I was downvoted with no argument. I am horrified by this injustice in such an important debate. >:[

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Haha. I'm glad you clarified. I was about to be like, "Futurama. This debate is over." I agree with the others though; a lot of cartoons not only happen to entertain adults, but are intended to do so. Watch a Disney movie, and you'll find some jokes thrown in there solely for adults(and no, I don't mean dirty jokes, although that does happen too...).

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...No, no I didn't find it. Crap. Okay, can you send me the EXACT verses with the second 10 commandments in them? Let me see if I found what you're talking about or not...Sorry again; I know I'm ridiculous. xD

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But I didn't see a new list at all, that's why I'm confused.

Edit: Oh! I found it, nevermind. Haha. Sorry.

Second edit: I don't know if "these words" refers to what God just said or what he was about to say, which it doesn't disclose; it just says Moses was up there for forty days and nights with God. I'm not trying to be an apologist or anything, and I don't know that you're wrong; I just don't know enough about the bible/the original words to know what this passage really means.

Third edit: Oh my gosh. I'm really stupid. NOW I found it; I was looking at the wrong part. >_____> Just ignore me. :P

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I'm not really sure what you're talking about. I just looked up Exodus 34:1, and all it mentions is the creating of a new copy...And I read a little further, but didn't find another list of commandments. I'm confused...

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While I do kind of think cigarettes should be banned, for the reason of secondhand smoke, I do not believe that it is necessary to ban other tobacco products. People have the right to put whatever they want to into their own bodies, as long as they are not harming anyone else. Why should the government take away this freedom to adults just because it is unhealthy?

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Haha. I'm just really paranoid...I tend to ramble out the wrong thing in real life, and sometimes it carries over into the internet. Lol. ;P

I'll read you guys' arguments, then. :)

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I realized a while back that the last bit saying "tear me apart" may have come off like, "I KNOW YOU PRO-CHOICE PPL R EVIL && VICIOUS!" I did not mean it that way at all. I am just really afraid of being criticized by people whose opinion I value to some extent, and there are several people on this site who fall into that category and are pro-choice. So, I was just trying to lighten things a bit. Hope it didn't come off wrong.

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I do not see it as acceptable except in extreme health cases. The reason for this is that a fetus is a human life form, and abortion is either murder or stopping a human life from becoming fully developed into a person. I'm not saying it's not a difficult issue, or that other viewpoints are invalid, of course. It's just the way I see it, and it makes sense to me logically. Is even the case of rape a reason to kill a human life? Perhaps, if it is before the fetus gains a consciousness. But if you are killing a conscious human being, I can't see even the case of rape justifying that.

Now, I do not know at what point during pregnancy, or after, a child/fetus has consciousness. If anyone knows this(and can back it up with a reliable source), by all means, tell me. I'm not saying that the knowledge(even if it says the fetus does not have consciousness) would definitely change my viewpoint, but it could.

At any rate, I don't think that abortion without good reason would be okay, because whether or not a fetus is a person, it is a developing human life.

So...go on. Tear me apart. But be nice, 'cause tomorrow's my birthday. x)

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....I'm having a geek attack, because there is a Doctor Who episode in which a little girl saves all these dying people into her brain, which was a computer, I's been a while since I've seen it. Anways. I'll be a serious debater now. :P

Interesting debate. I think that combining the definitions given create a good working definition of a human being: a human being is a conscious life form with human DNA. Now...I'm uncertain about this definition, so if anyone wants to argue it out, that would be great.

Now, as for computers and vegetative states: A human's mind inside of a computer cannot be a human being, as MK said, but if it could somehow have consciousness/sentience, I would say it is a person. Thanks to my Physicist brother(and his offense at my excluding aliens from the definition of "person"), I don't believe that a person has to be a human. Now, someone may bust out a dictionary and prove me wrong...but hopefully my point can be seen.

Vegetative states: If someone truly has no consciousness, no dreams, nothing, and they can never come out of it, then they are, as doctor's say, brain dead. Now, deciding whether or not the dead or the essentially dead are still human beings gets into some murky water that I don't think I'll wade in just yet(YaY for silly-sounding metaphors).

I should also mention that I was speaking hypothetically; it is very difficult to actually determine that a person is actually brain dead, in fact, I don't believe that we are technologically advanced(if i enough to determine it(due to people coming out of those states after having been declared brain dead). That's a bit of a side note, but I thought I'd mention it.

Sorry I got off topic....but excellent debate. It made me really have to think, which is awesome. :)

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While I wouldn't say that they are the meaning of life, films can be meaningful. Film is, in my opinion, an art form. Yes, it is corrupted by those who care more about what sells than what is beautiful or meaningful, but there are films that are worth watching; that make us feel and think. If something helps you to feel someone else's experience(or type of experience..most films are fictional, of course), or to think and understand, I believe it is worthwhile.

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Why should one keep ones insanity to oneself? I typically find my insanity shrink slightly when I get it out of my own brain.

I also have to ask: why is someone who disagrees radically with you, even to the extent that you can't imagine why they would think that, necessarily insane? Granted, there are certain beliefs which can be destructive, and also granted that the belief in God has led to a lot of destruction, it is not inherently harmful or damaging. Not as long as it is accompanied by some other basic beliefs(such as "you probably shouldn't kill that guy because he's catholic/protestant/muslim/atheist/yougottheideaalongtimeago."), and so long as the person is stable enough not to become so obsessed with a religion that they take the extremes of it and run.

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