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Bye dear. Sleep tight my love. Your eyes shine like the brightest stars. I'm a 37 year old virgin please help me.😢

Aha! I knew it.

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Was it Romney?

Yes. He and Bush are a part of the establishment you worship that blows up world trade centers intentionally.

I always used to get mixed up between Himmler and Hitler too.

What were you doing with Himmler and Hittler?

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It makes perfect sense. Next question.

It doesn't.

Hitler wasn't on the left.

He burned Bibles and churches, was antisemitic and censored his opponents. Apparently the left is using his National Socialist, left wing handbook.

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Even IF they delayed the election, they CANNOT, absolutely CANNOT, extend Donald Trumps term of office.. He's OUT on January 20, PERIOD..

Bad new Con. He's not going to lose...just like last time...

Quit getting suckered by these white, Democrat morons.

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At Least Nixon Was Sane Enough To Step Down. More Than We Can Say For Trump.

Frustrated that the Nazi, Communist tactics aren't working this time, eh Nom?

Oh well. You have the right to worship the same establishment the Bushes control.

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The question contradicts itself you fucking idiot. If a variable was constant, it would be called a constant not a variable.

Fact check:


constant variable

A variable whose value cannot be changed once it has been assigned a value. See also dependent variable, independent variable.

Bwahahahahahaha! ROFLMAO. The helmet wearer takes one to the nuts once again...

At least he didn't get nut punched concerning the grammatical use of apostrophes. Oh wait...

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You didn't answer the question.

Correct. It is impossible to answer an illogical question logically.

You are dodging the question. It's clear what the constant is.

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But you are purposefully ignoring every time the polls ever got it right previously (which was a lot)

You haven't provided any data that they have ever "gotten it right", and even if they had, you are ignoring the media's unbridled bias against this particular President.

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The Federalist, the Washington Times, the National Review .... maybe you have a story from the Moscow Daily Bulletin????

What is it Al? Do they teach you at some leftist temple to attack the source if you get nuked in debates?

Racial Segregation On American Campuses: A Widespread Phenomenon


Are Separate Dorms A Good Or Bad Thing For Black Students?

-Huffington Post

Segregated Student Housing: Exclusion in the Name of Inclusion

-College Fix

Segregation by Design on Campus

How racial separatism become the norm at elite universities like Yale, Brown and Wesleyan.

-Wall Street Journal

Campus leaders couldn't care less about racial progress

Hadn't we already agreed as a nation that racial segregation is morally wrong? Apparently, these schools haven't gotten the memo.

-USA Today

Smith College Introduces Segregated Residence Halls

Stanford’s Silent Segregation

-Stanford Review

Cal State LA Under Scrutiny For Offering Segregated Housing For Black Students

-CBS amp/

The Colorado Springs Gazette: CU-Boulder's 'separate but equal' segregated dorms

-The Colorado Springs Gazette f9c5e065-6fef-5877-8f6d-82b0a73f2f98.html

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They censored the video because it was bullshit.

And how do you know that? Uganda uses the exact same drug and has 3 deaths nationwide. The problem in Uganda is Malaria. Guess what Uganda is using en mass...

July 08, 2020

US FDA approved hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and chloroquine (CQ) for COVID-19 as an Emergency Use Authorization, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an EUA to allow hydroxychloroquine sulfate and chloroquine phosphate donated to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) to be distributed and used for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. In fact, these two drugs have been used for decades for the therapy and control of malaria and autoimmune diseases.

We already have an issue with people thinking this whole thing is a hoax

Name some prominent Republicans who think the virus is a hoax.

as if they know more than the ACTUAL doctor's and scientists out there

The video censored is literally of doctors...

we don't need some idiots calling for the use of hydroxychloroquine which has NOT been proven an effective treatment

What are you talking about you brainwashed zombie?

Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows

July 02, 2020

If you're spreading false information to the uneducated masses, and that information can affect the lives and livelihood of millions, hell yeah that fake news needs to be removed.

Yet nothing left wing, and blatantly false gets removed.

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@ BRONT - Would you please explain your current conspiracy theory, I'm losing track of them.

It would take years to list all of the left's failed conspiracy theories.

"40 PERCENT of Americans ‘think Joe Biden has dementia and 61 percent think he should publicly address it’"

"Joe Biden must release the results of his cognitive tests — voters need to know"

Videos of Biden's cognitive decline

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Systemic racism? Probably not. But why was this doctor attacked? How was this doctor attacked?

It was doctors who said the cure for Covid-19 already existed, and they were using it on patients nearly flawlessly. So big tech and the left wing media censored the video. Rather than attack the white doctors, they, the left, attacked the one of Kenyan birth. Why? Well, the leftists you bend the knee to are smarter than doctors and experts. And not only are Facebook, Twitter, the media, and the left smarter than doctors, they are so much smarter that you cannot even be allowed to hear what these stupid doctors had to say.

Fox News' take-

CNN's take-

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I think we've reached a point where ANY racism on the right is "systemic". We likely have some racism on the left, but, that is individual racism, not systemic.

The left runs the system. Explain to me which part of the system the right controls.

It is SOOO widespread on the right it can't be called anything else. :-(

Riiiiight... The left is literally teaching segregation..

It has become common for American Liberal colleges, public and private, to offer segregated dorms, graduation ceremonies, and events.

Campus Identity Politics Are Leading To Racially Self-Segregated Dorms And Parties

Race-based dorms emerging across the country keep people in their cultural comfort zones.

Evergreen College students back at it with 'no white people' day may/17/evergreen-college-students-back-it-no-white-people/

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Nazism can be defined as oligarchical collectivism. . . . It seems fairly certain that something of the same kind is occurring in Soviet Russia; the similarity of the two regimes has been growing more and more obvious for the last six years. (“Will Freedom Die With Capitalism?” [1941] 1684; emphasis in original) aspubli.html

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Orwell even argued that by virtue of their undemocratic and collectivist nature, Nazi fascism and Soviet communism were essentially the same thing. aspubli.html

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Thus, Orwell’s experiences in Spain convinced him not that socialism was a false ideal, but that the Soviet Union and the Communists had betrayed that ideal. Orwell “was a socialist but, ever since Spain, an anti-Stalinist socialist and his hostility to Communism was a pervasive feature of his political writing” (Newsinger, Orwell’s Politics 97). He thought that “Communism is now a counter-revolutionary force” (Orwell, “Spilling the Spanish Beans” [1937] 67), working against socialism. He became inspired to expose their duplicity and conniving, and he related the theme of the Soviet betrayal of the cause of socialism with the totalitarian rewriting of the past:

The Communist movement in Western Europe began as a movement for the violent overthrow of capitalism, and degenerated within a few years into an instrument of Russian foreign policy. (“Inside the Whale” [1940] in Essays 233f., quoted in Newsinger, Orwell’s Politics 113) aspubli.html

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