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If you had 30 kindergartners in a room, can you keep them from touching each other?

Not familiar with Cooties, eh Con?

Isn't it the left who told us Trump's drug was trash and that we should all stay inside? Indeed it was. Probably why I don't get my science from the left.

Of course we both know that if Trump said to keep the kids home forever, the left would go insane calling it drakonian and claiming he isn't considering the childrens' mental health or social needs, and how can he do this to these innocent kids? Why? Because the left has no principles. The left's position is whatever is the opposite of Trump's position. Trump literally controls what positions the left does and does not take. He's more the left's President than they care to admit, eh Con?

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Another ridiculous and absurd lie. Orwell did not believe Stalin was a Communist, and you are twisting his words because that's all you seem capable of doing.

Tell me which word is out of place. praisesStalintheUSSRandOrwellbutguess_what

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Incidentally, why do you always go out of your way never to mention the Communists and socialists Hitler put in concentration camps?

Because Communists put Communists in camps regularly, and Communism and Nazism are the same thing. Orwell and Goebells both agree.

Or the fact that they were the very first ones in there, long before the Jews got there?

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao did the same. Clearly they were Communists. Communists don't allow dissent, even from other Communists.

Might it possibly because because you're a mad fascist nitwit?

Fascism was created by a Communist.

Here to spread anti-left propaganda on behalf of the alt-Reich?

Orwell says Communists are Nazis. So you are one.

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Facebook removes Trump ad over 'Nazi hate symbol'

Actually the upside down red triangle was a red triangle badge put on Jews and prisoners of the Nazis in Nazi concentration camps. Apparently Trump sees you as the Nazis trying to imprison us and genocide the Jews again.

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I enjoy making you look like an idiot.

Yes, yes. This from the genius who was arguing with the AP handbook concerning grammar and apostrophes just the other day...

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What does that have to do with you lying that I'm the only one who calls you Nazis?

By "you" I meant Satan. You inhabit quite a few leftist bodies. You should try one form for once.

Plus by "you", I most likely meant the only one on this site. And I'd be correct. Or we can go for the Prince of the demons theory that I proposed above. You choose.

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You keep asking me what I mean like you can't read English. Can you read English?

No, but I'm somehow responding via English words by coincidence.

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Donald Trump Is a Nazi. Full Stop.

Isn't it cool how when the left wants to prove someone is a Nazi, they reference each other and give you no examples of said person actually being a Nazi or doing Nazi things?

1 point 2018/10/5/17940610/trump-hitler-history-historian

Oh look. Another guy who thinks you're Nazis. We're starting to build up quite a few, aren't we?

Yes. You've used this before. I always counter with:

1)Vox is a far left rag.

2)There are historians who disagree.

3)There are survivors of the Holocaust who claim the left reminds them of Nazi Germany.

4)You are using the left to prove the left.

A leading Holocaust historian just seriously compared the US to Nazi Germany

Of course in this case, trying to claim the most diverse nation on Earth has 350 million Nazis in it is mindless, brainless, and can only be believed via the use of strong recreational drugs.

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Facebook removes Trump ad over 'Nazi hate symbol'

Riiiiight buddy. Facebook will ban you for saying white rice isn't racist and claims that flashing the "okay" symbol is white supremacist, even if they don't know your politics and you're brown.

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It's already been dismantled by the left

So you intend to stop the election because the left has stopped the election?

Gtfo you stupid little Nazi runt. You're a joke.

What do you mean Nom? You want to rebuild from the ashes, do you not? Well the quickest way to it is a hot war. You might wanna get a gun. Oh, that's right. Your religion doesn't allow you to have one. Good luck.

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What do people usually mean when they call you a mad little Nazi?

Only you do it, and Orwell and Goebells said Communists were Nazis, so perhaps it's just your Nazism kicking in, seeing you are a Communist, thus a Nazi..

Are there multiple interpretations of that statement, you stupid, goose-stepping halfwit?

Well, seeing that you are mentally insane, it could mean alot of things. Perhaps it was your tourette syndrome kicking in, but actually trying to say you would like to suckle a goat. How could I possibly know such things?

Explain to us how the right wing dismantling the democratic election process is not the right wing's fault. This should be good.

It's already been dismantled by the left, hence, there's no reason to adhere to any such dismantled system's rules about elections. And seeing that we own every spec of land Americans reside on, and seeing that you are so sure that we are Nazis, clearly we should just go ahead and give you something real to bitch about and kick you out and back to Europe where you belong, eh burrito? You want an election? Come and get it.

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The last two conservative Presidents didn't/doesn't care much for the Constitution. Dubya thought it was a "piece of paper" that got in the way, Trump, apparently uses it for toilet paper and thus has to flush several times! They BOTH bastardized the Constitution,

"Police seize gun at home of St. Louis couple who pointed weapons at protesters"

"the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." oaJiPH6gIVksDACh2KQTXEAAYASAAEgK2fvDBwE

BRONT(341) Clarified
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I'm a white liberal.

I know. I can feel the white privilege and small pox through my computer.

I don't feel this "reparation" stuff is something I would go for, especially as conservatives put it across. I don't know how it would work if established.

Well, seeing your party demands it, we should just make white Democrats pay for it as if they actually believe one single word of the things they say. I'd say you start by giving up your house to the black or brown of your choice.

The Oklahoma thing last week shows what we "whites" have to stop doing, make promises, then take them away

Yes. I hate when white Democrats steal the land of certain ethnic groups, push them thousands of miles West, then pretend like they own "Native America" a few decades later.

... like the Trump/DAKA situation!

What do you mean?

"Trump Says Upcoming Immigration Measure Will Include DACA"

July 10, 20208:39 PM ET will-include-daca

Will HE do something RIGHT for a change?? Or will he stoke more anger!??

Sorry Al. Just because the left gets pissed off if you refer to them as, "sir" or, "maam", and likes to make up anti Conservative rules on a whim, that doesn't mean we should bend the knee to it. The fact that he pisses these politically correct reds off is exactly why I'm going to vote for him again.

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why allow an election?

How about because you're a mad little Nazi which the world needs rid of at the first available opportunity?

What do you mean burrito? It's hardly the right's fault if the left doesn't know how to win and isn't willing to use a strategy called, "by any Means necessary", now is it?

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Yeah... 400+ years of brutal slavery is bound to piss some people off.. What??

Listening to other ethnicities pretend they ever had it as bad as the Natives pisses some people off.

You know what also pisses them off?? Celebrating, in the town square, the Civil War generals who fought to KEEP them in slavery.. What again?

Well, the people destroying statues have destroyed statues of abolitionists, poets and Union military members who fought to end slavery, not that I care. Destroy them all for all I care.

My particular ethnicity makes people disappear if they go after a Trail of Tears statue or monument, so you might wanna educate those rich white kids with masks on just a little bit. I'd hate for rich white liberals to lose their kids unnecessarily.

Didn't you hear? We just took over half of a state without firing a shot because we have our ways. And their ancesters saw our ways as being so stealth that they decided to call us "savages". You think the rich, white Dems will rename us "savages" again in the near future if they step onto our land? What? You thought scalping and offings weren't still in the playbook? Maybe you should tell them to stay away from Bell, Sally Bull, and Pea Ridge. Dude! Watch more Native television. It'll feed your brain. Dude again.

I'm enjoying watching the left destroy itself while we get millions of acres. I'm gonna go grab some popcorn and see if Seattle makes it through the month. What three times?

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I was going to sign up as far as you know, but I didn't see a link. Too bad man. You lost my business...

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Oh, I DO.. I tuck it right behind my ear.. You know.. Just in case.

You have a condom behind your ear Con?

excon, horny bastard

Don't culturally appropriate toads Con. I don't want ANTIFA coming for your horny license.

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You are literally stupid.

Yes. Stupid people call smart people stupid because they are too stupid to follow what smart people say. Come here burrito. I have some new rules for you.

Rule 1

Grab the helmet.

Rule 2

Put on the damn helmet

BRONT(341) Clarified
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Do you find it natural to ask stupid, irrelevant, prevented questions?? ;-)

It looks like the left thinks buildings are sexist because they look like penises that are about to erupt, eh Al? And not only do they think that, their outlet thought it was important enough to broadcast it to the masses. Ladies and gentlemen, destroy the skyscrapers. Why? Alas, Al has a raging, sexist, mysogynistic hard on that could be mistaken for the Sears Tower acting as Krakatoa because leftism.

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Hey Bronto. If Hitler Was So Smart Then How Come He Lost The War?

He wasn't smart. Of course people who burn churches, praise Islam, demonize Jews, and promote tattling on your neighbors for not minding the government never are.

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