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“National Socialism is a form of socialism, is emphatically revolutionary, does crush the property owner as surely as it crushes the worker.” orwell-on-nazism-as-socialism/

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at least I'm not a Nazi.

You are a Nazi. Not only are you a Nazi, you have admitted it by claiming to be a Communist.

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Good. This way Biden can deal with his Dimentia, and the Democrats can't use a sick man as a pawn anymore.

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Why Are Racists Often The Last People To Realise They Are Racists?

Well buddy. It's because you are stupid. It's hardly our fault that you treat Jews as if you were Hitler.

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Three Times Yesterday Our Beloved Pres Was Criticised

I debunk more than 3 fake Trump attacks every day somewhere. Point?

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I know the difference between a triplet arpeggio and a pentatonic scale.

I suppose you are lying, but nevertheless, you can get an A in music theory class and still have no musical talent. AKA, if I handed you an instrument, you'd really suck. I mean, you suck at everything else, so it's the obvious conclusion one should make.

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When one pisses off his/her own people lots of nasty things happen. Hopefully, Trump finds that out soon .... REAL soon!

He's surging in the polls that are actually correct at the end of elections. Good luck with that.

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Hi Bronto.

Why do you suppose there is an "o" at the end of my name, seeing my name is just "bront"? Is that you burrito taco fajita?

I got twenty seconds in before laughter caused me to turn it off. The host wasn't aware if there were one or two stabbings

Oh really? So they might have stabbed TWO people? I thought you said they were antifascists and not fascists. Why did you lie to us buddy?

Just stupid Nazi propaganda.

Who here is a Communist other than you buddy? Do tell.

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Was mommy too busy sucking cock to send you to school.

Uh oh Nom. You forgot to put a question mark at the end of your question. Definitely racism and Nazism right there.

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I just noticed your source is The Sun.

I looked at it. It says it is "The U.S. Sun". I can't find them on your mediabiasfactcheck site, but I did look up other stories of theirs, and they certainly were not right wing. So, we still don't have you addressing the debate topic.

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Pretending to be good at playing Jazz, eh Burritoclature?

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Russian scientists have succeeded in reversing time

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Is this burrito proving why the God who created time needeth not His own creator? Yes, yes. It very well is.

Or perhaps you are just mentally insane. But we already knew that, didn't we... Ramshutu...

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Hello bront:

This website gives me a boner... I'm rock hard.

This is excellent news seeing I am decades younger than you. I have many years of future hardness to look forward to...

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Make Penis Bigger

Hello Smegma:

Dude! I can't zip my pants right now.

Why are you hard right now Con? Do tell.

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President Trump on Tuesday commented on the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, the incarcerated former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, and said he wishes her "well."

So the left's best, new, unrelated to governing, position is "Trump wished someone well". Excellent...

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Trump thinks Americans enjoy seeing hippies’ and black people’s heads busted in as much as he does.

ANTIFA does this alot. You say you love them.

There could be 200,000 Americans dead from the virus by election day.

Biden has fought a pandemic before. It did not go smoothly.

50 million Americans could be unemployed...

Unemployment rate declines

July 2, 2020

Yet all Trump has time for, is protecting a federal building in Portland from being sprayed with graffiti.

Cool. So don't defend Democrat buildings if vigilante's come for them and burn them to the ground.

Is this not quintessential Nero fiddling, while Rome burned??

Nice. The left can't decide if Trump is an authoritarian Fed wielding Nazi or weak and feckless. Hence, I eat my popcorn and watch leftist clowns kill each other and destroy their own cities while we watch from miles away.

Isn't it interesting how the left burns its own cities, watches them burn, and its leaders do zilch, and they aren't "fiddling while Rome burns".....

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Bush Family Links to Nazi Germany: “A Famous American Family” Made its Fortune from the Nazis

Ah yes. The same globalist Bush that the Obama's love and are dear, close friends with... history-photos-2019-12?amp

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So anyway, you are clearly an evil little retard who is using the Nazis' own propaganda as a weapon against the left.

Orwell is neither right wing or Nazi propaganda you helmet wearing goblin child.

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Orwell says burritolunch is a Nazi, so he is one

Everyone, including Orwell, claims Burritolunch is a Nazi.

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Claim in NYT article: "The FBI has closely examined at least four other people close to Mr. Trump ... Carter Page ... Roger Stone... and Mr. Flynn."

Note by Strzok: "We have not investigated Roger Stone."

Claim by NYT: "Senior FBI officials believe ... Christopher Steele ... has a credible track record."

Note by Strzok: "Recent interviews and investigation, however, reveal Steele may not be in a position to judge the reliability of subsource network."

Claim by NYT: "The FBI's investigation into Mr. Manafort began last spring [2016]."

Note by Strzok: "This is inaccurate ... our investigation of Manafort was opened in August 2016."

Claim by NYT: "The bureau did not have enough evidence to obtain a warrant for a wiretap of Mr. Manafort's communications, but it had the NSA closely scrutinize the communications of Ukrainian officials he had met."

Note by Strzok: "This is inaccurate ..." There is as yet no explanation in the documents or from the New York Times as to the identities of the four "American officials" who apparently provided the misleading and false information; or what their motivation was. However, it is clear that inaccurate reporting such as that in the Times had a significant influence on the trajectory of the Trump-Russia collusion probe, which ultimately concluded there had been no collusion on the part of Trump, anyone in the Trump campaign, or any U.S. person.

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At This Point Trump Would Struggle To Win An Egg And Spoon Race

Could it be that America has finally decided it doesn't like where this fascism crap is going?

He's tied with Biden in the polls, and the polls always seem to be off anywhere from 5 to 10% in favor of the Democrat. Many polling experts say this phenomenon is caused by the fact that pollsters tend to poll larger cities and do not take into account rural sentiment. In 2016, Hillary Clinton was up by 13%. She lost. So the fact that Biden is not up by 13% should be a wake up coffee to the left.

As for Fascism, yes, America is rejecting ANTIFA, who Orwell calls the same as Nazis. I just read a story about a black woman destroying a Black Lives Matter mural, not once, but three times. Ah yes. The times, they are a changing.

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As far as I can see, the "God" in the Bible is doing whatever the individual reader wants it to do at a particular time. It can be made to fit ANY situation, express ANY opinion, elevate or denigrate ANY movement or action, some even look at it upside down. ;-)

Cool. So how many ways are there to interpret this verse? Do tell.

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more tied to Jesus than I am.

Define "tied to Jesus".

Neither, I'm sure is Steven Miller. The same unidentified Trump Brown Shirts

Always good to see the left kill more people in a week than the cops did in a year, while the media applaud it, just to turn around and say it's somehow the right's fault, despite the right never being present...

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