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Grilled cheese, because the taco would be wasted on Coronas

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Man can kill any f------g thing on the whole damn planet, and we do it just for kicks. I mean, we don't need to kill cows and use their skin for clothing. We could wear other stuff. but we do it anyway, and that why we are AWESOME. Elephants are no different.

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The shear brilliance of the fsm is, (besides his obvious awesomeness as the only deity out there who also provides you with complex carbohydrates) is the fact that he is ultimately un-provable. After all, he is invisible aswell as hyper intelligent, and any evidence contradictory to his existance is just a joke made by him that we don't understand. Basically, he is as provable as he is unprovable, putting him on the same plane of reality as any other "god", whose only real supporting argument for existance is the difficulty it is to dissprove it. And so in the end, whatever religious teaching you chose to follow is primarily based on A) what you were brought up to believe and B) personal choice. But who would you really want to believe? A control freak Jackass who supposedly gave us free will and then chastizes us for using it in any way that he don't like? Or an all-accepting, all loving tangle of pasta and meatballs who shows us the joy of pirating and promises eternal life in a world of beer and strippers?

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