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Hi Bronto.

Are you somehow under the impression, in this gleeful little fascist pseudo-reality in which you live, that anybody in their right mind should give a flying shit about how much business Starbucks does?

I don't care, you silly corporate dishcloth. In fact, I'd be glad if it happened, but the very fact that you have written it guarantees it to be a lie. Hence, you've managed to offend and disappoint me all in one go. Top job!!!

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Capitalism does cause you some problems but is Capitalism working out for the people of England and the UK ?

No it isn't. We have the same rate of social mobility as Victorian Britain.

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But I'm on a mad chess run. I haven't lost a single game since I've been playing again, which is insane. I've gone over 15 games without a loss and I've been playing the computer too. There's another app I play on called LiveChess and people just leave when they think you've got them beat. Someone did that to me earlier and he or she wasn't even in that bad a position. He or she had been playing really well up until that point too, so it was stupid. There's something about chess which makes people afraid to lose.

Anyway, I've been playing the computer too, but only on a fairly low level. I started on 1000 (level 4) but then went up to 1200 (level 5) because it was too easy. 1200 is bloody hard man. I've beaten it about 3 or 4 times now but I couldn't do it with a clock. I have to sit there really thinking about what to do next.

Do you run the analysis at the end of games? Get this. Last night I beat the computer at level 5 and the analysis said I didn't make a single mistake. That's crazy because I've never actually learned anything from books or anything else. I just like playing. Just beat it again though and this time I didn't do so well. I played black. The analysis was:-

Excellent moves. White = 14. Black = 20.

Good moves. White = 2. Black = 4.

Inaccuracies. White = 12. Black = 5.

Mistakes. White = 2. Black = 2.

Blunders. White = 2. Black = 3.

Still not bad given that I made a mistake early on and thought it was gonna cost me the entire game.

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How is SOCIALISM working in NORTH KOREA ?

How is capitalism working out in Zimbabwe there bro? Is inflation still at EIGHT BILLION percent?


Shut up.

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YEAH LIMEY everybody loves them some SOCIALISM now that is a winning plan !!!!!!! ROTFFLMMFAO !!

Yeah, I much prefer gaping inequality, homelessness, political corruption and being used as a workhorse to make somebody else rich. Good one.

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I couldn't vote for a leftist if I lived 10 trillion years

It's lucky for us that you don't understand how many people flock to the left every time you open your stupid lying mouth.

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assault weapons

OK, I'm done. If you're not even honest enough to address my comments then this is pointless. You might as well be having a conversation with yourself.

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Nukes can now be fired without anyone flipping a switch

So let me just get this straight a minute.

Guns need someone to pull the trigger in order to work, therefore we should sell them to strangers in department stores???

Wtf? Are you literally an idiot?

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Pellet guns are on the assault weapons ban list just updated today.

Tell us more about the thirteen years "defenceless law-abiding citizen" Jeffrey Dahmer spent legally buying guns, stumblebum.

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Law abiding citizens are buying firearms from all department stores in America.

No, people who have not yet been caught and prosecuted for breaking the law are buying firearms from all department stores in America, you stumbling, irrational halfwit.

Why don't you remind us how long it took authorities to catch "law-abiding citizen" Jeffrey Dahmer?


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Guns do have the capability of firing with no one pulling the trigger. It is a magic trick.

Nukes too. Completely inanimate and have no capacity to fire themselves. Hence, you won't mind if we start selling them in shops to strangers, will you?

You're a total frigging idiot.

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Guns do have the capability of firing with no one pulling the trigger. It is a magic trick.

If guns are harmless inanimate objects then how do they manage to kill over 40,000 people every year in your country you boring idiot? Are they firing themselves?

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it is not an assault weapon as you might define it.

I haven't even mentioned "assault weapons" you rampaging halfwit. Stop trying to change the topic of conversation every time you write something stupid and I explain why it is stupid.

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People are purchasing firearms at the likes of Target. That is a department store.

There is absolutely no reason why any law-abiding citizen should need a gun in a civilised society. Your country is corrupt and the only reason guns are still legal is because of the amount of money their sales generate.

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Guns are inanimate objects.

Purposefully designed to facilitate the mass killing of humans.

You seem to have left that part out of your description, idiot.

If guns are harmless, inanimate objects, then you won't mind if we take them off the military then, will you?


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Walmart is the focus of your attention now.

People purchasing guns from department stores then using them to kill kids is the focus of my attention you pathetically stupid child.

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Your typed response does not help with the H.R. 9

Your desperate attempts to deflect the topic of my response to "HR9" are pathetic. As per usual you are trying to control the narrative instead of addressing the problem.


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Do criminals routinely go through background checks to purchase firearms.

HOW ARE YOU THIS STUPID? I do not understand how it is even possible for you to be this stupid.

They are not a "criminal" until AFTER they use the gun they just legally bought to kill innocent people. Do you just have no idea of the direction in which time travels or something???

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Shall you know the number of criminals that obey the law.

They obey the one which lets them buy guns in Walmart you brain-dead idiot.

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Limey what are the details of Nanny and Chucky's H.R. 9 ?

Oh shut up you retard. You're literally THAT MUCH OF AN IMBECILE that you're supporting laws which give mass shooters free access to weapons capable of taking out an entire city block. You're a MORON, and the reason you can't understand that IS BECAUSE YOU'RE A MORON.

It is what is commonly referred to as a "Catch 22".

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Instead of knee-jerk shrieking about "gun control"

Over 60,000 people get shot per year in your shithole country. If you think declaring that a problem is "kneejerk" then you're obviously a complete freaking moron, aren't you?

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Nanny and Chucky should learn this - Making good people defenseless doesn't make bad people harmless.

Absolutely laughable. You need to learn that people are neither good nor bad, but a complicated mix of the two. Hollywood has rotted your brain to the point that you literally think like a child. In your stupid world everything must be either black or white because you outright deny the existence of grey.

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Outlaw has been here for years using the N word. Why don't you ban him next time you come here if you're a real moderator and not a sissy.

He's banned me dozens of times, but never has he banned Outlaw despite the fact he uses the N word every other post.

I think that unless you treat everybody equally you have little right to be complaining.

I've never met a moderator yet who doesn't abuse their power based on their own personal preferences and/or alliances. Human beings just can't help themselves. Give them power and they will abuse it for their own ends.

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In other words, cows have been farting for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of years

In other words, you're a fanatically stupid moron who is incapable of running a simple Google search and discovering cows come from a small group of oxen domesticated as early as 10,000 years ago. Since you are fanatically stupid you would sooner invent your own version of history in which cows have been around for "millions" of years.

millions of years later those fucking farts finally added up to climate change. Clown.

The only clown here is the one trying to argue with 97 percent of the worlds climatologists while being intellectually incapable of running a simple Google search.

Piss off you idiot.

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Have any Democrats noticed Bernie's solutions to "problems" always involve separating people from their money.

No Bronto. I've noticed they all involve separating parasitic corporate thieves and bankers like yourself from OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. The money you STEAL from those that labour every single goddamned day. All of their work goes towards making thieves like you rich and Bernie doesn't like it. Can't say I blame him. Other greedy twits just like you have created a system based exclusively on the exploitation of human labour. No surprise that you are desperate to ensure nothing ever changes.

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I know, but I am acknowledging the simple truth that I will probably lose because you have more experience than I do.

That isn't a simple truth at all, mate. You have no idea if I'm any good or not, or even if I'm telling the truth about having past experience. You're giving yourself excuses to lose, which is just a confidence issue. You are attributing too much weight to the importance of a game of chess. It honestly doesn't matter. It's not a reflection of your general intelligence if you lose. As long as you don't cheat, I don't care if you beat the pants off me.

I am pretty good with accents. I have always been able to understand and mimic them better than most people.

Bro, if you get a chance, watch as much foreign TV and cinema as possible. It's so much better than the modern American stuff, which is absolutely saturated with pro-military, pro-capitalist, anti-everything else propaganda. I just finished watching a fantastic Italian show about the mafia called Gomorrah. You can still torrent the seasons through Pirate Bay complete with hardcoded English subtitles. Give it a whirl. Great show.

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Alright, whenever we are both ready. I don't think I will win but I will certainly try.

Bro, who cares? It's just a game. Don't make excuses for losing before you've even lost. I did that myself when I first started playing at school and I ended up winning the school chess championship. Don't play to win. Play because you enjoy it. If you enjoy playing then winning will come naturally because every time you lose you'll learn.

I have never heard of it, I don't watch TV usually and I don't know if they would even have it here. I will look for it though.

It's finished now so I'm playing catch up. It's a really good show if you can navigate your way through the British accents.

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where a handful of families OWN over 40% of the Stock Market, where most American families RELY on two or more jobs to stay above water

Now now, Alfie. Brontraptor has explained to us many times that the people with two or three jobs are lazy, workshy loafers. Only the rich work hard. This is the Kool-Aid and by God YOU ARE GOING TO DRINK IT!!!

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I HOPE it's the proverbial one step back before we take two steps forward.. But, I'm concerned that our decline is just starting.

You cheer and defend the exact same pyramid system which has fucked the world up in the first place, and attack its detractors and dissidents like they were plague victims. You are one of the very worst examples of what propaganda can do to the average mind.

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I sometimes make retarded mistakes that I want to punch myself in the penis for.

Literally everybody does that short of professional players. Last night I was playing a guy who should have won against me, but he made one stupid move and I took his queen.

I think I can raise myself up a couple levels though if I play consistently for a few more years. If I wanted to I could maybe get up to level nine if I dedicated a huge amount of time to playing and studying it but I don't plan on dedicating my life to chess plus I would never be the best because I am just not wired to be that kind of genius.

I think chess is similar to maths in that you have to have a natural ability at it if you want to be really good.

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K, I added you bro.

Let's play later if you want a game. I still haven't finished working out yet, and I've gotta eat too. Then I wanna watch an episode of Line of Duty.

Have you watched that, btw? British cop show. Pretty good.

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I have never noticed someone using an algorithm against me but it might be because I am not at a high enough level. I have sent you a friend request and message though. How good are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

I'm not very good. I just enjoy playing. Probably a 5.

A lot of people on Chess.Com use chess engines as a backup. When they fall behind they let the computer make their moves for them. People hate losing and a lot of them would rather cheat than lose fairly.

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Nope. Still the same heap of trash it has been for the last few years.

Try leaving. It will improve.

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Alright I'll get the app, but I think it would work on the computer just as well

It would, but it's also much easier to cheat using a computer. I haven't lost a game yet on the mobile app, and I guarantee I'd have lost at least half if I were playing on a computer.

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He would insist that he was a donkey and attack you with slander and lies if you tried to explain reality to him.

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I'm down to my last two small buds of Jamaican Dream and then I've got to start paying full price again. Sucks having to spend money but at least it will be good quality. Amnesia Haze probably. That seems to be the only strain you can get around here.

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I don't but I can get it, PM me your profile name and I will add you there. I will try the computer first but if I need the app version for whatever reason I can get it.

Bro, I haven't got a profile. I'll have to make one. Get the app version so you can play through your phone. It's free.

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when I teach you a tad bit of science, you don't thank me

Maybe it's because you're a complete goddamned imbecile who denies science whenever it gives answers you don't like the sound of.

Piss off, you fake Jew moron.

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Bill Clinton spent time on the child molesters plane.

Trump was accused in federal court of raping a 12 year old girl at one of the child molester's parties. Isn't it HILARIOUS how you mention the completely innocent friendship he once had with Clinton, yet "forget" to mention the fact that Trump raped a minor at one of his parties??? You also "forget" to mention the public interview in which Trump acknowledged on live TV that they both (i.e. him and Epstein) were sexually attracted to very young girls.

You are a joke. Everything you write should be immediately disregarded because you are a corrupt, partisan, corporate-sponsored retard who sees no problem with ignoring what he wants to ignore and exaggerating everything else.

Piss off.

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Large corporations tripled that bill of 20 million

Yeah, but you didn't spend it on the homeless, did you buddy? You spent it on underage prostitutes at Epstein's private parties.

You're a corrupt, dirty little scumbag.

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SOCIALISM is working out well in Cali.

Which planet do you live on if you think California is socialist? I promise you it isn't this one.

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A recent NBC4 investigation documented homeless people, often in the Skid Row area, “hijacking” fire hydrants throughout L.A.

Hi Bronto. I'm calling you Bronto because that is the main account you usually use to proliferate your sociopathic gutter trash.

You work to dehumanise and alienate the weak and vulnerable through public platforms, just like the Nazis did to the Jews. Just what kind of sick, twisted bastard goes after the homeless??? You are disgusting.

-1 points

L.A. directed $20 million in state funds to improve the Skid Row area last year.

Large corporations tripled that bill paying idiots like you to advertise their point of view on the internet.

-1 points

So LA is going to pay the folks who created the problem to fix the problem

Sure buddy. Homelessness and drug addiction have nothing to do with the state. If you become homeless it is entirely and completely your own fault. Spoken like an unforgivably sociopathic imbecile who doesn't waste time trying to help people he can simply blame.

You're disgusting. I hope your dog gets cancer.

-1 points

Pay junkies to clean up poop and needles. Will there be a surprise when more poop and needles show up? Not to mention who can move into an apartment in LA County making 15 an hour.

And what are you doing to solve the problem, dickhead? Other than wasting your life posting sarcastic comments on the internet??

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I say I'm a Jew.

We have proven otherwise very conclusively.

You call me a liar.

Because we have proven otherwise very conclusively.

WHO hates WHO, mother fucker?

You hate us for proving otherwise very conclusively. That's why you call us "motherfuckers", "Jew haters" and any other form of slander your infantile brain can concoct at short notice.

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The stupidity of "private debates" is further messing up the system.

I'm fairly sure Brontoraptor is the one posting those. I haven't got a clue why though.

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Ancestry DNA said I was 50% Jewish but I talked them down to 40%

Pretty funny. I lol'd.

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Leftist want to ban "White Milk" because it is Racist !

Source, idiot?

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Wanna see what actual SCIENCE says?? Okee doakee:

You literally would not know science if you fell over it you stupid little PRICK:-

MyHeritage, another company that provides ancestry analysis, writes “our DNA test offers you the powerful experience of discovering what makes you unique and learning where you really come from.”

What’s not always obvious from these reports is that they’re based on estimates that can vary from company to company, and have built-in sources of error. Your results from one company can even change over time as the company signs up more users, and gathers more data.

The companies do have webpages that explain these limitations, but you have to dig a bit to find them. You could very easily purchase one of these kits without coming across it.

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Hello hater:

I would expect nothing other than that from a Jew hating, science denying, yahoo fuck from the internet.

Anybody who challenges your lies you subject to a personal smear campaign. YOU ARE WRONG, and it has been proven to you DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of times.



Identical twins have virtually identical DNA. So you’d think if a set of twins both sent in a DNA sample for genetic ancestry testing, they’d get the exact same results, right?

Not necessarily, according to a recent investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In fact, the journalists demonstrated that twins don’t often get the same results from a single company. And across the industry, estimates of where an individual’s ancestors lived can differ significantly from company to company.

In one instance, the consumer genetics company 23andMe told one twin she was 13 percent “Broadly European.” The other twin’s test, meanwhile, showed she had just 3 percent “Broadly European” ancestry, and had more DNA matched to other, more specific regions in Europe. What’s more, when the twins had their DNA tested by five companies, each one gave them different results.


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The raw number of homicides in Chicago has been falling sharply since the early 1990s, according to data from the Chicago Police Department. In 1991, the city saw 928 murders; the next year, there were 943. But by 2004, the murder tally had dropped to just 453, and it's stayed roughly in that range ever since.


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Shut up.

However, for all the tragic stories and headlines casting Chicago as the Deadliest City in America, the homicide rate in the Windy City is actually on pace to end the year at its lowest level since the the early 1960s.

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LMMFAO !!!!! Take a look at this -

Right buddy. Sensationalist news articles and a right wing political agenda is all you have. When it comes to FACTS, you're always short of those. Here's some karma for your dumb ass:-

Chicago's murder rate isn't nearly as bad as you think

1 point

With a crime rate of 44 per one thousand residents, Chicago has one of the highest crime rates in America

But it doesn't have one of the highest VIOLENT CRIME RATES in America, does it, DUMMY? It isn't even HALFWAY up the list:-

There are COUNTLESS American cities with higher violent crime rates, AND higher crime rates. But all you ever want to talk about is Chicago, you impossibly hypocritical little twerp. Never a mention of Detroit, St Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, Stockton, San Bernardino or Memphis, because GUNS ARE PERFECTLY LEGAL IN ALL OF THOSE PLACES, and hence acknowledging them hurts your stupid anti-life narrative.

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The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is more than the city of Chicago. The right seems to ignore this.

It is so pathetic to watch, Al. Their double standards are frankly nauseating. Very vocal about gun violence in Chicago. Completely silent on gun violence everywhere else.

-1 points

2019 Number 1 cause of death in Chicago.

7 people are shot per hour in the United States. That's 1176 people a week and 61152 people a year. But you don't want to talk about anything except Chicago because you're a joke who is LOOKING for ways to AVOID a conversation about gun violence. When it comes to gun violence you post statistics in DIRECT OPPOSITION to the one above, such as arrogantly claiming "most gun deaths" don't count because they are suicides.

What we can take away from this INCREDIBLE display of DOUBLE STANDARDS is that you are a dishonest, corrupt, unscrupulous JOKE, who is not interested in ANY FACTS which dispute or contradict your FALSE BELIEF STRUCTURE and/or ASTONISHING pro-gun confirmation bias.

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How do you get a telescope?

Do you roll up a 20 dollar bill and peek through it??

Then shut your stupid mouth. Money has absolutely ZERO relevance to what can or cannot be build using the laws of physics. It is an entirely arbitrary human invention used to denominate POWER, and it has nothing to do with objective reality unless we choose to make it so.

You Americans are really something else. You cannot even DREAM of a world where money is not God.

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Ok. How does one test genes to see if someone is susceptible to certain diseases or possibly find cures?

Wtf??? By testing the genes. What does testing genes have to do with money?

How does one visually see planets beyond what is visible with the naked eye?

By using a telescope. What do telescopes have to do with money?

People never fail to surprise me. Just when I think they have reached the pinnacle of stupidity they always raise the bar.

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Adolf Hitler

Jesus Christ almighty. So, according to you, Adolf Hitler was a left wing Jew????

How can you not understand that writing shit like this is why you have no friends and nobody wants to speak to you?

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It's like watching a person deny dna every single day.

Nobody has ever denied DNA on these boards except you. Nobody takes anything you write seriously because it's all just so goddamned stupid and false.

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Science, on the other hand, they choose to ignore, so it must NOT be evil. They'd rather deny it, let it go its merry way. THEY are the science deniers, they make decisions based on the money they get off the streets, so, YES. Logical???

They absolutely are science deniers Al, and everybody with half a shred of intelligence knows it. They depend upon rhetoric, superstition, populism and myth to push their false reality onto the world. That, and of course lots of MONEY.

The proof is in the pudding, of course. You have one of Brontoraptor's puppet accounts underneath you (i.e. Gremlin), who has upvoted himself more than once again (as per usual) and downvoted you the same. They do stuff like this very deliberately, as a form of false marketing. They want to convince other lowbrow minds that their beliefs are popular, and that their popularity is proportionate to their scientific validity.

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I'd imagine not. You aren't denying scientific evidence in favor of religious belief, you are simply altering the decision while not necessarily denying the science.

Of course he's denying the science. Money is a completely arbitrary human invention. It has nothing to do with the natural world and therefore it has nothing to do with science. It's like asking are you a science denier if you believe decisions should be made based on comic book characters from the 1980s instead of the laws of physics.

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Antway... that's my take!

My take is that you need to learn your own language before you call anybody else dumb. It tends to take the intended sting out of your insults when you're too stupid to speak English.

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Yeah, I wondered if anybody would MISUNDERSTAND the term, "advancing on me", and I was right.. But, I thought it would be one of the more stupid ones... Guess not.

Shut up you idiot. The only stupid person in this debate is you. You can't even make a point without abusing caps lock. Piss off. You define "smart" as a measure of whether somebody agrees with you or not.

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Girl.. You are one smart cookie.

Understanding that the human race isn't telepathic might qualify you as smart in the US, but in the rest of the world it is just perfectly normal.

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Left wingers generally understand how offensive the word "retard" is.. Right wing fucks like you don't.

Left wingers generally understand what science is. Right wing idiots like you prefer the Bible.

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Just looks like more nonsense from the control freaks on the left who want to control what you can and cannot say or ask.

Oh heavens yes, because everybody knows authoritarianism is a left wing phenomena.

Stupid partisan idiot.

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The government has proven you can have unlimited funds and flush it down the toilet

No government has ever had "unlimited funds" you catastrophically stupid imbecile.

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Quit making excuses for the black guy

How about you stop identifying people by the colour of their skin, you boring neo-Nazi idiot?

Oh, a link to Youtube? That settles it then. Never has such a hive of scholars existed as on Youtube.

Piss off.

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you have the nerve to insult the retarded.

Not all retarded people. Just you.

I've noticed that whenever anybody insults you personally, you pretend they are talking about the entire race/religion/demographic of which you (usually falsely) claim to be part of.

That is called being a dishonest prick. You should be a dishonest prick less often.

Bootstrap(226) Clarified
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Hi Excon,

Given your long history of denying science I suppose we should all be grateful that you are even prepared to acknowledge death.

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you can't murder people and not go to prison.

People get away with murder all the time.

Get out please, idiot.

2 points

Sure is.

Banned for being an idiot. This thread is an idiot free zone. Sorry about that.

3 points

Guns are allowed under the 2A

The guns we have now didn't even exist when the 2nd Amendment was written you dipshit.

1 point

Life is a right for law abiding adults, you stupid dipshit. Make up your mind. Do you want life, or guns?

1 point

It's all a big circle. Idiots take power then use their power to reflect their idiocy back into society. Society then suppresses anybody prepared to think differently because of all the idiots who want cookies from the idiots in power.

1 point

I think you completely missed my point.

Hi Marcus. I find it amusingly ironic that you write essays and then complain about people "missing" your point. If there's a point in there anywhere then do yourself a favour and throw everything else away so people can find it. Only a fool could possibly believe other people have either the time or the inclination to search through 10,000 words for the possibility of finding a "point".

I said nothing about whether anything should continue.

I said nothing about the Sun being hot. Do you think that means I do not believe the Sun is hot?

I doubt here is any news conspiracy, national or otherwise.

What you were alluding to was crystal clear, idiot. You think the media unfairly prioritise shootings above traffic deaths. Hence, you think the media is engaged in a conspiracy to suppress traffic deaths.

The point is merely that how many people are actually affected by a problem is not relevant to whether people express outrage/concern, etc.

But clearly it is. You have shown us no evidence that people are not "concerned" about traffic deaths, which would be required in order for your "point" to be valid.

Look, you're probably a nice guy, but you're an idiot. I'm not being mean. That's just how it is. You're perfectly entitled to your opinion, of course, but I just wish you could understand on some level that it is the opinion of an idiot. Hence, please try to express it in less than 10,000 words next time.

There is no reason to believe that carelessness is any harder or easier to control than cruelty, anger, and mental illness.

Wtf are you even talking about? Traffic deaths are not preventable because cars are the best individual means of long distance transport. They serve a purpose other than killing people. Capiche?

2 points

Think about why mass shootings rate a news story or debate topic, but traffic deaths don't.

Well, let's start with the fact that most gun deaths are realistically preventable, whereas most traffic deaths are not. Then let's toss in the fact that you're a moron who thinks gun deaths are part of a national news conspiracy and should therefore be permitted to continue for that reason.

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your DUMB ASS will not address the GUN VIOLENCE in CHICAGO ?

What about addressing the gun violence EVERYWHERE in your cesspool of a country? What is so special about Chicago you GIGANTIC DUMMY?

Chicago is literally the ONLY PLACE on EARTH you are prepared to acknowledge gun violence EVEN HAPPENS. What a joke you are boy!!

2 points

This is a mental health problem, not a gun problem.

You got that right. People like you are MENTALLY ILL. You see the results of what guns have done to your country and out of sheer BULLHEADED STUPIDITY you blame everything EXCEPT the guns.

Ironically though, disingenuous idiots like yourself have the PRECISE OPPOSITE OPINION when asked about Islamic terrorism. In that case, Islam is the problem, not mental health.

Your double standards are stupid and there is a complete absence of reason in every position you take on every subject known to man.

1 point

You clearly want us to do your actual graded homework for you.

Nobody wants you to do their homework for them because you'll get all the answers wrong.

Bootstrap(226) Clarified
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Why did you not tell me? Why did you ignore my PMs?

Because you constantly spam them at me, they are long, and I prefer to use the main board. I've been ignoring your PMs for two years mate. Hasn't bothered you before. If you remember the reason I started ignoring them in the first place was because you kept spamming me with stupid shit over and over again.

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Let's review, shall we?

Shut up you idiot. When you say "review", what you mean is you are going to LIE, DISTORT and manufacture FALSE RHETORIC, like the clown you are.

Do you believe the scientists at My Heritage DNA? NO.

Are there any scientists at MyHeritage DNA? NO.

MyHeritage DNA is a private business which sells ancestry tests. THIS is what the SCIENTISTS say, as you KNOW FULL WELL, because I've linked this article nearly a HUNDRED TIMES:-

DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'

Commercial DNA tests that claim to tell people whether they are related to Richard III or descended from the Vikings are no more than "genetic astrology", scientists have warned.


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Bro, I downloaded KIK and everything. Chill out nigga. Smoke a blunt. I was only telling you about my victory in the chess arena.

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Hello hater..

Hi science denier.

Look.. The only reason you fuckers change your identity is in order to HIDE what you say

The only reason you keep LYING that you are Jewish is because you're a LIAR, who is too STUPID to comprehend the SIMPLE DIFFERENCE between race and religion.

Hitler was devoutly Catholic and so he fully believed (erroneously) that Jews are a race. Hence, Hitler WAS ON YOUR SIDE, not mine.

Why don't you do us all a favour and shut your lying mouth for a while? Nobody wants to listen to your stupid anti-scientific bullshit mate. Nobody. If agreeing with science instead of the Christian Bible makes me a Nazi in your eyes then I DON'T GIVE A F*CK.

2 points

If Jews share certain ETHNIC differences, such as larger noses, isn't that ADMITTING that Jews are a race??

But they DON'T share those differences because ANYBODY can convert to Judaism, regardless of their biological race. How is that difficult to understand you frigging idiot?

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The Nazis were a bunch of retards who killed a lot of genetic Germans just because their nose was a little too long and their ancestors converted to a particular religion.

Hitler believed Jews were a race because he was a devout Catholic who believed exactly what he read in the Christian Bible.

Excon believes what he reads in the Christian Bible, but denies being religious!!

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There's no such thing as an atheist Jew you pathetic imbecile. Just because Hitler believed something doesn't make it true. Why don't you tell us what else you think Hitler got right you stupid loser.

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1) e4 e5

2) knight f3 knight c6

3) g3 d6

4) h3 bishop e7

5) knight c3 knight f6

6) d3 h6

7) d4 knight takes d4

8) knight takes d4 e takes d4

9) queen takes d4 bishop e6

10) queen d1 c6

11) f3 queen c7

12) rook g1 rook d8

13) bishop d2 a6

14) a4 knight d7

15) b3 a5

16) rook g2 d5

17) g4 knight c5

18) f4 d4

19) knight e2 knight takes e4

20) bishop c1 bishop b4 (check)

21) c3 d takes c3

22) knight d4 c2 (check)

23) king e2 knight c3 (check)

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Bro, I've just got live chess on a mobile app. You can't tell who you are playing because it's anonymous, but I've played two games and won them both. The first was easy, but the second was one of the best games I've ever played. This cat and me were absolutely neck and neck for about 15 or 16 moves before I finally began to take over. Absolutely brilliant game, because it brought out the best in me. I've still got the PGN if you want to run through the game with me. It's only 23 moves and then he rage quit because I was absolutely destroying him. I was going to take his queen with a pawn, get a new queen in the process, and check him all at the same time. It was poetry mate. LOL! I played black which I'm even happier with because I usually suck with black.

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HAY DUMMY do you forget that LUNCH BUCKET JOE said if you want a gun buy a shotgun?

Who the Christ is Lunch Bucket Joe? Is this one of your moonshine drinking buddies from the cotton farm?

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Trump is just a symptom. The world has been going to hell for a long time, which is the reason someone like him was ever able to gain power in the first place.

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This Elitist has lost her mind !

Right buddy. Doing WHAT EVERY OTHER CIVILISED COUNTRY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES, is your interpretation of "losing your mind"?

What's your interpretation of sanity? A heavy LSD addiction?

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Yet another completely transparent political stunt by your personal boss, the fat orange Nazi:-

The president donated his paycheck to the Department of Education, but still wants to cut $9.2 billion from its budget.

Trump's salary donation is a publicity stunt

Give your Nazi propaganda a rest please, you useless imbecile.

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YouTube investigating right-wing pundit Steven Crowder for harassing host

Interesting. An openly biased far right "pundit" (i.e. idiot) claims Hitler was a liberal on his Youtube channel and that's your interpretation of "debunking" decades worth of peer-reviewed research?

You're another Brontoraptor alt, aren't you? You goddamned moron.

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