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Have any Democrats noticed Bernie's solutions to "problems" always involve separating people from their money.

No Bronto. I've noticed they all involve separating parasitic corporate thieves and bankers like yourself from OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. The money you STEAL from those that labour every single goddamned day. All of their work goes towards making thieves like you rich and Bernie doesn't like it. Can't say I blame him. Other greedy twits just like you have created a system based exclusively on the exploitation of human labour. No surprise that you are desperate to ensure nothing ever changes.

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I know, but I am acknowledging the simple truth that I will probably lose because you have more experience than I do.

That isn't a simple truth at all, mate. You have no idea if I'm any good or not, or even if I'm telling the truth about having past experience. You're giving yourself excuses to lose, which is just a confidence issue. You are attributing too much weight to the importance of a game of chess. It honestly doesn't matter. It's not a reflection of your general intelligence if you lose. As long as you don't cheat, I don't care if you beat the pants off me.

I am pretty good with accents. I have always been able to understand and mimic them better than most people.

Bro, if you get a chance, watch as much foreign TV and cinema as possible. It's so much better than the modern American stuff, which is absolutely saturated with pro-military, pro-capitalist, anti-everything else propaganda. I just finished watching a fantastic Italian show about the mafia called Gomorrah. You can still torrent the seasons through Pirate Bay complete with hardcoded English subtitles. Give it a whirl. Great show.

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Alright, whenever we are both ready. I don't think I will win but I will certainly try.

Bro, who cares? It's just a game. Don't make excuses for losing before you've even lost. I did that myself when I first started playing at school and I ended up winning the school chess championship. Don't play to win. Play because you enjoy it. If you enjoy playing then winning will come naturally because every time you lose you'll learn.

I have never heard of it, I don't watch TV usually and I don't know if they would even have it here. I will look for it though.

It's finished now so I'm playing catch up. It's a really good show if you can navigate your way through the British accents.

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where a handful of families OWN over 40% of the Stock Market, where most American families RELY on two or more jobs to stay above water

Now now, Alfie. Brontraptor has explained to us many times that the people with two or three jobs are lazy, workshy loafers. Only the rich work hard. This is the Kool-Aid and by God YOU ARE GOING TO DRINK IT!!!

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I HOPE it's the proverbial one step back before we take two steps forward.. But, I'm concerned that our decline is just starting.

You cheer and defend the exact same pyramid system which has fucked the world up in the first place, and attack its detractors and dissidents like they were plague victims. You are one of the very worst examples of what propaganda can do to the average mind.

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I sometimes make retarded mistakes that I want to punch myself in the penis for.

Literally everybody does that short of professional players. Last night I was playing a guy who should have won against me, but he made one stupid move and I took his queen.

I think I can raise myself up a couple levels though if I play consistently for a few more years. If I wanted to I could maybe get up to level nine if I dedicated a huge amount of time to playing and studying it but I don't plan on dedicating my life to chess plus I would never be the best because I am just not wired to be that kind of genius.

I think chess is similar to maths in that you have to have a natural ability at it if you want to be really good.

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K, I added you bro.

Let's play later if you want a game. I still haven't finished working out yet, and I've gotta eat too. Then I wanna watch an episode of Line of Duty.

Have you watched that, btw? British cop show. Pretty good.

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I have never noticed someone using an algorithm against me but it might be because I am not at a high enough level. I have sent you a friend request and message though. How good are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

I'm not very good. I just enjoy playing. Probably a 5.

A lot of people on Chess.Com use chess engines as a backup. When they fall behind they let the computer make their moves for them. People hate losing and a lot of them would rather cheat than lose fairly.

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Nope. Still the same heap of trash it has been for the last few years.

Try leaving. It will improve.

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Alright I'll get the app, but I think it would work on the computer just as well

It would, but it's also much easier to cheat using a computer. I haven't lost a game yet on the mobile app, and I guarantee I'd have lost at least half if I were playing on a computer.

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He would insist that he was a donkey and attack you with slander and lies if you tried to explain reality to him.

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I'm down to my last two small buds of Jamaican Dream and then I've got to start paying full price again. Sucks having to spend money but at least it will be good quality. Amnesia Haze probably. That seems to be the only strain you can get around here.

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I don't but I can get it, PM me your profile name and I will add you there. I will try the computer first but if I need the app version for whatever reason I can get it.

Bro, I haven't got a profile. I'll have to make one. Get the app version so you can play through your phone. It's free.

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when I teach you a tad bit of science, you don't thank me

Maybe it's because you're a complete goddamned imbecile who denies science whenever it gives answers you don't like the sound of.

Piss off, you fake Jew moron.

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Bill Clinton spent time on the child molesters plane.

Trump was accused in federal court of raping a 12 year old girl at one of the child molester's parties. Isn't it HILARIOUS how you mention the completely innocent friendship he once had with Clinton, yet "forget" to mention the fact that Trump raped a minor at one of his parties??? You also "forget" to mention the public interview in which Trump acknowledged on live TV that they both (i.e. him and Epstein) were sexually attracted to very young girls.

You are a joke. Everything you write should be immediately disregarded because you are a corrupt, partisan, corporate-sponsored retard who sees no problem with ignoring what he wants to ignore and exaggerating everything else.

Piss off.

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Large corporations tripled that bill of 20 million

Yeah, but you didn't spend it on the homeless, did you buddy? You spent it on underage prostitutes at Epstein's private parties.

You're a corrupt, dirty little scumbag.

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SOCIALISM is working out well in Cali.

Which planet do you live on if you think California is socialist? I promise you it isn't this one.

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A recent NBC4 investigation documented homeless people, often in the Skid Row area, “hijacking” fire hydrants throughout L.A.

Hi Bronto. I'm calling you Bronto because that is the main account you usually use to proliferate your sociopathic gutter trash.

You work to dehumanise and alienate the weak and vulnerable through public platforms, just like the Nazis did to the Jews. Just what kind of sick, twisted bastard goes after the homeless??? You are disgusting.

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L.A. directed $20 million in state funds to improve the Skid Row area last year.

Large corporations tripled that bill paying idiots like you to advertise their point of view on the internet.

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So LA is going to pay the folks who created the problem to fix the problem

Sure buddy. Homelessness and drug addiction have nothing to do with the state. If you become homeless it is entirely and completely your own fault. Spoken like an unforgivably sociopathic imbecile who doesn't waste time trying to help people he can simply blame.

You're disgusting. I hope your dog gets cancer.

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Pay junkies to clean up poop and needles. Will there be a surprise when more poop and needles show up? Not to mention who can move into an apartment in LA County making 15 an hour.

And what are you doing to solve the problem, dickhead? Other than wasting your life posting sarcastic comments on the internet??

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I say I'm a Jew.

We have proven otherwise very conclusively.

You call me a liar.

Because we have proven otherwise very conclusively.

WHO hates WHO, mother fucker?

You hate us for proving otherwise very conclusively. That's why you call us "motherfuckers", "Jew haters" and any other form of slander your infantile brain can concoct at short notice.

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The stupidity of "private debates" is further messing up the system.

I'm fairly sure Brontoraptor is the one posting those. I haven't got a clue why though.

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Ancestry DNA said I was 50% Jewish but I talked them down to 40%

Pretty funny. I lol'd.

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