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Joe has had 1 too many brain surgeries and his mind is fried.

So what's your excuse?

You think Democrats are ruled by commies and socialists but they are ruled by the same plutocracy that rules the republicans.

So are you, hypocrite. That's what compels you to attack everyone. An inflated ego coupled with a lack of education. You want to force your will onto the world, however irrational, which is a trait you have learned from the same plutocracy.

That's the way to get ahead in life.

You'll go far.

There's a saying, Kilcom. Now, I know you're not educated so you probably won't have heard it, but it goes something like this:-

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.

The moral of that little anecdote, written by Martin Niemöller, is that just doing things you are expected or ordered to do without ever questioning the authority which expects or orders you to do them, is what FOOLS DO.

And you seem like a pretty big fool to me.

Arguing with them is pointless.

I kind of agree to be honest.

Your reply to Nathan's post is exactly right, but I'm not a fan of the ban. He is at least more likely to actually debate things than the other Trump trolls.

Fair enough, but I would like to add that the date of my story is included in the link featured in the OP. I just thought it was outrageous that he'd claim it was false and offer as evidence another story written over three weeks earlier when Trump's numbers were better.

I did converse with the guy for a good couple of hours last night in a different thread. He's definitely a bit more polite than most of the Trump trolls. In fact, I was the one being impolite to him. That said, there was good reason, and it's because he was spreading lunatic conspiracy theories about the World Health Organisation.

It's obvious that you are retarded .

It is obvious that you have a fat stupid mouth and the maturity of a thirteen year old homosexual.

What is not reasonable about seeking money in a society

Show me where I said it is not reasonable to seek money in a society.

And when you struggle to find where I said it, perhaps you will actually understand that you lack the ability to read and interpret English.

Because anyone who isn't willing to take it up the butt from the globalist illuminati of capitalism is automatically disqualified

OP's question is OBVIOUSLY sarcastic, you dumb, fat-mouthed idiot.

You seem to be confusing reason with morality

You seem to lack the ability to read and interpret English. There are two sides to the brain. The side which deals with reason and the side which gets excited when you get a pay cheque.

Trade is a natural survival instinct

Trade has got nothing to do with capitalism you irritatingly stupid idiot. Are you under the impression that socialists don't trade? Or communists? You repeatedly claim to us that China is communist and yet China has one of the most active economies in the world.

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Those are NOT the facts

Trust me he knows. He just doesn't care. I had to debunk his lie about Trump "banning travel" in January over ten times last week because he just kept repeating it.

Ask yourself what kind of sick individuals would knowingly tell lies and spread propaganda on behalf of a child rapist.

And then you might get a glimpse into the characters of people like Bronto, High Falutin and Kilcom.

Lulz u mad bro?

Yes. I don't like pointless wankers who dedicate their lives to annoying other people. I find them utterly, abhorrently fucking pathetic. Immature and pathetic.


Where none exist? Ahahahahahahaha! First you claimed that anything which says it is democratic is democratic, then five minutes later you wrote the complete opposite.

Get help you stupid little twat. You're psychotic.

BurritoLunch(3368) Clarified
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That was sarcasm too. Just so you don't get even more confused.


Yes I was, stupid. Obviously so.

Cool. So was I. Obviously so. How stupid must you be not to have correctly interpreted my double bluff? It's hilarious. You must literally be the world's most stupid man. You apparently know how to be sarcastic, but have no idea how to interpret sarcasm.

Now fuck off, you dirty gay loser. Go see mum for some pocket money you pointless fucking idiot.


R/StopContradictingYourselfYouIdiot. How about that?

Or maybe you are just an idiot replying seriously to a blatantly sarcastic comment. R/woosh

You weren't being sarcastic. You were being a dick. Perhaps you should visit r/woosh and ask them the difference. Calling me an "incessant wank shaft" is an attempt to insult me, not an attempt to win me onside with sarcasm.

You're so stupid it annoys me.

You don't really unless you happen to agree with the most average, standard issue opinions.

You've just literally told me five minutes ago that if it says democratic then it's democratic. Stop being such an arse.

Of course they are democratic, they CALL themselves democratic.

Sure, and the Nazis were socialists because they called themselves socialists. And Stalin was a Communist because he said so, even though he ruled autocratically over the entire Soviet Union.

Stop being a dick for once in your life. Being a dick is more important to you than being right and that's why you're... Well, a dick.

If the moronic nut was in China he would be promoting democracy

If you were in China you'd swear that was democracy too. The fact is that you're an idiotic troll without the brainpower God gave a snail. The only thing you appear to know how to do in life is brown-nose authority. You'd sell your own mum's kidneys for a pat on the head from Donald Trump.

If ever you've wondered why people generally don't like you, well that's the reason.

I prefer Democracy because with that type of government you get a say in things and you get to decide who the person you trust the most to take care and manage people.

But no you don't. At all. You are given a choice between two puppets of power, neither of whom are in the least bit trustworthy or interested in taking care of you. Politicians are liars who game the system for power and if you haven't worked that out by now then you probably never will. I trust my grandmother the most to take care and manage people, but she doesn't have 30 million dollars to spend on advertising campaigns so she probably isn't getting elected. The entire idea that there is a democracy is just laughable, and believe me, the people who run society laugh about it every day.

I am a clean bi.

Bis are even dirtier than gays. You disgust me.

You genuinely have feminine language-patterns

Whereas you genuinely are a dirty gay who likes it up the bum. You probably have AIDS.

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