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And you assume that a speck in the sky is what NASA tells you it is why exactly?

Because it wasn't there until after they announced they were going to build a space station you glorious buffoon. Your questions are stupid.

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What if you are only told that by the Illuminati and it's fake though?

Anything is possible, but there is now an international space station, which is visible from the ground, and it beams back pictures of Earth every day.

If we are in a simulation, flat earth is more likely than round earth.

No. If we are in a simulation, and it is in 3D, then the Earth is round in that simulation. Visual evidence confirms this.

Assault weapons are a bit different

Not really. They fire more bullets and are (frequently) less accurate. Those are the differences.

In the UK, when our government looked at the data after the Dunblane Massacre, it showed that handguns were the real problem. Probably because they can be easily concealed from view. In any case, I'm confident the data will say a similar thing in America.

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Do you Leftist call a man with a gun when you get in a bind ?

I don't call anybody when I'm in a bind. Can't get my hands free.

Disney Movies under-represents women and their skills, by projecting gender roles and stereotyping women

Research from Jeff Guo, a WP reporter, shows that classic Disney princesses on average receive 55% of compliments based on appearance and 11% on their skills, while the remaining 34% is the “other” category. This shows they are recognized more for their looks then skills

I think your hypothesis targets Disney unfairly. Do you have evidence to suggest similar data sets do not apply to other companies/genres? Or perhaps the movie industry generally?

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Hay Brit if you don't take ya no likings to my guns then come get them.

That sounds like a challenge. How about we settle it over a nice game of tiddlywinks?

Lol it's only a conspiracy if it is false. I have a lot of Middle Eastern friends. Most concur Bin Laden has been dead for years. Even that photo the Yanks released, was shown to be doctored. Bin Laden was on dialysis in 2002. He was already dying.

Hey, you don't have to convince me brother. Like I said, I think there's a very good chance he had died by, at the latest, early 2002, and possibly even earlier.

In fact, I remember looking into it a while ago, back when I still had access to the university library. There were several credible reports in the Asian press that he had died of kidney failure.

Another interesting find I made, is that the Asian press also reported Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had died during an ISI raid in Karachi, with his wife and child having to identify the body.

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Democrat you don't want your Democrat Party taking guns from law abiding citizens yet you are told not to look at Virginia. That does sum up your stupidity.

I think the "law-abiding citizens" phrase you guys keep putting on long term repeat is grounded in the fallacy that you can't purchase a gun within the law if you intend to use it maliciously. You in fact can do this, and a great many people who go on to use guns maliciously are "law-abiding citizens" when they initially buy their weaponry.

It originally

So you mean they changed it? And you're still complaining?

The Daily Mail is also called "The Daily Heil", "The Daily Fail", among other things. It is basically a parroting exercise for far-right propaganda. They supported a lot of hairy shit. They supported the Blackshirts, Benito Mussolini and Hitler.

Traditionally, you're absolutely right, and the Mail is still definitely a part of the British gutter press. That said, I would argue that its support for right wing extremism has been overtaken in recent years by the Express. Occasionally, the Mail throws in some hardball left wing conspiracy theories, such as bin Laden having been dead since 2001/2002. I personally think there's a good chance that story is correct, which is how I know it's a left wing conspiracy theory instead of a right wing one!! Lol.

Every time you speak to Andy you put on a fake persona

Yeah, that's the "persona" I use when someone else is fair to me and shows me respect. Funny how that works.

I am a brutally honest person

I disagree with you about this. There's a wide leap between being "brutally honest" and just being a dick for attention.

There are thousands of religions, all of which are just as stupid as the next and all of which claim to be the truth, but one stupid body of baseless superstitions can be automatically identified as the "one true faith" based on what exactly? I think a much more likely explanation is that you are a pretentious cretin who has prematurely decided that your way is the one true way without knowing jack shit about the other ways of thinking which you assume are all wrong simply because they aren't your way.

I agree with you about this. I just wish you could put across a point of view without using it as a bat to attack someone else.

No, you must not live in the real world. I protect myself by having ZERO information about anyone...the only information I can see is the IP address of who is logged in when they are logged in. I have to do that because the site has international members. There are laws that prohibit me seeing and knowing anything else without the members permission. Your email addresses are password protected and only you can change them.

And unfortunately, the great respect for privacy/anonymity you have is exactly why trolls like the OP are able to flourish here.

If you compare this place to some of the major platforms it offers the user remarkable security. A lot of the bigger sites are able to uniquely identify each user regardless of whether they are using a proxy or VPN. I don't even know how to be honest, but they probably do it by sending you a cookie through your browser.

I would stop accusing

He's trying to get a rise out of me as always. Unfortunately, he somehow finds that a productive use of his time.

There is nothing I can do other than delete arguments, debates and ban members for not following the rules. I have enough reports to keep me busy forever. I don't have time to read every post and see everything going on. If you would like, I can delete your member account.

He frequently boasts that you've banned him 500 times already. In my genuine opinion, what this guy really wants is attention. That's why he opens so many of these stupid "debates" which are only intended to sew discord and create drama.

I just did answer the question.

No you didn't. You listed the options.

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Unlike other religions whose creeds teach violence against ''the infidel''

You're aware that the Christian Bible commands Christians to put entire cities to the torch, right?

as we see with this scam impeachment.

You know they spent three full days presenting evidence against him, right?

Your proposition insures

Ensures, you thick corporate Nazi fuck.

black people can do nothing

Black people can do nothing if qualified officers who have sworn to uphold the law decide to start murdering people in cold blood, no. Equally, black people can do nothing if the government decides to nuke them. Hence, by your very own logic, black people are "idiots" for not stockpiling tactical nuclear missiles.

Fuck off you Nazi. God I hate you so much. You are as evil as you are stupid, which is goddamned very!!

If they just watched them kill their unarmed friend or neighbor

So all the people who haven't just watched their unarmed friend killed by the police have no reason to be armed? Then congratulations on debunking your own argument you moronic fucking retard.

It's common sense to shoot a cop that you just saw shoot an unarmed man.

But this is a fantasy you made up in your own head. You want black people to shoot at cops because of something which you made up in your head and are pretending is real?

99 times out of 100 (at least) the police do not shoot unarmed men, so on top of being a retard who makes up fantasies to excuse why he is trying to have black people exterminated by the police, you clearly do not understand probability or maths. You are intentionally trying to make minorities paranoid and violent because you hate them and, if you succeed, will be back here next week proclaiming about how black people are so violent.

Get out you evil bastard.

Don't listen to this Nazi retard guys. He works for the corporations and he's trying to have black people exterminated by the police.

Listen to this instead. It's much easier on the ears:-

If the police pin a black man down, beat him half to death, plant a gun on him, and shoot him

So you want black people to shoot police because of a paranoid fantasy you made up in your head?

Get off this site you evil piece of shit. You hate black people so one can only conclude you are intentionally trying to have them killed by waving guns at police officers.

No one mentioned threatening the police with a gun.

I didn't say you "mentioned" it you sophist retard. I said you implied it. Learn to read. If you do not plan to threaten the police with a gun then can you explain why you have opened a "debate" informing people they are "idiots" for being unarmed when they talk to the police?

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