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A deep-state cabal of pedophile Satanists who are trying to take down Trump??

In fairness you'll have to explain to me how that's more nuts than an atheist who thinks he's Jewish.

How can you be kind to someone who has been dead for 2000 years?

That's a genuine question so I would expect a realistic answer.

If Jesus is dead like you say, then who exactly do you think I have been praying to every night you complete dummy?

It's ten. Ten people. The exact same dollar can be loaned out to ten people simultaneously, and it accumulates ten separate lots of interest.

Capitalism. Aren't we awesome?

Accessible education and health care can be investments just as much as infrastructural development. Arguably, a lack of investment in these resources contributed significantly to these countries being in their present predicament.

I'm afraid your analysis here lacks explanatory force.

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Yes. Being hunted down, murdered, and ostrasized, simply because of a person's religion is a problem. Blaming an entire group for the poor actions of a few, in ANY situation, is a problem.

I probably agree with you but the problem here is that the question wasn't: Is it OK to hunt down, murder and ostracise people because of their religion. No other religions were even mentioned. Just anti-Semitism. It plays right into my argument that (some, not all) Jews feel entitled to special treatment.

In a lot of European countries it is illegal to question or deny the Holocaust. Not the actual Holocaust, mind. What it is illegal to question or deny is the narrative that it was all about wiping Jews out. And make no mistake about it: these laws were established because of Jewish lobbying. Whatever anybody thinks about the Holocaust is up to them just as much as it is up to people which god they want to believe in. Hence, I see a lot of common people fighting for the rights of people who don't have any intention of giving those same rights back when the shoe is on the other foot.

That was easy, give me something difficult.

How many different people are banks allowed to loan the same dollar to?

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Also, it is worth mentioning that (some) Jews have been a destructive force themselves:-

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While I respect many of your other opinions, Burrito, I must respectfully disagree. Historically, Anti-Jews have been much more destructive towards Judaism (ie the KKK) than atheists have been towards Christians.

Thank you, and likewise.

I don't disagree that the KKK are not fond of Jews, but I do not accept that Jews are more persecuted by the KKK than either blacks or Muslims. The KKK are renowned for their views about blacks rather than Jews. To be honest I think your response plays right into my argument that Jews demand special treatment.

The Ku Klux Klan (/ˌkuː klʌks ˈklæn, ˌkjuː-/),[a] commonly called the KKK or the Klan, is an American white supremacist hate group whose primary targets are African Americans, as well as Jews, immigrants, leftists, homosexuals, and, until recently, Catholics.[9]

So, according to Wiki, there are five other groups targeted by the KKK, including Catholics.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

I like that. That's a good line.


How utterly typical of your dishonest and downright delusional character. Deny even being female when it suits you; cry misogyny when it doesn't.

Fuck off.

You've gone to familiar ground, I see.

Yes, calling you out when you intentionally misrepresent what other people say in a ridiculously exaggerated fashion.

Is antisemetism a serious problem, in global society?

No, not in the slightest. Judaism is a very damaging religion which demands other people give it special treatment. It's what the Church of Scientology wishes it could be.

You might think I'm talking shit, but anti-Christians and anti-Muslims are just called atheists. Anti-Jews are frequently jailed. In Europe at least.

Burrito, conversation with you is impossible because you aren't interested in having one

Oh shut up you condescending idiot. I'm not interested in you distorting the things other people say you mad bitch. That's what you don't like. You're untruthful, you're dishonest, you're incapable of self-criticism and you're just generally a complete cunt of a person.

your analysis here lacks explanatory force.

Lol. Do you have even the slightest idea how ridiculous the things you write are? You sound like a 12 year old girl trying to impress her English teacher.

I hope you have a very nice day. I hope you have a very nice eternity, if you repent, and receice, Jesus, as your very own Lord, and Savior.

I'll repent. But only if I can have some cookies. That's the deal.

Written by Joe Hill

Joe Hill was executed by firing squad in 1915 in Utah.

That was an absolutely fascinating post. We need a lot more of those around here.

People are entitled to think whatever they want. What matters is how they act.

Sure, but let's not pretend these two things are unrelated.

As far as I can see, the "God" in the Bible is doing whatever the individual reader wants it to do at a particular time. It can be made to fit ANY situation, express ANY opinion, elevate or denigrate ANY movement or action, some even look at it upside down. ;-)

That's a damned fine assessment. It explains why some Christians make you tea while others burn you at the stake.

I know you are fond of the Bible, but have you ever considered perhaps reading some other books? Richard Dawkins is very good.

As whites have, by far and away contributed most to the welfare and advancement of mankind

What complete and utter racist codswallop. You're just a fucking dickhead buddy. Plain and simple. What you are is a dickhead. Whites have enslaved all other racial groups and invented a system literally grounded in the exploitation of other people's labour. Welfare and advancement my arse. Try self-interest and power.

As with everything on earth,we must recognise that people's lives also have a hierarchy.

You would not be saying that if you were at the bottom of that hierarchy, and that is why we should automatically disregard everything you say on the grounds that you are a biased, self-interested, disingenuous bag of cocks.

Idk what you're talking about, I just joined this site last night.

Bro, you've literally called me Nom 3-4 times.

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as in double D titties and I called you flat chested

Double D titties are very far from flat.

I don't know from where you have fished the term ''free health care''.

That's because you are incapable of visualising any part of past, present or future which is not dominated by capitalism.

How can anything be free?

Free is the natural state of things. Before capitalists told you they owned the banana trees you could go and pick bananas for free. Before capitalists told you they owned the deer, you could hunt deer for free.

Yours is a level of ignorance which I personally find very offensive.

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