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All the alien super races worship and respect my techno because they recognise it contains the secret answers to the deepest mysteries of the universe. Mere animals such as yourself are too unevolved to appreciate its depth and complexity. It is like playing Mozart to a fish.

??? You don't make any sense, Incoherent One.

In English, we put question marks after (rather than before) sentences and we don't capitalise random words because we feel like it.

Also, your premise that we "get what we earn" in capitalism is objectively (not to mention offensively) false. It would mean a company could not profit from the labour it employs, since it is labour which earns that profit. That, in predictable fashion, is the precise opposite of how capitalism works. Capitalism is grounded in the exploitation of labour. That is, a bunch of people work, and arseholes like you get rich from it.

When you really break it down, his beliefs (which you are obviously not referencing accurately)

When you really break it down you're a pathetic failure of a human being whose only delight in life comes from making other people feel bad. You are literally so much of a childish, boring little hypocrite that you will gleefully claim I am not representing Mingiwuwu's views accurately (i.e. I am representing them perfectly accurately), while you simultaneously have no objection to him not representing my music accurately (i.e. as "not" music).

You do not possess the intelligence to disguise your hatred, and/or who is the target of that hatred, and for that reason you are a subpar troll.

You should spend less time writing long childish replies and more time fixing that bent nose.

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I am legit telling you that shit is not music

You've also tried "legit" telling us that the world is flat and that you were recruited by an alien super race to spy on humanity. Everything you write implies that you are clinically delusional and need to be locked inside a padded cell.

it's out of tune

It isn't out of tune. It's techno you utter idiot. The synth is supposed to sound out of pitch and wonky. It's a phaser effect. You don't know which key it is in, or indeed which key it is supposed to be in, so you don't have the first damned clue what you are talking about, as per usual. You're just a delusional uber moron who turns up every hour and claims to be an expert at whatever the particular topic happens to be.

I told you this morning, if you don't have anything positive to say then shut your toxic mouth. If you don't like the fact I have managed to release a record then keep it to yourself, because nobody else cares.

I know a lot about anti-hacking methods, even how to work out who it was by clues they leave.

Mingi, you couldn't find your own shoelaces in the dark.

They deleted all of my playlists. I had 30. I am so pissed off, and had to switch accounts.

It's like Sinatra said.

Some people get their kicks, stomping on a dream.

Trolls like that are people who have failed completely at life, blame everybody else, and want to burn the world before they die.

you admit

I admit that you are a moron. How about that?

I scoff at mainstream music because it's mindless and repetitive

Music is supposed to be repetitive you mindless dolt. That's what makes it music in the first place. Without time-based repetition it's just a bunch of random sounds.

Some people clearly ARE intellectually and artistically superior to others

Again, that cannot be true at the same time your other theory is true that value/taste/quality are subjective. If your statement above were true there would be no disagreement about who the best artists are. Since there is disagreement about who the best artists are we can safely conclude you are just writing nonsense again.

Can you not face the facts of acid attacks in London.

Your shtick is absolutely farcical. Why are you talking about acid attacks 3,000 miles outside your own cesspool of gun violence?

Usually the more shallow and stupid songs try to cover it by exposing a ton of skin and money to make it sexy for the audience so they don't notice how weak the lyrics are. Other times the artist will repeat their own names ad-nauseam, presumably so the listeners can't forget it even if they want to.

You know that "pop" music stands for "popular" music, right? Songs don't have to be 13 minute long poetry epics to become popular. In fact, that's pretty much the opposite of what they have to be. Not everybody is looking for the answers to life in a record. Some people just want to tap their feet or enjoy themselves out in a club. Generally speaking, the people who scoff at records which are mainstream are usually music snobs who just want to feel intellectually or artistically superior.

I'll tell you something else too. The "artists" who produce great work but then fail to sell it and end up starving, would swap all that work for one hit single. The grand irony is that most of the great artists don't even get "discovered" until decades after their own deaths.

Usually great artistic ability require less marketing techniques, poor artistic ability requires more.

I can see the logic in that statement, but at the same time it isn't really true. Since the early 1980s even the worst music could be perfected in a studio. Popular artists have auto-tune and ten thousand dollar mixing desks. Look at artists like Madonna as perfect examples of the irrelevance of "artistic ability". As someone who has been involved in the music industry first hand (i.e. I went to a prestigious guitar school for a year) I can tell you from experience that what A & R is looking for above everything else is image. They want something unique which is going to separate you from the other two million people beating down their door.

The other idiot who commented was boasting about hacking someone last week.

retarded disease

retarded pussy

retarded ugly

What a great example of someone with a small imagination and even smaller vocabulary.

Shut up you retarded disease.

That's a double negative you spectacularly stupid troll. Not to mention it doesn't even make sense.

You are responding to something you would normally agree with.

I usually agree that the only good socialists are dead socialists? Well, that's news to me you clown. Thanks for letting me know. You can go back to being Arthur Fleck now.

According to who? According to what?

According to the people who decide if a piece of music is good enough to release for sale. In other words: not you. People who have done something with their lives other than obsessively shitposting on the internet.

Ballad of a Techno Viking has been released to streaming services as a single. You can buy it on Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, and it will hit iTunes shortly.

Hence, several people with considerably more knowledge of music and the music industry disagree with you.

Shut up you boring retard. You don't have a good word to say about anybody or anything because you're a useless, unhappy troll. You're a real life version of Arthur Fleck.

Shut up you boring retard. You don't have a good word to say about anybody or anything because you're a useless, unhappy troll. You're a real life version of Arthur Fleck.

it's not music

Why would anybody care what you think? You're insane and believe you were kidnapped by aliens. I'd rather be spending my time "not" making music than being mean to complete strangers on the internet. Out you go, you pathetic little troll. Come back when you're mature enough to refrain from taking out your crappy life on other people.

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Your problem is you do not like to be attacked

Lol. That is not a problem. Nobody likes to be attacked. Nobody except maybe masochists.

Shut up writing idiotic jabbering nonsense will you please. I've a headache and you're making it worse.

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So am i

How do you feel about middle age?

I personally think it sucks. I'd sooner stay 12.

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Does suspicion work in a court of law there Lefty.

I thought I'd already established that we are not in a court of law. Was that sentence too complicated for you to understand?

No there is no proof for the insanity you put in the title of your post.

That nice, because I'm not a lawyer and this isn't a court of law. Proof is not a prerequisite for having an opinion.

Now shut your mouth and bathe yourself in my commie techno.

I'm really banging these out lately. I'll have enough to make an album soon. Happy days.

Rape culture, indeed. I would kill myself, if my rapist got away with it.

I think there has probably been such a culture for as long as there has been power. And many people have killed themselves because of it unfortunately.

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