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to say nothing of the anti-government paramilitaries the usa permits to exist within its own borders. strange fucking place.

It is a very strange place. It's a propaganda state. Probably the most extreme propaganda state the world has ever known.

The government lets paramilitaries exist because they are of little or no threat. It also serves their purpose in helping people believe they are the ones in control rather than the government.

A thing being dangerous bus not sufficient cause to ban it

Let's address this thing I have not said or suggested in a little more depth.

In fact, let us make an important distinction between things which are dangerous as a by-product of their utility (i.e. trains, cars, meat cleavers etc...) and things which are dangerous by design (i.e. assault rifles, nuclear weapons).

This helps us better see the straw man fallacy you are using.

We do not trust the government

Well, at least 150-160 million of you do trust the government, because that is how many of you voted for the government in the last election.

That aside, I am afraid yours is one of the 5-6 entirely generic pro-gun fallacies which every American robotically repeats like a cult mantra or an advertising slogan (which is precisely what these things are). Indeed, I am actually very perplexed at how stupid one has to be to believe any government can or will rule without power over its citizens.

Where was the revolution when the US government invaded Iraq illegally Joe? Where was the revolution when the US government made it legal to incarcerate US citizens indefinitely without even charging them with a crime? Where was the revolution when a million American families lost their homes in the 2007 economic collapse?

Like at least 90 percent of Americans Joe, you are completely full of shit and simply repeat what you have seen on TV. Thinking about stuff before you say it is unfamiliar territory for you.

BurritoLunch(5891) Clarified
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Straw man. That's not my position.

That was your clear implication, so had I not already banned you I would now be banning you for telling lies. Alfie argued that assault rifles should be banned and you disagreed on the basis that most people who are shot are not shot with assault rifles. I am not going around in circles with you while you contradict and/or deny what you wrote previously so you can simply gtfo.

A thing being dangerous bus not sufficient cause to ban it.

So you falsely accuse me of a straw man fallacy, and then literally in the same sentence use a straw man fallacy? You think that is what debate is, Amarel? Lying? Refuting things never suggested by the other person?

Get out. If you can't debate without lying or contradicting yourself then you can't debate.

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Guns are the problem

Lol. Is this some kind of amateur level reverse psychology now? Am I supposed to say, "No they aren't!!!". I am fully aware that guns are the problem you idiot. If you agree then stop arguing with me.

When cops have to interact with a person who is armed with a gun and dangerous

OK, you can leave too. If you are going to ignore the things that I write and repeat the same fallacies I have already addressed and dismantled then this is not a debate.

If you freely sell guns to the public then you cannot complain when the police need guns to deal with the public. Police in the UK don't need guns because in the UK we don't sell guns to the public. Do you see how that works now, you brutishly stupid, completely circular retard?

Out please. You don't get to ignore my refutations in my own debates.

Romans 3:23 says

Get out please you crazy bitch.

It is my right, to believe, anything, I want.

It is my right to ban you from my debates for being a fat crazy bitch.

You are the one putting people in danger, by supporting the murder, of unborn people.

Banned for deliberate misuse of the word "murder" and for bringing your stupid far right anti-abortionist views into a debate about guns.

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I don't think you should be allowed to own a firearm.

You don't get to pick and choose who shopkeepers sell firearms to you impossibly stupid boy. Outside of convicted felons, if you have the right to a gun, then so does James the alcoholic wifebeater, Fred the creepy guy who hangs around schools, Denzil the aspiring gang banger and Colin the trigger happy cop.

How can you not understand this? What is actually wrong with you, Amarel?

You don't have the right to tell me, what, to believe. That is my, RIGHT TO CHOOSE!

It is not your right to ignore facts because that endangers everybody else around you. You are a reprehensibly selfish, thoroughly insane person who contradicts objective reality and then screams about it being her right to do so. No, you spoilt little brat, it is not your right to endanger other people because of your own selfish refusal to live in reality.

False equivalence.

Your fallacy was to imply that if something does not kill a lot of people it is therefore safe. I pointed out that fallacy through the use of a more extreme example (i.e. ad absurdum). That is not a "false equivalence", so I would like to politely ask that you stop deliberately misusing language in my debate.

People use "assault rifles" all the time for legitimate legal purposes.

So assault rifles are safe because they are used "all the time for legitimate legal purposes"?

But so are nuclear weapons you unbelievably stupid, insane idiot. You literally just accused me of a false equivalence, then illustrated my own point for me.

Why don't you just shut up Amarel? Everything you ever write is utter nonsense. It isn't merely that it is wrong, but rather that you seem incapable of writing anything which doesn't contradict itself.

A fetus, is a baby.

Oh shut up you retard. You don't have the right to ignore reality and put other people in danger by being a stupid, willfully ignorant bitch who ignores facts.

Why do you think that everyone who disagrees with leftists, is right wing?

I pointed out the clear fact that you, and you alone, have been radicalised by the far right. I made no judgements about "everyone". Stop misusing language you insane bitch. Making reality up as you go along is not something which the left or the centre does. It is something which Trump supporters do.

If a woman can kill a baby, she can kill a rapist.

Listen, you repugnant, wilfully ignorant twit: I literally linked you to the National Medical Library last night to prove that you are using erroneous language. A fetus is not the same thing as a baby. Your misuse of language is an appeal to emotion rather than the facts, and you already know you are using the wrong term so you have absolutely zero excuses for being such a lying bitch.

I mean, I understand that indoctrinated people are usually the last to realise it, but the clues couldn't be bigger!!!! Pro-gun advocates all use the exact same 5 or 6 arguments. I mean, precisely the same!!!! The police can't protect me, criminals will get guns anyway etc... Once you've argued with one gun nut you have argued with them all. Clearly they are all getting their silly ideas from the exact same places!!

There is NO reason for someone to own an assault rifle (or handgun or shotgun) unless they wish to kill many people .... or get a hard-on from the "power" they feel! We have a country full of adolescent children on steroids!

I couldn't agree more brother. The attitude to guns in America is one thing, but the backwards logic which supports it is another matter entirely. It really is indicative of the ridiculous propaganda being fed to Americans on a daily basis by organisations like the NRA. The insanity is so deeply ingrained in American culture that even such basic facts as "guns are weapons designed to kill" are challenged, mocked and turned upside down. In this alternative world (which is much like Trump's alternative world), guns are instruments of defence rather than weapons which damage other people.

Hypocrute. If a woman has the right to a late term abortiom, she has the right to an assault rifle.

If you have the right to come into my thread and write a bunch of nonsense, then I have the right to point out that you have the IQ of a warm grapefruit. Owning any type of gun literally puts everybody around you at risk, and that can be proven statistically. Of course we already know that you are a fat selfish bitch who can't understand that other people have rights too, so why don't you simply shut up before I ban your stupid ass?

Very few of the gun murders that occur are committed by "assault rifles".

Even fewer are committed by nuclear weapons, so let's legalise those too.

You cannot make something which is retarded into something which is logical. It doesn't matter which combination of words or which statistics you abuse.

If someone came after you with a gun, it wouldn't be illogical to want a gun to protect yourself.

Your idea of arming rapists just so that you then need a gun to protect yourself from them is of course legitimately one of the most stupid ideas any human being has ever had. It brings circular reasoning to a whole new level.

How quickly you poison your heart with hate, and logical fallacies.

Shut the fuck up you dangerously insane idiot. You do not get to tell everybody else what a centrist is. There is a factual definition of what a centrist is, and nobody is infringing your rights by telling you that you do not meet it.

You oppose my right to choose my own labels


由您决定肥胖笨蛋是什么中心。 您无需更改中心的含义,然后迫使其他人同意您的意见。 我们是否彼此了解?

您是否了解我的口中所言? 你这个蠢女人?


I have the right to decide who I am, and what I believe.


Would it help if I write this in Chinese?

Challenge accepted. If you don't shut up, I will in great detail, explain these things.

Start with explaining why you are 40 years old and don't understand commas. Start with that. Then you can get onto the "advanced theological concepts" a bit later.

That is not true................

Oh yes it is, you fat fucking ignorant wingnut.

Right-Wing Extremism Linked to Every 2018 Extremist Murder

Last year’s murders at the hands of right-wing extremists reflect an ongoing trend. ADL’s Center on Extremism, which has aggregated data going back to 1970, shows that over the last decade, a total of 73.3 percent of all extremist-related fatalities can be linked to domestic right-wing extremists, while 23.4 percent can be attributed to Islamic extremists. The remaining 3.2 percent were carried out by extremists who did not fall into either category. right-wing-extremism-linked-to-every-2018-extremist-murder-in-the-us-adl-finds

Educate yourself please, you fat retarded bitch.

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