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Ma'am is just about as far from being disrespectful as you can get. Isn't it just the female version of addressing someone as sir

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Yes I believe in God. I also believe in religion because I'm Irish/Italian and I was raised Catholic because there was no other choice for me....but yes, I believe there is a God.

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Brian Orakpo (sp?) from Texas is the best guy we can hope to get. We need help getting to the QB and getting more sacks and more pressure that they didn't get done last year. We lost Jason Taylor, picked up Haynesworth but we need more young talent at the Defensive line and linebacker positions so those guys can develop.

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Yes. He Was. That is it. Thank you.

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It's a tie between the old pedaphile and the "developmentally disabled cop". He's in only one episode I think, the one where Stewie kills Lois, look it up it might be the funniest scene on the entire show

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Not sure what I would do while I was fishing....but I can see both sides of this argument I guess, I just happen to like to drink. Alcohol is a poison and a medicine, it'll knock you down then it'll pick you back up.

Cheers to everyone....

"I feel bad for people who don't drink, when they wake up in the morning that's as good as they're going to feel all day" - Winston Churchill

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Last year for April Fool's day my roomate was on his way back from a five day trip to Blacksburg, VA. My other roomate and I were trying to decide how to get him and discussed several options, all of which were thrown out the second we realized that he hadn't taken his car down, since he'd rode with someone else, and that he left his car keys on the table. We moved his car down the street and around the block, and when he got back later that night we told him his car hadn't been outside all week and we didn't realize anything because we thought he had driven down to VA Tech himself. He went nuts for about half-an-hour, then actually got on the phone with the police. At that time I decided the joke was over and I told him to cancel the report and that we were just messing with him.

I mean - who falls for pranks these days on April Fool's Day?

But it was a great one - especially if you're me & my boy who was in on it

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No better place than the Nation's Capital to celebrate the Nation's Birthday.

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Obama's a great public speaker and he seems like a good leader to anyone listening to one of his public addresses....but I'm not sure people really know where he stands on a lot of issues. He wants change which we all agree is probably a good thing, but do we really know what he means by change? I don't.

Honestly I really have no desire to see either man in office....I'd vote for Obama if I knew what his views were a little more clearly. He seems like a very powerful public speaker but I'm not sure what kind of leader he can really be. By the way, can I get a definition of the word Susity?

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My argument: I am much more shifty than an elephant and would be able to escape if ONE was chasing me in a large field by cutting and weaving. This is one thing you will never see on my tombstone

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VT definitely deserved to go. When's the last time the ACC sent only 4 teams to the tournament while the Big East gets 8? Georgia also got screwed having to play 4 games in 3 days and getting the early slot on Thursday against X with the shortest rest time. Come on a little love for the Bulldogs....

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