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1. Love (i feel like a typical girl saying this, but i've lost all faith in humanity, i want a love that will last forever, not just a few years till we get sick of each other n realise we didnt really love each other in the first place. WTF??!!)

2. An unlimited supply of ciggerretes (i get sick of driving to the servo every couple days...)

3. Real invincibility, not the kind u think u have when ur 18...

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its times like these that i love living in another country...

as good an idea as that is, it is taking away peoples free will. if they want to kill themselves slowly n painfully then that's their choice. they are properly warned, they know exactly what they're getting into by smoking.

and as for pot, people are always going to be smoking it, you cant stop that either. they love the feeling of not caring, of invincibility, the feeling your body gets when your stoned.

Obama can do whatever he want, but he can't take away free will. people are always going to do what they want to do, whether Obama wants them to or not; it's not a communist country!

(I have nothing against the guy, i quite like him)

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well yes essentially. But in saying that, it takes a lot of time and one must re-prove themselves trustworthy to gain the trust back. depending on the situation, the trust may be easier or harder to gain back, but you can never be sure of such.

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Because allot of people know the truth they dont want to hear it so they continue doing whatever stupid thing they're doing, hence hurting someone. Or if your dating someone and you cheat on them or something stupid, you need to tell them the truth, hence hurting them. Or if your friend has a boy/girlfriend who has been cheating on them, someone has to tell them the truth, so what else do you do? thats the stupid thing about telling the truth, cause people don't want to hear what your going to say, or dont know something bad, hence the hurt connected to telling the truth

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i wouldn't say another Iraq, per say. but if it's called for, like say Czecholovakia decides to send a bomb your way, what else do u do? would you send another one back, or go F YOU MOTHER FER, and start a war, f* them all up n be done with it?

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religious debates r always fun to 'dip a sack into', without wanting to sound crude but they r allot of fun, assuming that the question being debated is a good one, i.e. why do Muslims take their beliefs against what it says in their bible? or something to that effect.

i hate politics so i don't debate much on them

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well yea they could be

it has nothing to do with being hypocritical its just that traditionally marriage is meant for a man and a woman who love each other (y 2 gay ppl who love each other have less right then 2 straight ppl who hate each other to get marriage i dont know) but the point is that if u were gay (u cant help being gay) and religious u would be against gay marriage (i guess...hypothetically...)

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Three guys went hiking in the jungle and got lost. they were then caught by canible's, who took them to see the tribe leader. the tribe leader tells them to go out into the jungle and find 10 pieces of the same fruit.

so they each go their separate ways.

the first guy comes back with apples. the tribe leader tells him to stick them all up his anus, without using any facial expressions what so ever, if he does he'll get eaten.

he gets the first one up but winces on the second, so he got eaten.

the second guy came back with berries. he gets to 8 and bursts out laughing. so he gets eaten.

later that day the first guy and the second guy meet up in heaven. the first guy says to the second guy 'y'd u start laughing? u were doin' great...'

the second guy says '...i couldn't help it. i saw the third guy coming with pineapples...'

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isn't it abstinent? or something? to be abstinent is to refrain from doing something that can harm you, or go against your morals and ethics

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are we talking about not having sex? or something else? if we're talking about sex the best reason is u dont get crazy diseases or knocked up another is that u dont get attached to anyone else and men dont use u (coming from a womans perspective) and dont think of u as an object of their sexual pleasure

there r lots of reasons u just gotta think about it for urself noone can make the decision for u

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theres a law here that states that anyone over the age of 16 can smoke in public (if they're not then the fuzz confiscate your smokes) but there's also a law stating that it's a criminal offense to supply anyone under the age of 18 with cigarettes or any smoking products, including tally-ho's and lighters etc.

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i didnt know u were on here for a yr or when u do i still get evicted??!!

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isn't the idea of a debate to argue with people to a point?

it's not a debate if you don't have someone to contradict u on EVERYTHING u say...

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well one would assume not, how does u know if u have wings in heaven? so then ud only get the points for getting to heaven, which is a pretty stupid thing just to get frequent flyer points... but then assuming a bee could get frequent flyer points ... wouldn't it be the same principle? you'd fly all the time what would discern if the trip deserved frequent flyer points or not? would there be some kind of tally?

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well being a teenager of today i think that generally we do suck

not everyone there's the odd 'good egg' but generally there's a lot of fuck wits out there

we take the notion of being invincible to an extent it hasnt been tested too much you know the whole 'I'm a teenager, im young, therefor NOTHING CAN HURT ME! so im going to take alot of drugs n fuck alot of people.' its like the sex drugs n rock n roll but now its sex drugs n heavy tell u the truth i was a part of that whole scene n i made alot of money through school im not proud of it i dont like it i was a dickhead n my body is now paying the price for my stupidness and while i was there i met the entire section of drugfucked wankers in my town n it's a hard life to live you run out of money so u steal shit to sell to feed an addiction its hard n u cant keep a job cause u keep turning up fucked from drugs n alcohol it really is very hard to live on the streets like that n instead of putting these kids down n saying they're nothing bu scum doesn't help. they need to be cared for and nurtured yea they've done bad things and you do need to be wary around them but they need help not more criticism. if the wider community would be willing to help, we can help these people instead of looking round at 14 yr old pregnant chicks with they're 25 yr old boyfriends or the girls that give themselves away to anyone who will give them drugs.

so yea. generally there are a lot more dickheads then not so todays generation of teenagers (not on a whole but the vast majority) do suck.

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gay couples are just like straight couples

generally straight couples don't mind if their children are gay hence y gay ppl stopped hiding

it's the same with gay couples. they wouldn't mind if their children r gay or straight. they love them the same anyway.

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no he didnt make a choice its a long complicated thing but was framed for things how is that in any way a choice? how would splitting help in any way?? in what circumstance would breaking up help?? i didnt mean 'so what?' as in no-one cares, it was a way of voicing inner anguish in the face of sudden death. its not like im incinuating that no-one should care or that no-one cares about you. it can he helped in this whole flu epidemic shit just go on holiday till it goes away or be careful bout who ur with etc.

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not all atheists are arrogant fags...

the idea of religion is faith

one must believe that its there

without belief there can be no faith

just because u cant prove that somethings there doesnt mean that it isnt

the basis of christianity is faith

faith is the key to unlocking the 'wisdom of the holy trinity' or the 'wonder of God' and all that bollocks

without faith, there is no God

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well u see thats not always true

i know a gay guy who hates anal...

i asked him how that worked n he said he hates pussy more then he hates assholes

he cant have sex...


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honestly i dont have the problem of not being in the mood or anything having a husband its kinda just lookin at him makes me want to ... jump on?

so assuming i didnt have him



somethin like the body of mr t or the spartan men (300)


u just wanna touch it......

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They look old n seedy

how do u tell if someones presential team is effective or not?

its really dependable on whether Obama has done anything effective or awesome to the world as of yet

i cant tell

im in australia n dont really care that much

but as the first home owners grant as moved up from 21 000 too 32 000 he must be doin somethin good so im good with the seedy old paedophiles

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my husband is facing jail time

yea he'll come out a different man but the point of love is you stick it out, you love them no matter what, you stick by their side no matter what

this is the same concept

so ur partner has cancer

who cares?

do u love them or not?

splitting up with them will not help in any way.

they need ur support and love

no to know that at the slightest thing ur gonna freak out n leave them

but then it also depends on how much stress ur emotional half can handle

its a tricky situation

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when he talks about past sex life/experiences

maybe its just me but i dont want to know what dirty farm hooker he's been with or which carrot he used with which to plough her

or when his ex was pissing him off so he waited till she was asleep got her naked n shoved it completely dry up her ass


it really turns me off

i like to live in blissful ignorance in this respect.

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that depends on how comfortable you are with yourself

if u r happy with yourself n who u r u dont need to create a new character u r yourself all the time

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