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jews .

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I have now agreed with you enough to upvote for two whole posts. Sadly I doubt this will last.

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Nikola Tesla knew more languages than any right winger in history because he was a socialist and the smartest person ever.

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Retarded christians are not only so stupid they think you can't be a good person unless you believe in objective morality, but they are also doubly stupid for thinking that your beliefs causing you to behave more morally means they are actually true.

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LOL excon conducts himself like a child molester in business yet expects people to consider him a swell guy. I would rather swell you eye.

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lol grammar lezzonz frum outlewaaaawzaergs iz funny lul

yuerwr havsaae reaghnjklky hb afd fgramarmaer

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I would have to say it is a form of pro far left terror culture

You should never listen to Bronto. He is showing you images of Muslims and Nazis, neither of which are left wing and that Hitler quote is fake.

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Step one: you've already done it

Step two: stop doing whatever drug you're doing and smoke weed instead. Weed can fill the gap while not being as harmful and helping to manage many symptoms that you may be using other, less safe drugs to manage.

step three: Realize that you don't have to change everything at once. If you are smoking tobacco, just try to smoke less gradually. If you are having anger issues, recognize the true underlying reasons you are angry and try to mitigate it.

step four: stop being a christian and accept reality as it really is. I recommend studying evolution from a scientific perspective and re-evaluating what you have been taught from christian sources.

Step five: realize that everyone is a big fat liar and stop listening to youtube videos or MSM when it comes to politics.

step six: derive your morality from reason and empathy rather than faith or peer pressure.

step seven: stop eating the junk food that is probably fucking up your gut microbiome and effecting how neurotransmitters are balanced in your brain. (chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine among others are manufactured by bacteria in the gut and if you consume too much sugar and not enough magnesium for example it can fuck up your brain chemistry.)

step 8: eat many raw meats for the delicious neutreinsts (jk)

step nine: find new hobbies

step ten: find old hobbies that you lost

step eleven: get a puppy or kitten

step twelve have sex with the puppy or kitten

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Deserving rights and having rights are two very different things. In capitalism, the more money you have the more rights you have.

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George Washington was a monarchist therefor America is a monarchy.

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"Giovanni Gentile (Italian: [dʒoˈvanni dʒenˈtiːle]; 30 May 1875 – 15 April 1944) was an Italian[3][4] neo-Hegelian idealist philosopher"

The first line alone shows him being in direct ideological opposition to Marx who was a materialist rather than an idealist.

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Bronto, you are an idiotic basket of labial sores. You don't even know what left/right means and history clearly supports that the left is quite simply about egalitarianism whereas the right is about hierarchy. Monarchy was the original "conservatism" and classical liberalism was considered left wing with socialism being extremely left wing and being so equal and free that most people (much like today) didn't see it as even being a realistic option. Back then however, there wasn't this huge phenomenon of retardation where people think socialism is supposed to be total state control because the words "socialism" and "communism" obviously don't imply that at all. The root words are "social" and "community".

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You can sell your brain. Give me ten dollars for it.

Come now Nom, we all know that Bronto doesn't have a brain to sell.

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Why is it LEFTIST have BATHROOM issues ?????? What is the CONFUSION ??????????????

Why is it you are in a drunken stupor and have the IQ of a pidgeon that flew head first into a glass window at full speed yet you still come here attempting to start debates you know you can't win?

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Did the LEFTIST troll just say it was into MURDER ??????? LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

Are you not as COMPASSIONATE as you PANTY GURLS make yourself out to be?????????

I am like nothing you have ever seen, your retarded stereotypes of what a leftist is don't even come close.

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Troll want might you put your LITTLEFINGER on being you LEFTIST are the GENDER CONFUSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND bathroom issues cause you some CONFUSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, you really need to lay off the moonshine there partner.

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I think you should try it for six months or a year and see how it works out for you.

I'm going to get my Littlefinger on in this bitch.

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You're a simple minded waste of life and I hope you die too mother fucker.

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But, haters like you MURDERED 6,000,000 of my ancestors, so yeah, I'd like to see you dead..

Shut the fuck up you retarded twit. You are literally equating me to the Nazis just for saying you're not jewish, do you have any idea how retarded that is?

The religion of judaism is primitive, stupid and evil just like most other religions

Israel is a shitty, far-right terrorist state suckling at the teat of westerm imperialism

You are not a jew

Which of the above claims makes me a "jew hater" in a racial sense? The fact that you would wish death upon someone just for pointing out basic reality makes you look like a sensitive little bitch-titted cunt boy who is overreacting like a fucking lunatic.

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But this is a Marxist pizza.

A pizza cannot have an ideology. Pizza is merely pizza. Do you talk to your pizza and discuss politics?

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You see libs and cons as polar opposites whereas I see them as two almost equally retarded sects of the same ideology. When you attack these "progressives" with any degree of validity you are not attacking the left, but a specific type of leftist which is characterized by being a pussy but not actually wanting to change the system. They are moderates who have your same fundamental ideology except they are bigger pussies about certain issues like transgender bullshit and whatnot. This has nothing to do with me and conflating the SJW capitalists as "cultural marxists" is just sickeningly stupid, because as a marxist I can tell you right now I am nothing like them.

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Netflix truly does do it's share of virtue signaling without anything of substance behind it. Same goes for many other capitalist corporations as well.

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You beat your kids when they don't praise Jesus enough. You have repressed homosexual desires as well.

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You don't deserve a deluxe pizza because you want to brainwash everyone to believe what Hitler and Mussolini said.

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Not unless he was in severe misery and specifically begged you to shoot him, or if you were in a foreign military in a wartime event.

I don't see why I should be morally obligated to repect someone's life who doesn't respect mine. Clearly he would kill me if he could so if I got the chance and could get away with it I would honestly kill him.

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Interesting retort. I rode a winged donkey earlier into Butcher Bay.

Yep, that's actually vastly more believable than Excon being every biblical hero in the old testament.

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First of all you're not a Hebrew

Second of all I was the Egyptian who's job it was to whip your ass when you didn't work fast enough in your past life as a slave

Third of all if I was a biblical character I would be an alternate version of Jesus who realizes humanity isn't worth saving and turns to the dark side.

shoot excon in the micropenis
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I would love to meet you in a gladiatorial arena with a battle ax.

murder on my mind
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Hello fake jew, science hater, and truth denier

You deserve to have your anus cut out with a can opener and fed to you, you anti-egalitarian, anti-science, anti-progress, anti-truth, anti-anything good piece of shit.

FM, person who is better than you.

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I personally don't give a flying titty-fuck about abortion at this point. You have officially made me never want to think about it again.

You have actually made me MORE pro-choice because you go on and on about it to the point that I just don't fucking care at all.

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Hello rectal enthusiast:

I'm sure ya WOULD like having someone's hand up your ass, you are perfectly fine with them reaching into your brain. They probed you with some cold war propaganda, some quack DNA tests, and some good ol' American fake news, and now you're an overly sensitive cry baby who thinks everyone is a "hater", and a total RETARD who is indoctrinated with pro-American anti-communist BS


FM, scientific elite and retard hater

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See what I mean, the fact is there are more people like you who want me to die for being better than you than there are rational people who care about humanity like I do.

The way I see it, I would be better off taking your money than trying to reason with you.

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The greatest thing to happen to everybody, period.

That is what you think when you are immersed in a right wing echochamber.

I am an everyday, ordinary person who tries to get by.

I always thought of you as being rich, because of your screen name and how you look down on the poor and seem to be a super elitist 1% apologist.

Capitalism has lifted more people than any other system.

Before capitalism became the status quo which system held that title? Capitalism is not the ultimate system, far from it.

You need to put your big boy pants on and get out there and get in the game, or be left behind. It's your choice.

I am in the game, I just don't like the rules.

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The greatest thing to happen to America

The greatest thing to happen to the privileged in America.

Deal with it.

Your kind may be winning now but I will win in the end no matter what because capitalism cannot last. At the best humanity will evolve to the next level and at worst I will still be rich myself but humanity will go extinct in the long term because it prioritized the profit of a few fat cunts over the ecosystem.

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True. And the Progressives voted for her nonetheless.

Progressives didn't vote for her, low information American liberals did. Real progressives in America don't vote because no one we like ever gets that far.

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That's because you are an outlier as a nihilist anarchist.

But I thought all leftists are nihilists and I am an authoritarian fascist commie though?

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Leftists are trying to take that from them and chain them to the state, which is run by white people.

Always with the identity politics Bront, what are you an SJW snowflake?

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Yes, and Socialists live in the future. Fascists live before the big bang occurred.

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Libs are still tripping over themselves trying to explain how Trump stole the election, yet got 3 million less votes and lost the liberal strongholds.

Bitch, are you retarded? He won despite having three million less votes and you think that proves he DIDN'T steal the election? To be clear there is no democracy in the US, both Hillary and Trump were trying to "steal" the election, but the powers that be went with Trump because they decided he would be better for the one percent's interests.

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I've got a book recommendation for you related to this brother. The Sane Society, by Erich Fromm. It's an absolute masterpiece. A real eye-opener. From the 1950s too.

I'll check it out. Hopefully I can find a PDF. Thanks for the recommendation comrade.

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You forgot AdolfHitler and AdolfHitler- .

Ctrlaltdel(87) Clarified
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What will you amount to?

I will be the greatest rapper who ever lived

I will start a movement similar to the Venus Project but much more effective

I will create a new unified field theory

I will expose all the corruption in the system to the public

I will blast the culture with all forms of media bringing enlightenment to the people

I will continue the work of Fresco and Marx and create a new updated version of socialism

I will become a biologically immortal transhuman entity

I will be the first man to have sex with a female alien

I will prove that the earth is an oblate spheroid to all flat earthers

I will destroy the Sith and bring balance to the force

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Who do you live with?

I live under the stairs at my uncle's house. I also have a wand and a lightening bolt scar on my forehead. Ow Dudley, stop hitting me or I'll hex you!

Do you know what stakes I play at IRL and online?

Your stakes can't be that high because you are not doing anything to change the world for better OR worse, you are just on a quest for more money as you play useless games.

Do you know how efficient I am at it?

You could be the best poker player on earth, that doesn't make what you do any more significant.

Come, tell me of your job as a penniless rapper.

I'm almost there, then you'll see what I do and be amazed. I am talking about much more than just rap btw.

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I was just watching a documentary series about Trump and it struck me just how much of a steaming bucket of douche syrup he is. He was friends with the lawyer that defended 4 different organized crime bosses, he treated his wife Ivana like shit, he sucked up to politicians all his life, his daddy funded him and bailed him out hundreds of times, he funded organized crime by doing business with money laundering cement companies because it was cheaper. Trump is just a giant dick tickling baboon of a man.

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Don't let this guy get under your skin, Mint. I thought he was a good guy to begin with but he's turned out to be another "sexual intellectual"

Shut the fuck up ass wipe. Nom has shown an incredible amount of patience with your asinine fucking ass hole. You deny established definitions, call yourself a "democratic socialist" while claiming that your ideal society is America during the great depression and you hide behind the word opinion when you're objectively wrong. You are a fucking ass hole flavoured ass biscuit with aspergers. GTFO

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other words no rebuttal. I gladly accept your white panty flag.

You have purposely ignored all of my arguments and are now claiming an imaginary victory. You do these things because you are a Nazi and your dick would make Kim Jong Un less embarrassed about his own.

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Look at you, ignoring almost everything and only attacking that which is easiest to distort and mindlessly contradict.

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