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I am DANA I already told you! There is only ONE DANA here and it's me!

There you go guys I posted my profile link for you I got to fill in the information though.

At least you can read I am DANA I just wanted a make another account since I am going to jail and the other one could get shut down.

I am Dana don't you know me blushes.

I do want to be a Satanist I find peace with the angels of darkness.

Since I am used to getting up early no need for one.

They know not to mess with me.

Yes I did choice to let men and women do nasty things to me. The truth hurts but oh well.

The people with most points.

It's okay to be that way sometimes.

I am not the L team!

Some many to choice from.

Why shouldn't we?

I rock myself to sleep. xD

Steve is turning in His grave I just know it.

I don't know because when I find out about one other seems interesting.

It night do something other tv's cannot do you know.

So far Andy is doing a great job on this site so no.

Since I get up early most days my family things something is wrong with me on weekends!

You want to look your best at everything you do.

Some of the full versions of stuff it really worth the price.

If you serve me with an nasty attitude you're not getting anything from me.

No but I did say lots of love.

All I had in it was a dollar they didnt get nothing.

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