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if you did have a machine capable of debate, it would be wearing the pants in your relationship with it.

You're right bronto, I am the FactMachine and Nom is my girlfriend.


Why do you come into random old debates and spam them like this? Are you just point farming or something?

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Someone told me once that there are infinite dimensions and he has been to 67 of them while taking ayahuasca.

I could tell you the stories but I don't really want to.


You are correct. We never leave. We are the collective, you shall join us or die.

I actually did. 3 times. Can you believe that?


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Relax VB4L no one is going to kill you through their computer.

You're a fear aggressive dog with a radical and delusional view of what constitutes a threat.

All the more proof that capitalism is designed to take from the worthy and give to the worthless. It rewards the evil for their greed and rewards the gay through mass appeal because most people are gay.

I'm gunna have to side with Nom on this one. I don't really see how stifling creativity and downgrading the quality is worth it just to pump out lower quality material at a higher rate. Also it doesn't incentivise quality or honesty so I don't see the point.

It incentivises it by limiting it and if you disagree you're a commie. Nice.

I think you hit on an important point there , bronto. People who feel a lack of 'purpose' or 'mission(s)' in life tend to get very lost and depressed

When you look at it that way it sounds like a valid point but bear in mind bronto is a creationist and he is referring to objective purpose here so what he is saying is actually retarded.

All politics boils down to a tug of war between people trying to hold on to/gain power and differential economic advantage and people trying to achieve freedom and equality.

Nothing is what it is of it's own accordance, not even the human mind. Even if there aren't things in your life directly causing you to be angry then it is an electro-chemical imbalance in the bag of physical and not spiritual in any way whatsoever period chemicals and electrical connections that is the object that is the human mind that doesn't have free will or metaphysical properties at all because it is a fucking worthless bag of fucking meat. Basically my point is

A) You don't have free will or thought so if you are angry it's not a choice

B) You are a worthless object and I have the right to eat you

If you go all the way left you are basically a communist, if you go all the way right you are either an anarcho-capitalist or a fascist depending on how libertarian or authoritarian you are.

They probably started out by feeding it to live stock and simply chose the crops that sucked the least, throwing out those that sucked. After a few thousand years of the shit sucking gradually less it eventually became something that brown humans could eat too. Then smart white people came from Europe and finished the job because we are more smart than brown people and we made it less brown through selective breeding, and then it was good enough even for white people.

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Good point, but there is still evidence that grains destroy your teeth even if that guy is full of shit. It's a known fact that the phytic acid and starchy sugars erode enamel.

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Not to mention excess grains could be used to feed livestock.

Back when it wasn't used as the primary food source it wasn't a problem. Now they feed cows primarily grains to make them fat. That makes both the cows, and the meat you consume less healthy because they don't have the nutrients they would normally have on their natural diet.

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To get to the other side.

The other side of famine, you mean?

Well, grains don't fight back.

Actually they do. Did you know there is such a thing as "antinutrients" ? Some plants produce antinutrients, not to mention toxic chemicals to protect themselves.

Cause Jews like bagels.. If you eat bagels, your farts won't stink..

There is no proven correlations between bagels and the smell of your flatulence.

as Gods CHOSEN people, our farts don't stink..

"God's chosen people" refers to the Hebrews you dumb fuck. You are a european atheist go fuck yourself.

I am a man and hate farting, I don't find it funny at all. It's disgusting and immature and if you think it's funny then I know you are a retard. Also it means you're a disgusting bag of unhealthy feces gas if you fart a lot.

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