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Have monkeys release them, so they have no actual human perpetrator of a crime.

In Revelation, he is laying judgement on the world as if it tried to kill him or his only begotten son.

Because I'm not gay

Not sure if you are attracted to men, but you do display qualities of a man who likes to have sex with men.

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Hi idiot.

Same way I know I'd like a threesome with Emma Watson and Margot Robbie.

When you offer no answer, that means you don't have one, and if yoy still cling to your logic, that means you are most likely a child or not very intelligent.

The only reason you could possibly not like it is if you are too stupid or lazy to make money in the easiest system in history to make money in.

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Who says empathy is always good? He has no empathy on the devil, sin, people in Hell.

In other words they can make their own weapons and a gun ban would just have them making more weapons.

Wrong. How can you call yourself a Christian when you openly support forcing rape victims to carry and give birth to their attackers' children?

Give me a Bible verse that contradicts that position.

Wow, I didn't think he could make it. Congratulations Donald Trump.

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There are no debates about Orwell by bronto. I just looked.

Actually, I think it is more related to "capitalism" and it's the way capitalists hold the public hostage.

Another damn Communist posing as an American.

The same exact argument could be used for Trump's tax cuts in regards to the U.S. vs other countries.

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Nahh… The CONSTITUTION says he deserves Due Process..

The Democrat Party media said #believeher for a month.

The news here is that FOX just found that out..

Fox News said due process on both men. Are you this dense?

Palestine hurls 400 missiles into Israel and Dreadnought's

response is finger point at Israel. God you're sick.

I'm not bronto you filthy piece of bullshit. Are you illiterate you shit for brains mental lepper?

*“It’s 100 percent false,” declared another white person billing himself as a journalist. “Is Trump simply lying or is he so unhinged that he thinks its true?”

Actually, it turns out to be 100 percent true that such a poll was conducted — by Rasmussen. The results of that poll were reported by a columnist at, which is where President Trump presumably learned of it. idea-of-pro-trump-black-voters-terrifies-the-media/

Now crawl back in your hole Pinnochio.

But you are working through force. In the same way that traditional slaves were given a choice between work or starvation

So how exactly do you think the ancient tribes, settlers and pioneers got food.....

Why do you think they hunted and picked crops, which is work? Threat of starvation you uneducated dumbass.

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The place would be him doing rap battles against himself while thinking he's a genius for idolizing and quoting people with third world mindsets. The rap culture is misoginy, rape, guns, and the N word. The very things he claims to hate, he actually is. The guy's a dumbass with no life.

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The Republicans running for office TODAY are ALL saying they'll cover pre-existing conditions.. But, without the mandate, SOMEBODY is gonna pay for it, and it's gonna be YOU

With the mandate, someone's gonna pay for it. Me. Just because they steal it from my left pocket, rather than my right pocket, doesn't make it any less a money grab from my pocket.

The generous libs steal from you, then bribe you with your own money, or they steal from you and bribe somebody else with your money. The government can only offer money from? Us. They can only pay for "free" healthcare with money they stole from? Us. The generous government that is 20 trillion in debt creates no money, so? They always have to take it from? Us.

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The libs could have taken the money directly from our checks like they do social security, but instead, they fined you a thousand bucks for not allotting money to healthcare even if you can't afford it or are 18 years old, confused as to why poor, hungry people put healthcare behind food and heat. Geniuses.

We all know it's you nom. It's a pity that your life has been reduced to this.

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I just listened to a liberal call into a conservative talk show and say the poor had no representstion. The host asked her who her representative was. She began hissing and screaming "you think I don't know who my representative is?!!!!!" over and over. The host then asked her which Trump policies she hated, and her response was, "the revolution has begun!!!!"

I take care of my kids. The state doesn't feed me or pay my bills.

If they aren't my property, they are welcome to feed themselves, clothe themselves, and find shelter on their own. Good luck.

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