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Exactly, they use these and other groups to paint Republicans as intolerant phobic people.

Just look at how long Democrats have labeled the GOP as racists. For the past 50 years Democrats have told Black people that only they care for their well being. Democrats have done nothing more than keeping Black families on Government support.

Trump is giving them some dignity and jobs!

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Well said! Saddly it's lost on Leftist ears....................................................................

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I always wondered just the opposite. Why are Leftists such complete morons?

What kind of Leftist fools constantly lift up activist LGBT groups?

What kind of Leftist barbarians fight to keep the killing of viable babies legal for any reason up to birth?

What kind of Leftist fools want Transgenders talking to our kindergartners and forcing every school to allow boys in our daughter's sports?

What kind of Leftist fools would want to put more of our money in the hands of corrupt politicians?

What kind of Leftist fools thinks that corrupt politicians know better how to spend OUR money?

What kind of Leftist fools thinks that two men having sex is a natural normal sexual orientation?

What kind of Leftist fools thinks that punishing hard working successful people, and rewarding lazy able bodied people, is the best way to run a nation?

Why do fool Leftists want to disarm law abiding citizens?

You represent that lunacy and shows how pathetically stupid you are.

Yes, Trump will be using this impeachment scam non stop on the campaign trail. One thing I love about Trump is that he is not afraid of explaining to the American people how corrupt the Democrat Party is.

He details how the biased media is in bed with Democrats. Past Republican Presidents lacked the courage to ever fight back against the media and Democrat Party.

It's ok when Vice President Joe Biden used Ukraine to get his son a job, and ok for Biden to have a prosecutor investigating Biden's son's company fired.

That's all ok, but no matter what Trump does it's the end of the world.

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FromWithin(8197) Clarified
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Exactly correct once again.

It is true that Transgender surgery and life long drug use (to keep the body from resorting back to it's true gender), have proven to be a failure. These people have not found the peace they sought after.

Have you noticed how these facts have not stopped the Democrat Party from continuing their Transgender deception. As I have said many times, Democrats do not actually care for the well being of dysfunctional people. They simply use them for politcal purposes.

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The Left has one very big thing in common with Hitler. They both support holocausts of innocent lives.

Hitler supported the holocaust of Jews while the Left supports the holocausrt of the unborn, even the viable unborn. The numbers of executed babies has far exceded the numbers of Jews killed by Nazi's.

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Why are you such a judgmental person? You constantly judge Trump for any sin he's committed, but the hypocrite you are can not stand when we show your depraved support for killing viable babies.

I guess orange hair is something to constantly judge him for. Do you judge all these people dying their hair to pink and purple colors?

You judge trump for whatever lies he spoken? Under that judgment you would have to judge every politician since the beginning of time.

You are a judgmental joke who constantly distorts anything trump has ever said. That makes you an absolute waste of time to debate.

It's funny how the most judgmental people always accuse others of being judgmental.

I was never such an idiot to judge Obama for his appearance, but would speak out on his support for inhumanity. He was one of the first Democrat Congressmen openly supporting the killing of viable babies. I'm sure he was your hero.

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Yes, I had noticed before you left that you were becoming more Conservative. Being able to grow and learn is a sign of intelligence.

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This LGBT hysteria is a political movement by the Left. Absolutely no question about this fact.

The Democrat Party can not give a speech without giving special mention to their LGBT base.

If you actually think these Democrat Politicians actually care about these groups means you know little about the Party of identity politics.

Democrats will lift up any group that they think will fund their political campaigns. They are so consumed with votes that they would even search out possible illegal immigrant votes in the future. They have long ago sold their souls to Feminist and Pro abortion lobbies for money and votes.

This LGBT hysteria all started out with supposed tolerance for diversity. Most of us agree that no one should be bullied or beaten up for being different, so we understood the concerns in the beginning. But as we are seeing, this was never their final goal. They have become a powerful political force on the Left and have truly become Big Brother at it's worse.

They have forced every State to change their marriage laws, against the will of the people in

those States.

They are forcing public schools to allow so called transgender boys in our daughter's sports.

They have allowed Transgenders access to our Kindergartners in our public schools, conditioning these impressionable children to embrace this dysfunction.

It amazes me how so few people speak out against this outright indoctrination of our children.

These same hypocrites who screamed they did not want their children being exposed to a prayer, have no problem pushing their political correctness on all children no matter what parents think.

I wonder how many times you will repeat the same thing when it has nothing to do with what we are talking about.

Who does not know that people can act out all sorts of fetishes which have nothing to do with the natural ways our bodies are designed.

To the adults in the room, we are talking about activist groups trying to force everyone to sanction their fetishes as being normal.

For anyone to lift up Gay sex as being another natural sexual orientation, defies rational Scientific intelligence.

FromWithin(8197) Clarified
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Exactly! We ask why these activists must push their unnatural lifestyles onto everyone and force us to embrace it as normal. It will never be!

I believe it is a war between God and those who would rebel against the natural design of God's work.

Nothing else makes sense for supposedly intelligent people to embrace this LGBT hysteria.

It has nothing to do with tolerance for diversity because they have gone waaaaaaayyyyyy past that deception. They want everyone to sanction these lifestyles as normal.

Honesty! Very refreshing to hear someone stating the obvious... thank you

The only thing I want Democrat voters to admit is that they are responsible when voting for those keeping No Restriction abortions legal. None of this denial saying they are personally against abortions of viable babies for any reason, and not responsible for keeping it legal with their vote.

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There is this thing called the Science of Biology. Rational people understand the natural design of our bodies, and the natural role that men and women play.

They understand that women and females animals in nature have this thing called breasts, and are meant to feed and nurture the children.

All of this LGBT hysteria today is a political movement by Progressives and LGBT activists.

Today if a man is feminine acting, they want him to come out of some Transgender closet and deny his biological gender.

I could not care less how people express themselves until they start trying to force others to sanction whatever orientation of the month the Democrat Party cheer leads.

We have the Democrat Party trying to force every public school to allow boys, who think they are girls, to play in our daughter's sports.

We have Transgenders talking to our KINDERGARTNERS in public schools!!!!!!

How dare they go into our schools and condition our children to deny Biology.

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LOL, when the truth gets too close to you, you always resort to the loser I banned in the first place.

What judgment thing? Speaking on behalf of innocent human lives? Was it judgmental to tell slave owners they were being evil when killing slaves?

Telling you it is evil to support killing even viable babies is NOT JUDGMENTAL! IT'S CALLED HUMANITY YOU BARBARIC LIAR!

As per usual you did not address your fake news concerning Trump. Why I even bother with you Left wing jokes on this site is amazing. None of you have the character or honesty to ever stick to the truth of what you support, and the lies you put out against Conservatives.


Did you even bother opening the site I pasted to you?

You never respond when shown your deception. Why are you even on a debate site when you refuse to admit when proven wrong? Is this all a game to you, or are you truly that brainwashed by the Left.

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FromWithin(8197) Clarified
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