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Glad to hear you are prolife. I hope that means you would not vote for pro abortion politicians.

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If this is true, it's good to hear.............................................................................

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One last word to a fool....



Birth control is obviously an answer to help reduce it. Reducing the numbers of legalized killing has nothing to do with protecting that life with laws!

Making No Restriction abortions illegal would the biggest step in reducing their numbers! There will always be some killers who throw their newborns into dumpsters, and go down back alleys to kill their baby. Laws would drastically reduce those numbers.

One baby being killed out of convenience is one too many!


Fools like you deserve no response.

To deflect the issue of killing innocent people, with ramblings of why these people are here, is barbaric!

Maybe instead of making laws protecting your life, we should be talking about supporting programs that may have kept you from ever existing.

Get off debate sites, it's embarrassing to waste a second with your drivel!

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I want you to ask those same questions to someone who does not think it should be legal to kill you out of mere convenience.

Do you even have a clue how ludicrous your pathetic excuses for keeping convenience abortions legal?


Please get off debate sites if this is your pathetic argument to justify taking innocent life. You are saying if I do not support free birth control, that it's my fault two people chose to spend their money on alcohol instead of condoms?


This will be my last response to a hatefilled anti Christian bigot who calls another person faith as retarded. What kind of insecure fool wastes his time demonizing someone else's beliefs?

God never supported killing unborn babies for mere convenience. He understood that innocent lives would be lost in wars, just as they are today.

It's sick evil people today who have made it legal to purposefully kill innocent babies for mere convenience. Your sick hypocritical judgment of God is truly mind blowingly ludicrous when you support far worse!


You are doing what every anti Christian bigot does, which is to post Old Testament verses to somehow equate those with the New Testament Christian faith.

The Old Testament is built around old Jewish law, and dealing with evil warring nations.

Christ died for our sins and changed Old Testament Jewish law.

If you are going to judge Christians, try quoting the New Testament. Otherwise, don't waste our time with your bigotry towards people of faith.

If you are going to try to equate God killing evil people in the Old Testament, with today's Democrat supporting the killing of viable babies FOR ANY REASON, then don't waste our time.

If you are saying God went too far when allowing babies to be killed in wars, then how much further have people like you gone when supporting the killing of even viable unborn babies for mere convenience.

Do you have any idea how ludicrous and hypocritical your argument?

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Exactly! Democrats always deny what they support until they think there are enough voters to come out of closet whether it be the anti gun closet, or socialist closet, etc.

Bernie Sanders, the admitted Socialist is getting more votes than anyone else in the Democrat Party. That says it all!

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Democrats always try to say that only fringe groups are Socialist in their Party.

Bernie Sanders just garnered the most votes in Iowa. That means Democrats voted for the Socialist!

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Democrats believe in guilty till proven innocent. Romeny has always acted more like a Democrat. He has hated Trump since the least election and this is just sour grapes, nothing more.

Democrats hated Romney when he was running against Obama. They made fun of his Mormon cult as they called it.

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Nancy said she ripped it up because Trump was taking credit for things he should not have.

Gee, that would include every President State of the Union address since it began. I don't remember any other fools ripping up the speech for the same reason.

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You act like this is just Nancy. The entire Democrat Party has needed gallons of calming tea for the past three years!

They are still saying they will keep going after Trump. They should all be kicked out of office for the sham impeachment they just pushed on America.

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There might be some truth to what you are saying, but it does not detract from the reasons why we have the electoral college.

Imagine what these politicians in Congress would be doing for the less populated States? They would not even bother setting foot in the smaller States.

The laws they pass would ignore the voice of people living in less populated States.

We've all heard the words taxation without representation. The popular vote would give a whole new meaning to those words.

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Trump's always looked great to me, and yes the Left is insane or pure evil (not sure which it is).

This impeachment process has shown Democrats for the corrupt obstructionist liars they are, and cements what I have always known.

For the able bodied low end voter who wants free stuff, they could not care less how corrupt Democrats are. They don't care how many viable babies are killed, they don't care if public schools are forced to allow so called Transgender boys into our daughter's sports, as long as they get their free stuff.

Their priorities are self!

So Trump will look better to the rational intelligent compassionate people in the middle, but their rabid Democrat base would vote Democrat no matter what they have done.

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Yes, the only politicians breaking ranks are those supporting Trump. This is a scam impeachment and were it not for fake news holding the Democrat's water, it would have never even started.

I speak to the constant Democrat hypocrisy, and have very few examples of the same type of Republican hypocrisy.

You show me the debate you created speaking to all the Democrat hypocrisy. If you haven't, then it is hypocritical to only mention it when Republicans do it.

If you are trying to deny that the Left has been screaming, every single election, how the GOP was going to overturn Roe V Wade, then just ignore me because I can not debate a liar.

Of course abortion is the number one reason Democrats try to defeat Trump, whether through impeachment or election. He is the strongest Pro Life President in our lifetime.

What I said is not untrue, nor misleading, and it is you trying to deceive others when denying the obvious.

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You are exactly correct. Can you imagine if Trump had made such a statement? Fake news would have crucified him, but when Schiff says it, it's buried.

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There is not a day that goes by where I do not see Democrat hypocrisy and double standards.

Do Republicans do it as well? Yes, but not near as often. It's almost laughable watching past videos of Democrats saying one thing, and today doing the exact opposite.

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You and the other hateful bigots on this site spend every waking moment shilling AGAINST Trump while ignoring all of the Democrat's hypocritical obstruction, and the one time you see it coming from a Conservative, you piously judge him?


FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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I hope you realize that the Democrat Party has taken hypocrisy and double standards to an art form.

Yes it can happen on both sides, but we see it far more times in the Democrat Party.

I would love to see you speaking out on their constant hypocrisy so I could take you more seriously.

I do not remember where the GOP said that impeachment should be a non partisan event, and then impeaching Obama with not one Democrat vote, but I watched as they played past videos of many Democrats saying just that and now doing the exact opposite.

Why of course it's climate change!

Anything that happens today is because of climate change! I'm sure if some volcano erupts, it will somehow be caused by Climate change.

The last I knew, Climate has been changing since recorded history.

When Hunter Biden with no experience got that cushy job in the Ukraine... CLIMATE CHANGE! It had nothing to do with Joe Biden's corruption.

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Why would Sanders care what it costs, Democrats are all the same. Every time they need to raise the debt limit to cover their over spending, they scream if Republicans refuse.

You just described yourself to a tee! I would read up on Freud's analysis, but this time take notes.

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