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No we shall not get into the demands of these so called 'anti-racists' just so that they can be seen as privileged, even though they already are in this western society.

They fail to see racial equality in America and the UK and because of their semi-extremist movement they have divided blacks and whites even more.

The BLM group are quite racist in the fact that they keep blaming white people and western society for their issues, much like feminism with men.

#alllivesmatter #bluelivesmatter

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Feminism is destroying society because it slanders and mostly blame men and western society for their issues, plus we dont need feminism in the western world anymore! Our society has learnt to be equal in terms of race, gender, culture and sexuality, back when I was born (2004) nobody knew what feminism was, heck there were zero to none SJWs at all! You know why? Because it wasn't and isn't fucking 1950 anymore, check your facts modern feminists! And actually preach for actual women's issues and not some propaganda you saw on Twitter.

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I'm not talking about the war on drugs, sure it is a bad thing and a violation of our rights, i'm talking about institutional racism, racism in politics and racism in schools.

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PS. remember what I said about islamic terror groups and extremism?

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The koran and the bible are not the same, the bible has been over 2 reformations to fit the modern world, however islam hasn't been reformed because it goes against western society.

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I live in the UK and due to the recent election drama (in the uk), the queen is on course to threaten Britain's democracy as she already has, plus the royal family are born into power, unlike the rest of society which removes total freedom of career choice which is necessary in a democratic country, don't give a flying shit if it's tradition.

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Islam is a religion based in 7th century law, which in today's society would be considered far right and insensible, there are also many quotes and statements from the koran which contain blatant homophobic and sexist content, such as women being stoned to death for committing adultery and gays being thrown off of roofs as part of sharia (islamic) law, which should be reformed to fit the modern human rights system, as well as the religion itself.

Also, the religion of islam has caused many outbreaks of dangerous terrorist groups such as isis and al'qaeda, not to mention the numerous amount of muslim children that have been radicalised by islam.


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No, because in order for science and morality to coexist it must centre itself around philosophy and religion which hold basic morale that science ignores or is not a part of, combining science with religion, morality and philosophy would destroy the whole point of science, to discover new things and seek out the truth behind the universe's biggest questions.

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That statue probably represents tokophobia, a fear of pregnancy or childbirth, or in my case spending too much time managing or spending money on children, which is why I personally think abortion should be kept legal unless surgical removal might threaten the woman.

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Drop a MOAB on 'em


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Smashing car windows, terrorising city streets and slandering those who hold different opinions to them is completely unacceptable, doesn't matter if they're called the 'anti-fascist' group, violence and bigotry is not the way to go!

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NO, although helping him would have prevented his death,

The person was at fault for causing himself to drown.

Simply not helping him would not make you the murderer.

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