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While some believe that Modern technology always improves the quality of people's lives, others believe that modern technology does not always improve the quality of people's lives. Modern technology have enabled the invention of Genetically modified food (GM food), though it is able to solve some of our problems regarding starvation, it has brought about even more problems. For example, health problems that stems from the consumption of GM food and the harm it brings to our biodiversity. GM food is often criticized due to the health risks. Hence, we see that countries such as Zambia have rejected the use of GM food due to the health risks involved, despite the country facing shortages of food. Since the food itself is not natural, we do not know what kind of health problems it may cause by altering the genes of the food. It is hence "dangerous" to consume GM food. GM food have also done significant damage to our biodiversity. Such is the example of Bt corn which led to the near extinction of the Monarch butterfly. Therefore, we see that Modern technology not always improve the quality of people's lives due to the health risks involved and with the loss of biodiversity.

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