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Do you have free speech rights on my property?

Yes. I can be walking in your yard or be in your car and call you anything I want. Are you planning to kill the next person who practices free speech in your vehicle or something?

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Nah. Some scams are pretty good. I once worked for a company, and the email was from my boss. Only it wasn't my boss. It had his email address, but the only difference was a period subtly placed into the email adress. I was lucky that my boss's office was 20 feet away, so I just walked over and asked him about it. Not many people check for a small dot in their boss's email, and not many people ignore commands from their boss, so every single person other than me got hit. If 553 of 554 employees would fall for it, it's a pretty clever scam.

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I'm a lib. I believe in free speech. To suggest that people like me DON'T

When you create no argument and use the term "stupid, stupid, stupid," it makes you sound like a child or mentally handicapped person.

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BUUUUUT, you LOVE the opinion talkers on FOX News, like Sean Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Gregg, Asman, Maria, and more, MUCH more.

Fox News didn't avoid the Hunter Biden story for 2 years. They covered it the day the story broke on the New York Post. They didn't call it Russian disinformation. Instead, they told you where the laptop was discovered, what was on it and how to see what was on it for yourself. CNN tried to cover it up. Most media did the same. Perhaps it'd be a good thing for you to look into other sources for your news.

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You owe no one, but if you cower, you aren't hidden from the response, ridicule and/or consequences of your lack of ability to defend Democrat logic.

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Are you talking to yourself with the crack pipe in your hand again there fake liberal?

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Pretending like you support Democrats because they promote liberal principles when they no longer do is stupid, stupid, stupid.

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I'm sure there are a few libs who don't want kids being touched by adults, but it's only because they are the libs who basically act like Republicans and have no idea about the other libs wanting to touch their kids.

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Basic sense, open the Keystone Pipeline

Democrats, give us dirtier gas for 10 cents cheaper. These people are lunatic lemmings who lack the ability to think like adults.

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Nobody cares about how anyone identifies. They care that men are taking women's awards and records. In your case, you support men dominating women, leaving women no safe space. The reason is you're a sick mother f*er.

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Will Smith would have stayed seated if Dwayne Johnson had made the joke.

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Dude. Insurrection is the LEGAL definition OF an event.. It's not the event itself.

This isn't hard stuff.

Yet you continue calling January 6th an insurrection depsite it being less violent than left wing attacks on federal facilities, unarmed as well, and the protesters were on video being led into the building by capitol police. You're a liar and also evil. You promote evil, so that's what you are. You promote the state regardless of its provable actions even above your family. You're well beyond evil. The only real word strong enough to describe you is Satanic.

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What happened to cows before there were humans to milk them? Did they explode?

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People can FORGE paper documents, but nobody can forge your face.

You think computer programmers can't make your face come up as Whoopi Goldberg's identity? Seriously?

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So a group of unarmed people are soldiers? Damn, looks like everyone is an insurrectionist. If a group of people wanted to kill a bunch of people in a building, they'd use a fertilizer bomb or fly a couple planes into builings. What they wouldn't do is enter unarmed and take selfies while snipers on top of said building didn't shoot them due to an insufficient threat.

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Because you won't starve if there is no one paid to explain 5,000 gender pronouns to you.

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20 lessons on fighting tyranny. Or not..


1. Do not obey in advance.

You do this worse than anyone on the site. They told you creating a vaccine takes years and that Operation Warp Speed was dangerous because we couldn't know long term effects. You followed. Then they said take it or else. You layed down like a puppy when its mom nips it into submission without question or hesitation.

2. Defend institutions.

How in the fuck is defending institutions run by the elites fighting tyranny you dipshit?

3. Beware the one-party state.

We have a one party state, and the media you worship is designed to protect it.

4. Take responsibility for the face of the world.

What the hell does this have to do with tyranny?

5. Remember professional ethics.

No idea what this even means.

6. Be wary of paramilitaries.

ANTIFA took over city blocks and attacked a federal courthouse waving the Communist flag. It seemed to have gotten you hard.

7. Be reflective if you must be armed.

Uh ok. I'll reflect. What kind of dumbass shit is this?

8. Stand out.

Let me guess. Some 21 years old that weighs 95 pounds and wears glasses came up with this shit.

9. Be kind to our language.

Like "fuck Trump", pussy hats, and libs going nude in front of children to "make a point"? STFU.

10. Believe in truth.

Tell me what's on Hunter's laptop. Nope? Didn't figure.

11. Investigate.

See above.

12. Make eye contact and small talk.

Jesus fucking Christ. Seriously?

13. Practice corporeal politics.

Did a monkey make this list?

14. Establish a private life.

A monkey did make this list.

15. Contribute to good causes.

So if I give to a charity, tyrants will not exist? My god.

16. Learn from peers in other countries. okay, let's do it. Nazi Germany censored, used mass propaganda, had curfews, promoted snitching, and filtered its ideology through the school system while demonizing the Jews. Today this is known as the Democratic Party.

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The mind blowing failures of Biden have Democrats freaking out

Democratic sources tell us

This is by far and away a complete trainwreck. You couldn't possibly govern worse even if you intentionally tried to govern worse. And all of this follows a guy who got us to the lowest unemployment in 5 decades, who didn't take a salary, and who lost a billion dollars in his first term, yet still wanted to help this country via a second term.

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Aww.. I thought we was buds...

Why would I want to be friends with someone who thinks a hoedown is when his sister gets knocked out?

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Let's break up. The red states can form their own country with Trump as Pres

Your business would be taken from you, your taxes would go through the roof, you'd be allowed only enough to live on, and your son would be forced to move to a red state or accept being censored, threatened and treated like a lepper. This is how ignorant you are. You never use the analytical part of your brain in these debates. You think like an emotionally unstable child who never grew up or learned to accept personal responsibility for yourself or demand it of those who are able.

You live in a childish world of denying reality and making excuses rather than actually facing the problem and the truth like a grown ass man. If the truth makes you uncomfortable, you instantly retreat and look for some other explanation or someone else to blame, which is why you try to blame a bunch of rednecks in rural West Virginia for the "systematic" problems in giant, liberal metropolises in a culture monopolized by the left. Surely there's a right winger somewhere in the woods responsible for the crime, immorality, violence, racism and trash in NYC, Chicago and Seattle. There just must be. This is how immature little kids think and behave. Grow up and accept that leftist megalopolis are shitholes while being run and operated by leftists. Face reality for once in your life.

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Who's gonna be around in 2022, the UNVACCINATED party or the VACCINATED party?

The mortality rate was .001 percent before the vaccine, and most Republicans have been vaccinated, so the question answers itself. You gonna keep telling yourself that a .001 percent mortality rate is the plague? Go ahead man. It's your American right to live in fear and hide while the rest of us live our lives and never die. At some point, you'd think you'd see the mortality rate and take off the foil hat, but that's your business bro. No one can make you leave the nuclear bomb shelter. Just make sure you keep plenty of food and water down there with you.

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Everything. Including (And especially), hiring the best people ;-) most of whom havn't been arrested.

In other words, forget that he has done nothing better than Trump, has been far inferior to Trump, and here, let me deflect to some unrelated bs because an attack on something unrelated to my quality of life is the best I can come up with. Fair enough. I couldn't come with anything he's done better either.

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