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I can tell you like the song lol. That is nice.

Just ruins to original taste I would have for it. Sounds stupid now.

That is why I don't like going to church.

Lots of Christians are nutcases. I don't like going to church. I am always dragged there.

Nope. Bro I listen to that stuff sometimes. However to Christians if it ain't Gospel they don't like it. I was listening to Versace by Drake in church and people get an attitude for no reason.

.. Hmmmmmmmmmmm lol. ^^ Oh look. I am happy now.

I see how it is. I see.

I don't think I said I liked the kid at all. In fact I think its funny he wants to live with her.

If the creation story is true then of course. You have to populate somehow. However after a you have a nice population think you can be gay.

Why? What makes you believe that?

No. A colon and a bracket/parenthesis will not make me feel better.

Why? Why can't a human be gay?

How do you know she likes dubstep, sports, and shooting games?

Its fine. I don't care anyone. Just dont bother putting anything else.

Its okay to be gay.

You wanna live with Lizzie? Lol.

Forget it. Nevermind.

Pick a user. Just pick one.

I did say I didn't like you. It's only to be expected. Sorry.

Well fuck you too then. Damn prick. Azra is no idiot.

You are supposed to pick a user to live with but sure. Be my guest.

Wow. Randomdude and Hellno's bitch ass downvoted me. WTF?

Pick a user. That is the point of this debate. Pick a user. "nobody" does not count.

Azra. Either her or Lizzie. I know either one of them would take care of me.

Do you have anything else to say to me?

1) Azra - My girlfriend. You probably have never seen or talked to her.

2) AbbyNestor - Lizzie's sister.

3) PrayerFails - old user I assume?

4) LizziexLaura - The nicest debater. At least from my views.

5) Srom - Penis nibbler. Maybe.

Nice comeback lover boy. Got anything else?

I like how Lizzie is your number one. You most definitely got a feel for her.

I don't. I couldn't think of a fifth person. So I listed you.

1) Azra

2) AbbyNestor

3) PrayerFails

4) LizziexLaura

5) Srom

I love playing Black Ops 2 at my friends house. I suck at it though. I am getting better so its not a big deal.

Woohoo!!! We love you too!!! Thanks for the shoutout. Didnt know we were celebrities.

I wont? How much do you wanna bet? Because I will do it if it shuts you up.

Thats no excuse for blaming us with false shit. Do you want our picture now?

Thats what I was wondering. It s a little creepy to be honest that people are so interested in her.

Sweet. I will make a debate and post it. Cool?

Its just crap. I am supposedly a "fake account " now. Now I just gotta see why.

Yep. Wat me to post a debate with us in a picture together? Or would you like me to text her and tell he to change her pic? Which do you prefer?

You messaged me with the LxL thing which made me think of LizziexLaura and then you said I was only a fake account so you are assuming I am Liz. Thats bullshit.

He is positive that I am the user LizziexLaura. I am telling him that I am not.

Thats me wearing sunglasses. Do you not like it or something? I can change it again and again.

Im an LxL? No. For one you still havent told me what that means.

Happy now? I changed it. Whats next?

There is no way that this is me? Oh my gosh. I am shocked.

What is an LxL?

Also would you like me to post a picture of me and Azra together to clear her up as well?

Lol no. Want me to change it? What do you want me to do? Do you want it changed as proof or something?

How do you want me to prove it? Hmmm? What me to prove we arent fakes? Because thats bullshit.

What the fuck? How the fuck do you fake a profile pic? How the hell are we fucking fakes? Who do you think we belong to then? Because downvoting me for a damn rumor is bullshit.

You downvoted because of what I said? Its an exaggeration. Thats no need to downvote someone.

Realy Hellno? You downvote me for no damn reason? Wow.

Dude me and my girl smoke some weed maybe like 360 days in a year.

This generation barely smokes weed

Lol. You must be of our generation.

Thats what I am trying to figure out. This debate is just total nonsense. It is a virtual rumor. Real world matter does not need to be brought in.

So you still insist thay she is multiple people? I thought we dropped this petty rumor.

Well we need some actively waiting to intercept any potential threats. We have to be able to have an immediate reaction if a nation decides to attack.

I would assume so. I mean if we can do what God is said to only do we are the new gods.

Yeah I totally appreciate it. You are just such a big help.

Uhhhhh alright then. I am stupid. Thanks for telling me I guess..............

About time somebody has come to their senses. This debate is stupid.

Lol that second one was funny. She really does have anger issues.

Thats weird. It shouldnt be a big deal in the first place. Is this really going to help us debate better or something?

Dont you think thats a little weird? Some teenage girls have to post pics of them just because of a rumor? I dont think its that big of a deal.

Azra. Because we actually do date already.

Very moody. Very moody indeed.

I care about the conversation. I don't care about your problem. Got that Mr. Homophobe?

I dont care about your problem Mr. Homophobe. Its non of my concern.

LOL Guess what? I DONT CARE. I cant help you. I dont know who is lying. I know my girlfriend likes to gossip. I cant help that.

Its fine. I have anger issues.

No. I am not always mad. Also dont tell Azra to shut up. Why dont you shut up you homophobe.

All the time? What the fuck dude? I rarely get on. What is your damn problem? Do not get mad at me because you pimp females.

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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What the hell?.......actually thats up to the guy himself.

Well yeah. She bet not be talking to some other person behind my back.

Dat ass.

Thanks girl.

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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Yes I am. We are dating. Why?

Maybe I do. Maybe I dont. Why does it matter?

No it doesnt. You just want to be the douche of the day dont you?

Like she said. She is taken. I am sure she is satisfied with her mate. She better be.

Lol. Shoutoutloud downvoted you.

Do you realize that just space for two whales and 6 elephants is larger than overall capacity of that ship?

Why the fuck would you put a whale on your ship in the first place? It can swim. Also it only asked for two elephants. Damn us athiests are having a decline in intellect.

Cooling system for arctic animals? :D

This is bible time. The arctic animals didnt even exist yet. Earth didnt exist that long for them to even evolve and adapt to that environment or better yet didnt even exist long ebough for them to migrate there.

10 000 000 animals

A vast majority of them were just some fucking insects. Again. Think for once.

Also they suppose to be boarded in one day which means that 115 animals have to be boarded every single second.

I am very positive that insects and birds can just fly into the ships or ride on other animals.

The rest of your stuff is legit but damn dude think for a little.

Your source admitted that there is no explaination for sin. God knew that sin existed. Yet he doesnt know how it came about? That isn't an all-knowing God and you know that. Thats fucking stupid.

Hell was originally for Satan and his angels and it wasn't for us but since men have sinned that is why we have all of this evil and suffering in this world is because of what we did and people choose to reject God and go their own ways. If you don't want to believe in God when you're on this earth then that must mean to God you don't want to be with Him in eternity

Your bible says God is Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. If he created hell he knew humans would go there and thus made it for us unless he isn't all-knowing.

No it isn't foolish because we have sinned and there is a way to get out of sin by believing in God. Once again God doesn't sent billions of people to hell its out of free will that people go to hell because they decided they don't want to believe in God. God didn't make rape, slavery, pollution or other horrible things. We did it. Humans did it.

Again. God made every single individual idea. Why even make the possibility of these bad things. Also God is an unfair God. We have to suffer death and pestilence yet he can pick favorites to never expierience death? Why the fuck did Enoch get to escape death but pretty much everybody else has to die? That is favoritism.

Is God responsible for the pollution down in L.A?

Yes. He knew about it before he created anything and still created Lucifer meaning he deliberately set up the chain reaction of events leading up to pollution in L.A.

So God didn't create pollution in was ourselves that created it. Its the same thing with slavery, and rape

God knew how carbon would be used. He did all of it on purpose. He knew every little girl would be raped. He didn't do a thing to stop it. He could of at least changed the little girls mind and made her do something else. That would be an all-loving God. Instead your God likes little girls being penetrated. A typical "born in sin" human would stop a rape if that human ever saw.

Yes you are cherry picking because you are asking me all of these questions. God is an eternal being and so if He created the rock it would keep growing and growing and it wouldn't get heavy. God can't make a being stronger than Him because He is the strongest being.

If God cannot make a rock so heavy that he could not lift it he isn't omnipotent. If God can't make a being stronger than him he isn't omnipotent. You are limiting your God. It would make more logical sense for him to have limitations. If your God is eternal dont you think he could forgive finite crimes? Nope. Thats not what your God does. You God pretty much screws up your chances as soon as you are born.

God doesn't send billions of people into hell.

God created the domain of hell. He directly sends you there during the end days. He also released evil into the world meaning he deliberately sent you.

Those people who are currently in hell they sent themselves to hell because they chose to follow God and they sinned all of their life and never turned to God. Its not God's fault. Its their fault for not believing in Him.

Thats foolish. You were born in sin which is unfair. He created satan even thoigh he knew what would happen meaning he purposefully did this. He sent billions to hell. He created all the ideas people go through. He created slavery. He made the idea of rape. He didnt have to but he did.

God is all loving and powerful but you see it a totally different way then I see it. You mostly cherry picking stuff what you don't like and start asking questions that you want to get answered.

Cherry picking? Thats stupid and you know that. If God can do anything can he make a rock that is so heavy that he cannot lift it? Can God make a being stronger than him?

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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No. God created everything. He must have created sin. You just admitted he created the possibility of sin. Why make that possibility? You are just digging yourself into a ditch.

Of course that isnt attacking. I cant attack something that doesnt exist can I?

Nobody attacked anybody. All I said was LMFAO. Also us athiests look pretty good because we already know that your God doesnt fit his own definition.

Piss off. If that is all you have to say sweep up the fairy dust from your bible and leave.

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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Lol. So he isnt omnipotent. He couldnt stop sin himself? If he didnt create sin then it doesnt exist. Should I argue with you or the foolish people on CARM?

Why create sin in the first place?

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So why did God even create the intricate design of sin if he created everything?

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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Yes he does. He created hell. He knew it. He knew the angels would have done wrong. He didnt have to make Satan. He didnt have to make those angels. If nobody ate from he tree of knowledge then there would be no problem which means your logic is incorrect.

HannahPomPom(206) Clarified
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Again. Dont make those angels and everyone is fine. Nobody has blinded me you just have a dumb as shit religion. Your God deliberately sent billions to hell. On purpose.

Umm no. If Satan wasnt made and the angels didnt do shit then everybody would go to heaven. Instead he was willing to send billions to hell. Meaning he isnt omnibenevolent. Or maybe he made Satan and didnt know he would rebel which means he isnt all-knowing.

So as I said. God isnt all-loving if he was willing to send billions of people into hell. Thats a nice God you have there.

Umm what the fuck? I didnt ask what Satan did I said why did God create lucifer in the first place? He knew he would do bad yet he made him anyway? Sending billions into damnation.

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